Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names With Meanings

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Sikh/Punjabi Baby Boy Names: Religion plays a key role in selecting a baby name in Sikh (Punjabi) community. Names are usually taken from the Holy Book of Sikhs, The Guru Granth Sahib. They are mostly influenced by popular and successful people to create a positive vibe in the baby’s life. They are derivatives of Sanskrit names, nature and mythological characters too.

In this post we have compiled a list of Modern Sikh/Punjabi Baby Names only for you. Choose the best name for your little one from the following list of Cute Sikh/Punjabi Names for Baby Boys with Meanings, Beautiful Sikh/Punjabi Boys Names, Sikh/Punjabi Male Names and Their Meanings, Sikh/Punjabi Male Names Alphabetical, Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names and Meanings, Cool Sikh/Punjabi Guys Names and Sikh/Punjabi Names for Baby Boys with Meaning Starting from A to Z.

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With A

Ajeet ― Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeated by anyone

Ajinder ― Derived from Rajender means “mighty king” or “Indra the king.”

Akalchet ― One remembering and always trusting God

Akalchetan ― Aware of Eternal Love

Akaldharam ― Religion of eternal truth with capability in judging, analyzing and discriminating

Akaldhian ― Absorbed in Eternal one. One living and working with God

Akalmeet ― Timeless and Eternal friend. Also simply means friend of God

Akalprem ― Love of God

Akaltat ― The Eternal Reality

Akashbir ― Brave as the sky; Potential of being a philanthropist

Akashpreet ― Love for Sky

Akhandpreet ― Undivided love

Akharee ― From God’s word

Akhee ― Off an eye; In a blink of an eye

Akhilpal ― All Nurturing God

Amanpreet ― One who Loves Peace; A derivative of name Aman

Amar ― Long Life

Amardeep ― Eternal Light; Immortal Light; A source of light forever;

Angad ― In Sanskrit it means Of my own Body; Bracelet; Armlet; An Ornament; Son of Vali

Antar ― Arabic – Strong One; Famous Warrior Sikh – Inner Heart

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With B

Balminder ― A clever person; an honest being

Balwant ― The name means full of might or immense strength.

Balwinder ― The name means ‘Victorious through strength.

Banda ― The Person

Bhagatveer ― The Brave Devotee Of God

Bhavanjot ― Soothing Light

Bik ― Stride,Strong

Bikram ― Stride,Strong

Bilaval ― A God-like person with happy personality

Bimalinder ― Pure King

Bimaljeet ― Victory of the Pure

Bimaljot ― Pure Light

Bimalmeet ― Pure and Friendly

Bimalpal ― Preserver of Purity

Bimalpreet ― Pure and clean Love

Bimalprem ― Pure Love

Bimbaka ― The Disc of the Sun or the Moon; Lord of Images

Bimbisara ― The Essence of the Absolute

Bimbita ― Reflected

Binay ― Blessing

Bincy ― Someone who Will Make the Best of Ever

Binder ― Brave Leader

Bindumat ― Has Pearls; Knows the Truth; Wealthy; Wise

Bindusara ― Excellent Pearl; Truthful

Binnyker ― Fearful

Binota ― Happy

Binpaul ― Forester Of Modesty

Binwant ― Full of Modesty

Bipinjeet ― Victory over Forest

Bipinjot ― Lighted Forest

Bipinmeet ― Friend of Forest

Bipinpreet ― Love for Forest

Bipula ― Plenty; Much; Strong; Manifold

Biradol ― Brave and Unwavering

Birakaal ― Eternally Brave

Birapaar ― Warrior and Limitless Courage

Birbahadur ― Brave Warrior

Birbala ― Powerful Warrior

Birbhoop ― Brave King

Birdavinder ― Brave King of Gods

Biresvara ― Lord of Warriors

Birinderdeep ― Lord’s Lamp

Birinderjeet ― Lord’s Victory

Birinderjot ― Lord’s Light

Birinderpaul ― Protected by the Lord

Birinderpreet ― Lord’s Love

Birjeet ― Victory of the Brave

Birjeevan ― Brave Life

Birjot ― Light of the Brave

Birpal ― Fosterer of Braves

Birprem ― Love for Braves

Birsaroop ― Embodiment of the Brave

Birwant ― Full of Strength and Bravery

Bisan ― God

Bisar ― Forget

Bishandeep ― Lamp of Supreme God

Bishanjeet ― Victory for Supreme God

Bishanjot ― Light of the Supreme God

Bishanpreet ― Love for God

Bishantek ― Support of the Supreme God

Bishmeet ― A Boy who is greatly blessed

Bishvajit ― Victorious in the World

Bisman ― Black; Dark Blue

Bisvajita ― Victorious in the World

Bittu ― Lovely Baby

Blajit ― He who is a mighty victor

Brahamdev ― An angel sent by God

Brahamjot ― One who is in harmony or union with God

Brahamleen ― One who is absorbed and extremely devoted in God

Brahamsarup ― One who has the appearance of the God

Brahmjog ― Uniting with the Supreme One; uniting with God

Brahmlok ― The devotee of God; one who believes in God and practices rituals

Brahmpal ― One who is under the protection of God

Brahmprakash ― Enlightment by the light of the God

Brahmpreet ― The love of God; the love of the Almighty

Brahmroop ― A person who is God like, and is considered as the messenger of God

Brijdev ― A Boy name of Sikh origin

Brijodh ― A male Sikh name

Brinder ― The ocean’s ruler

Budhjot ― The light of the wisdom

Budhpreet ― One who loves or infatuate wisdom

Budhroop ― One who is the form of Budh or wisdom

Buksis ― A Bakshish’a alternate

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With C

Chabeela ― A beautiful, young boy

Chadda ― The one who is born in battle

Chainpreet ― The one who is in love with the Moon

Chakarpreet ― A loving servant

Chamanjeet ― Victory of the garden

Chamanpreet ― A lovely, young boy

Chamanroop ― The one who is beautiful like a garden

Chamkaur ― A Battlefield

Chananjeet ― The one who achieves victory

Chananjit ― The victory

Chananpreet ― The lovely one who is the feet of God

Chandanbir ― Sandalwood victory

Chandandeep ― Sandalwood light

Chanpreet ― A dedicated and lovely person

Charandev ― The person in whose feet lies heaven

Charanjeet ― Winning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet; One who has won the chance of serving God’s Feet

Charanjit ― Feet in which all the victories lies

Charanjiv ― Lively feet

Charanjot ― Everlasting Light

Charankanwal ― The one who ha feet like Lotus flower

Charankawal ― Feet of a guru; like Lotus

Charanren ― Dust found in God’s feet

Charminder ― Majestic and beautiful

Chatar ― The clever one

Chattarbhoop ― A wise and intelligent king

Chattarbir ― A wise, strong and handsome being

Chattarmeet ― A smart friend

Chattarpal ― Growing intelligence

Chattarwant ― Filled with wisdom

Chehzaad ― A young Prince

Chetveer ― A brave person

Chintanpreet ― Loving to meditate

Chirag ― A lighted lamp

Chiran ― Lover of God

Chiranjeet ― Immortal; one who cannot die

Chiranjeevan ― Everlasting life

Chirayu ― Everlasting one

Chirjeewan ― Longevity; long life

Chitdarshan ― Visionary

Chitleen ― Absorbed in awareness

Chitniranjan ― Biggest heart

Chitnivas ― Residing in awareness

Chitpreet ― Heart filled with compassion

Chitprem ― Heart full of love

Crishdeep ― One who sees one God

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With D

Dalajit ― Victory of heart and mind

Dalbir ― A soldier

Dalip ― A born king

Dalipinder ― Lord of the Kings

Daljodh ― The one who fights for the team

Dalmeet ― One with many friends

Dalpinder ― Lord of Kings

Dalpreet ― A lord

Dalraj ― One who has power of King’s army

Dalvinder ― Who is the Lord of a team

Dalvir ― A hero

Damanjot ― Very strong light

Damanjote ― Controlling light

Danmeet ― Charity; giving away

Darbar ― Courtroom

Darbjot ― One who has light of wealth

Darshanbir ― Exalted vision

Darshanjeet ― God’s vision

Darshanjot ― Visions of God

Darshpreet ― Love of Lord Krishna

Datar ― Another name for God

Daulatbir ― A brave and wealthy person

Daulatwant ― One who has immense amount of wealth

Davinder ― A good and steady worker who is passionate about work

Davinderbir ― King of the Gods

Davindermeet ― Meditating individual

Dayabir ― Brave and kind person

Dayajeet ― Victory; the one who is compassionate and victorious

Dayajot ― Lighted with compassion

Dayaljot ― One who emits light of mercy

Deentek ― One who supports the needy and helpless

Deepinder ― The highest one; victory of the light

Deepshabhad ― Holy word which spreads in every direction

Dilbaag ― Blossom of the heart

Dilbaagh ― A lionhearted heart; a brave and kid person

Dilbagh ― A brave as well as kind person

Dilbir ― A friendly and loving individual

Diljeev ― One who has a courageous heart

Diljit ― Victory of the heart; feet of Gods

Dilraaj ― They are the ruler of hearts

Dilreet ― A Lion; they are hearty traditions

Dishapreet ― One who is in love with a direction

Divleen ― A divine person; God is great

Duong ― A radiant and gracious lord

Dupinder ― Victory of radiant God

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With E

Eashar ― A very Godly person.

Easharbir ― Brave and a very Godly person.

Eashardeep ― It means Godly Light.

Easharjeet ― It means God’s Victory

Easharjot ― God’s Lightly

Easharnaam ― It means ‘Absorbed in God’s Name ‘

Easharpreet ― It means Lover of God.

Easharprem ― It means Lover of God.

Eashartek ― Its means God’s Suport.

Easharveer ― It means God’s warrior.

Eckjeet ― the only winner or victorious; who always succeed

Ekaagar ― One who is absorbed in meditation

Ekambir ― One who is a brave God

Ekamjeet ― One who depicts oneness

Ekampreet ― One who loves God

Ekamprem ― One who loves one loves; oneness

Ekanjeet ― God’s Triumph; Victory of God;

Ekantpreet ― One who loves solitude

Ekbir ― The one who is the only brave person

Ekroop ― The one who is beautiful; one appearance

Erbir ― lover of god.

Erheer ― a Punjabi word meaning diamond.

Erjot ― a new beginning.

Esharbir ― Brave as god.

Eshwarjeet ― god’s victory.

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With F

Fatehbir ― A brave victor

Fatehdeep ― A victory’s lamp

Fatehdharam ― A victory of righteousness

Fatehnaam ― The naam’s victory

Fatehpreet ― He is victorious

Foola ― The name means a flower, blossom or bloom

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With G

Gaganbir ― A brave person from sky or heaven

Gagandeep ― A lamp in the sky; Light in the sky; Glorious flame in the sky;

Gaganinder ― The master of heavens.

Gaganjeet ― The one who overcomes the sky.

Gaganjeev ― The one who lives in the sky.

Gaganjit ― One who wins over the sky

Gaganmeet ― The one who is very closer to the sky.

Gaganpreet ― The one who like the sky a lot.

Gajan ― Huge sound or big noise.

Gatnirmal ― One who got delivered by the spiritual powers.

Gatsangat ― One who has a great company or companion

Gatshabad ― One who is liberated through teacher’s words

Geetprakash ― The light of a song or rhythm

Ghamand ― A person who has a big ego and is very proud

Ghamandjeet ― The victory of pride

Ghamandjot ― The light of the pride

Ghamandprem ― The love of pride

Giandeep ― Lamp of divine knowlegde

Giandhiaan ― One that is absorbed in eternal knowledge

Gianinder ― Gianinder is an Indian male name and means King of Knowledge. Represented in Sikh religion.

Gianjas ― Male Indian name, means In Praise of Devine Knowledge. Mostly represented in Sikh, Hindu religion.

Gianjeevan ― The name Gianjeevan means Life Full of Devine Knowledge. It is an Indian male name represented in Sikh and Hindu religion.

Gianjog ― The name Gianjog means Union through Devine Knowledge and is a male name of Indian origin. Mostly represented in Sikh religion.

Gianjot ― Gianjot is an Idian male name and means Light of Knowledge. It is mostly used in Sikh, Hindu religion.

Giankamal ― The name means Lotus of Devine Knowledge. Giankamal is a male name of Indian origin and is mostly used in Sikh religion.

Gianleen ― Gianleen means One Absorbed in Devine Light. It is both male and a female name and is represented in Sikh religion. The name has Indian origins.

Gianmeet ― Gianmeet is a male name of Indian origin and means Friend of Knowledge. Represented mostly in Sikh religion.

Gianparkash ― The meaning of the name Gianparkash is Light of Devine Knowledge. It is an Indian male name with Sikh orogins.

Gianprem ― Gianprem is an Indian male name of Sikh origin. It means Love of the Divine Knoledge and is moslty represented in Sikh religion.

Gianrang ― The meaning of the name is Imbedued with Divine Knoledge. Gianrang is an Indian male name represented in Sikh religion.

Gianras ― Gianras is an Indian male name with Sikh origins. The name means Elixir of Divine Knowledge and is mostly represented in Sikh religion.

Gianratan ― Gianratan is a male Indian name that means Germs of Divine Knowledge. It is of Indian, Sikh origin and mostly represented in Sikh religion.

Gianroop ― Indian male name meaning Embodiment of Divine Knoledge, Light. Gianroop has Sikh origins and is mostly represented in Sikh religion.

Gianseetal ― Gianseetal is an Indian male name and means Peace through Divine Knowledge.

Giansh ― The name Giansh is an Indian male name and means Full of Knowledge. Mostly used in Sikh religion.

Giantek ― Giantek is an Indian male name of Sikh origin. The meaning of the name is Support of Divine Knowledge.

Gianutaam ― Indian male name of Sikh origin. The name Gianutaam means Having Exalted Divine Knowledge.

Gianveer ― Gianveer means Brave and Divine in Knowledge. It is a male name of Indian and Sikh origin represented in Sikh religion.

Gianwant ― Gianwant is an Indian male name and means Having Qualities of Divine Knowledge. It is represented in Sikh religion.

Girdhar ― Gidhar means The One Who Holds the Mountin, Lord Krishna

Gnanachelvan ― The meaning of this Indian name is Learned

Grahisa ― Grahesh means a person who is the king of all the 9 planets.

Graig ― Watchful, Alert, Fast and alert person or a person can watch everything very clearly and can act upon instantly.

Grainger ― They are quick and clever minded. They are low temperred and low patient personality.

Gram ― They are independent, friendly and easily approachable. They are always happy to keep happiness for others.

Green ― They are self-made and focus on large issues of life.They build their foundation very strong

Greenley ― They are analytical,critical and opinionated.They have ability to choose their destiny.

Greg ― They are good leader then a follower.They have powerful personalities.

Greger ― They are excellent,good learner and determind.They have a quality to solve all issues.

Greggory ― They are very energetic,determind and independent.They are very capable and adaptable all these qualities make them wonderfu.

Gregoire ― They are very creative,dynamic and full of energy.They love to spend time with family and friends

Gregor ― They are excellent,good learner and determind.They have a quality to solve all issues.

Gregori ― They love companionship and want to work in peace.They are scholars,philosophers and teachers.

Gregson ― They are self-made and focus on large issues of life.They build their foundation very strong

Grey ― Grey is the short form of name Greysen. Grayson means the son of steward, guardian or wardun.

Greydon ― A person who leads everyone as a king or a leader.

Greylond ― A person who leads everyone as a king or a leader.

Greysen ― Graysen means the son of steward, guardian or wardun.

Gunaratan ― One who is a gem of good characters

Guneet ― One who is Meritorious for his Virtues, righteousness, Honour, Good characteristics and great qualities

Gurcharan ― Refuge at the Guru; Feet of the Guru; One who serves at the Guru’s Feet

Gurdweep ― Light of the Guru, They love, care and help other. They are of the generous personalities.

Gurjas ― Fame of Lord; Fame of the Guru;

Gurjodh ― Gurjit collaborated with two words guru and jodh. Guru means master or lord and jodh means varios. So gurjit means warior of guru.

Gurkeerat ― One who sings praises of the Guru; One pay tributes to his Guru through bhajans and keertans

Gurleen ― Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru

Gurman ― Heart of the Guru; Spirit of the Guru; Soul of the Guru

Gurmeet ― Friend of Guru; A companion of the Guru; A variant spelling is Gurmit

Gurnoor ― a person who is heavenly light of his guru. Or in simple words copy of his guru.

Gursharan ― Refuge at the Guru; Feet of the Guru; One who serves at the Guru’s Feet

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With H

Haashim ― Generosity, kindness, with a bright heart

Haatim ― Decisive by nature, determined, strong minded

Hab ― Love, affiliation, friendship, hope

Habash ― Guinea fowl, guinea hen

Hadir ― Beautiful, stunning, striking, the sound of thunder

Hadon ― From the heath (heath meaning- open uncultivated land

Hadrami ― Nobel man, The name of the some prominent men

Hadrian ― fascinating, A 2nd-century Roman emperor built a wall across northern Britain.

Hadwin ― War friend in english, In Teutonic the meaning is Friend in the war

Hadwinn ― Friend in war, an alternative to the spelling of Hadwin

Hadwyn ― Companion during the war, Friend during wartime

Hadwyne ― Buddy in warfare, companion in war time

Haecci ― Idealistic, highly imaginative, intuitive

Haele ― Lives in the hall

Haestingas ― tribes of Anglo-Saxon Britain, Violent, aggressive, fierce

Haethbeorht ― deep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise

Hafeez ― Protector, providing shield, Islam God name,

Hafez ― Responsible caretaker, Guardian, Keeper, Preserver

Hafid ― Protector of the religion, guardian of the Islamic religion

Halstead ― An animal shed

Harbhajan ― Gods Prayer; Bhajan or Prayer of Lord Shiva

Harkiran ― The rays of God’s Light

Harleigh ― rock meadow, hare meadow

Harlequin ― Mute Pantomime Clown

Harrye ― An estate’s ruler

Harsh ― gladness, cheerfullness

Harshan ― Lustrous splendor of God

Harshat ― happiness, gladness

Harshavardhan ― inventor of Joy, One who provides full of happiness

Harshil ― Joyful

Harshill ― King of hills

Harshim ― Over Smart

Harshnil ― Scared, Not dreadful

Harti ― Daring

Hartley ― Dear Field

Hartly ― Stag Grazing land

Hartman ― Fast Runner

Hartmann ― Hard, Strong man

Hartwell ― Water hole for stags, stag spring

Hartwig ― Strong advisor, hard, strong, powerful

Hartwill ― Stag pool, Lives near the stag’s spring

Harunalrashid ― Celebrated Abbasi Caliph

Hereburg ― An army’s fortress

Hereca ― Thoughtful, introverted

Hereferth ― A free soldier of the army

Herefrith ― A peaceful soldier

Hermind ― A soldier who protects

Hermo ― Army Staff

Herne ― Fabulous Hunter

Hernox ― Spontaneous, Impulsive

Herolt ― Rules an Estate

Heron ― heron is long legged bird, Greek inventor known as Heron

Heros ― From the Ancient Greek name

Herould ― Derived from the name Hebreweald, army, power, leader, ruler

Herrold ― Authoritative person in the army

Heruuord ― An untiring, reasonable and discreet individual

Hervise ― Rick Ross give Harvey a new name Hervise

Hervy ― Battle worthy

Herward ― Army Guard

Herz ― A surname means Heart

Hesam ― A sharp sward

Hesekiel ― God’s Strengthens, God Will Strengthen

Hesh ― Loving

Hesham ― generous

Heshini ― Indian Tamil name

Himaayat ― Help; Support

Hobson ― Robert’s son

Humfry ― friendly soldier

Humility ― someone to feel less important or proud

Hummer ― high strength multipurpose automobile

Humphrie ― person who loves to be calm

Hurlburt ― A strength of the entire army

Hurriyat ― A free and independent person

Hurst ― A man from the wooded hill

Hurste ― He who lives in the forest

Husaam ― A man who is good with a sword

Husaam udeen ― The Faith’s sword

Husaamudeen ― The sword of the faith

Husayn ― A pretty and handsome man

Husayni ― A relation through ancestry of Husayn

Husein ― A good and handsome person

Husian ― A small, short good-looking man

Husnan ― A Muslim name for Boys

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With J

Jamar ― A beautiful man

Jamareon ― One who has strong will

Jamari ― A good looking man

Jambert ― Variation of Lambert meaning a bright place

Janaka ― A father

Janakiram ― God’s name, name of Janki’s husband

Janakiraman ― Name of Lord Rama

Janakpreet ― Fatherly love

JanakrIndian ― Son of Janaki

Janal ― He who is cute and sweet

Janana ― An ancestor

Jancis ― Combination name of Jan and Francis, one who is from France

Janda ― A flag

Jandro ― Spanish name meaning to defend

Jarnail ― The Commanding Officer; General of an Army; A derivative of the name Janeil

Jasbir ― Victorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;

Jasleen ― Absorbed in Singing God’s Praises; Immersed in adoring God; Engrossed in singing God’s charm

Jasminder ― Lord of Glory; God of Splendidness; Magnificent God

Jatindranath ― Name of Lord Shiva

Jefford ― Jeff’s ford

Jeffree ― The absence of mental stress or anxiety.

Jeffries ― Life without troubles and temptations.

Jenil ― Possessing desirable or positive qualities.

Jerri ― Spear ruler

Johnie ― The most enduring, God is Kind ,patient and gracious

Jomei ― people with this name always bring joy and love music. They adopt passion for whole life and always show interest in others for friendship.

Jomon ― it means natural and joy. Such people does not express their feelings very easily and are mysterious. They are genuine and ornate.

Jon ― it means God is Gracious. They are generous and love to help people. noble and kind people who wants to spend their most of the time with family .

Jona ― it means the God is gracious and Dove bird. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family.

Jonah ― it means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.

Jonaraja ― such people have capability to make friends and always have the fun side. They easily share their secrets and have nature like open book.

Jondalar ― such people are pleasant and have radiant personality. They spread laughter and have a spark in attitude. They are adventurous and love to participate in activities.

Jone ― people with this name are joyful and haven refreshing sort of personality. They love to travel and are sensitive in nature. They are attractive and have elegant appearance.

Jonesy ― people with this name are jubilant and are youthful. They focus on their physical appearance and easily forgive others.

Joni ― people with this name are trustworthy friends and love to spend time with friends. They have many impressive qualities and have joyful spirit.

Jouko ― The name depicts an aggressive character in person. People with this name have leadership and forceful qualities. Such people maintain the balance in their life.

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With K

Kaie ― Kaie means Pure, Torture

Kailah ― Kailah name means Who is like God

Kaius ― Kaius means To Rejoice

Kaivalyan ― Kaivalyan means Isolation

Kajetan ― Kajetan means From the Town Gaetano

Kajus ― The name Kajus means The One Who Rejoices

Kakubha ― The name Kakubha means The one that Excels

Kakudmi ― Kakudumi name means Lofty

Kakunda ― The name Kakunda means Peak, Symbol of Royalty

Kal ― The name Kal means The Strong One

Kal nagini ― Kal Nagini means Half Woman Half Snake Creature

Kal purush ― The name means Orion or The Hunter

Kala priya ― The name means Lover of The Art

Kaladeep ― Kaladeeph means a Lamp of Art

Kaladhar ― Kaladhar name means The One who shows different phases or the Moon

Kaladhara ― Kaldhara means Bearer of the Crescent Moon

Kalaghata ― Kalaghata name means Time Slayer

Kalaimaran ― The name means Skilled in the Arts

Kamalroop ― The name means Looks like Lotus

Kanshin ― Kanshin means Mind, Open Heart

Karampreet ― The Lover of God’s Grace; One who loves God’s Nobility, miracle, dignity and graciousness

Karnam ― Karnam means Framed

Kasish ― Kasish means Lord Shiva

Kason ― Kason means House, a Home

Kasper ― Kaser means A treasured secret

Kathaka ― The name means Narrating, Reciting

Kathiran ― Kathiran means the ray of Light

Kato ― Kato means Pure, Unsullied, Elder

Keatley ― The name means Shed Town, mostly used as a surname

Keerat ― Fame; Distinction; Recognition; Eminence; Renown

Kendryk ― Kendryk means Son a Harry, Chief

Khushpreet ― Loving and Delightful; One who loves happiness, delight, cheerfulness and gladness

Khushwant ― The name means Boy Full of Happiness

Kirpal ― Kind; Benevolent; Compassionate; Generous

Kulwant ― Kulwant means The Vessel of Purity and Righteousness of the Spritual Family

Kuwarjeet ― Kuwarjeet means Prince

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With L

Loveen ― A person consumed in love and adoration

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With M

Maninder ― One who is the lord of his own mind

Manmeet ― Friend of Mind; Companion of Mind; Well Wisher for Mind; Supporter and Guider of Mind

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With P

Paramjit ― Heroic; Ultimate Victory; Supreme Success; Highest triumph

Parampreet ― One who is in love of the god

Parminder ― One who is the God of the gods

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With R

Ramandeep ― Absorbed in the light of Lord’s Love; Engrossed in the brilliance and radiance of Lord Ram

Ranbir ― A brave warrior

Ranveer ― A winner

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With S

Sikh ― A name of one who is a follower of Sikhism

Simardeep ― One who is like a lamp of remembrance

Simran ― One who meditates

Simranjit ― One who is a victor of contemplation

Simranpal ― One who meditates and contemplates

Simranpreet ― One who loves to meditate, who contemplates lovingly

Simrarjit ― One who meditates in the remembrance of God

Singh ― He is like a lion

Sochai ― To achieve something by thinking

Sodhi ― To be a friendly person

Soor ― A Boy who is like the Sun

Sukhbir ― One who is a warrior of peace

Sukhbirpal ― One who protects the warrior of the peace

Sukhchain ― A peaceful person of calm nature

Sukhcharanjit ― A peaceful victory

Sukhdarshan ― A happiness that can be seen

Sukhindir ― He who is the God of the peace

Sukhjeet ― One who remains in peace

Sukhjeev ― A person who has a very peaceful nature

Sukhjit ― A victory of happiness and peace

Sukhjiwan ― To lead a happy life

Sukhpreet ― A person who highly values inner peace and joy

Sukhraj ― One who is of very peaceful temper

Sukhram ― The peace pervades in him

Sukhshant ― A man who is blissful and peaceful

Sukhsharan ― He who finds peace by finding shelter in God

Sukhveer ― He is a soldier of peace

Sukhvinder ― A person who gives happiness to others

Sukhwinder ― One who brings the destiny

Sulakhan ― He who is very virtuous

Sundarveer ― He who is brave and beautiful at the same time

Surajprakash ― He is the light of the Sun

Surat ― One whose consciousness has awakened

Surath ― A person whose consciousness is awakened

Surinderjeet ― He who defeated the Gods

Surinderjit ― He who achieved victory over the Gods

Surinderpal ― The God of the Gods

Surjit ― He who is immortal and God-like

Surjot ― The war between Gods

Sutantar ― A man of good character

Swaranlal ― A dreamy person

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With T

Talvir ― One who is beautiful gift to the world

Tandeep ― A body of light

Tapinder ― God’s devotion

Tarlochan ― Third dimension; number three

Tarlochen ― A beautiful person who is the star of the eyes

Tarvinder ― God’s salvation in heaven

Teg ― One who swings a sword

Tegbir ― Brave warrior with a sword

Tegh ― He who wields the sword

Teijinder ― God of grandeur

Tejbir ― The glory of the brave one

Tejindar ― God’s splendor in heaven

Tejinderjit ― One who won God

Tejpal ― Protector of brilliance

Tekroop ― Personification of God’s support

Thalbir ― A brave warrior

Thirath ― A holy place

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names Starting With V

Veer ― One who is brave. Another name of Lord Mahavir

Sikh/Punjabi Boy Names With Meanings