Sicilian Boy Names With Meanings

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Looking for Sicilian names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get the modern, unique and latest Sicilian Boy name with their meanings from our list of Sicilian Names for Boys and Their Meanings.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With A

Accursio ― To hasten

Adrianu ― Sicilian form of Hadrianus. It means from Hadria.

Alceu ― Sicilian form of Alcaeus. it means strength.

Alessandro ― Old Greek – Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

Alissandru ― Sicilian form of Alexander. It means defender of mankind.

Angelo ― They are the messengers as well as the angels of God

Anna ― Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God

Antonio ― Saint Anthony; worthy of praise

Antuninu ― Sicilian form of Antoninus, meaning a highly praiseworthy man.

Augustu ― Sicilian form of Augustus, meaning venerable.

Aureliu ― A form of Aurelius, meaning golden or gilded.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With B

Binidittu ― A form of Benedict, meaning blessed.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With C

Cabbrieli ― Sicilian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.

Caiu ― A form of Caius, meaning to rejoice.

Carinu ― Sicilian form of Carinus, meaning dear or beloved.

Cataldo ― A form of Cathal, meaning old.

Cilistinu ― Sicilian form of Caelestinus. It means of the sky or heavenly.

Cloru ― Sicilian form of Chlorus, meaning pale green.

Currau ― Sicilian form of Conrad. It means brave counsel.

Custanti ― Constant or steadfast.

Custantinu ― Sicilian form of Constantinus, meaning constant.

Custanzu ― Custanzu is the Sicilian form of Constantius and means constant or steadfast.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With D

Diuclezzianu ― Diuclezzianu is the Sicilian form of Diocletianus and means glory of Zeus.

Dumizzianu ― Sicilian form of Domitianus, meaning having been tamed.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With F

Fantino ― A form of Fantinus, meaning baby boy.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With G

Giovanni ― Giovanni is an Italian name, means A Gift from God

Giovi ― Giovi is a form of Jupiter and means father.

Giulianu ― Sicilian form of Iulianus, meaning downy or hairy.

Giuliu ― Giuliu is a form of Julius and means downy or hairy.

Giuseppe ― The meaning of the name is God will Add, God will Give

Giuvianu ― A form of Jovian and means father.

Grazzianu ― Grazzianu is a form of Gratian and means grace.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With L

Leoluca ― The name is a combination of Leo or Leone with Luca.

Liuni ― Sicilian form of Leo, meaning lion.

Luca ― Place name, a region in southern Italy

Luciu ― A form of Lucius, meaning illumination or light.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With M

Mancuso ― Sicilian name for someone who is left-handed

Manfredi ― Sicilian form of Manfred. It means strength peace or peaceful.

Marco ― He who is at war

Marcu ― A form of Marcus, meaning God of war.

Massimianu ― Massimianu is derived from the name Maximian and means greatest.

Maumettu ― A variant of Muhammad, meaning praised or to praise.

Miceli ― Sicilian form of Michael. It means who is like God?

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With N

Nettunu ― A form of Neptune, meaning wet, damp clouds.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With O

Orazziu ― Sicilian form of Horatius, meaning hour, time or season.

Ottavianu ― Ottavianu is a variant of Octavianus and means eighth.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With P

Paulu ― Sicilian variant of Paul, meaning small or humble.

Pirtinaci ― A variant of Pertinax, meaning persistent, stubborn

Piu ― A form of Pius, meaning pious or dutiful.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With Q

Quintilianu ― A form of Quintilianus, meaning fifth.

Quintillu ― Sicilian form of Quintillus. It means fifth.

Quintillus ― Fifth or fifth born.

Quintu ― Sicilian form of Quintus, meaning fifth.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With R

Rimiggiu ― Sicilian form of Remy, meaning oarsman.

Roberto ― Germanic – Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of Robert

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With S

Severu ― Severu is obtained from Severus and means stern.

Stefano ― Crown

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With T

Teodosiu ― Giving to god

Tibberiu ― A form of Tiberius. It means of the Tiber.

Tiseu ― Sicilian form of Theseus. It means to set or to place.

Tiuduricu ― A variant of Theodoric, meaning ruler of the people.

Traianu ― A form of Traianus. It was the name of Roman emperor.

Tuccius ― Name of vestal virgin in Roman legend.

Tulliu ― A form of Tullius. It was the name of a famous king.

Tulumeu ― Sicilian form of Ptolemaios. It means aggressive, warlike.

Sicilian Boy Names Starting With V

Valintinianu ― Sicilian form of Valentinianus, meaning strong.

Vespasianu ― Sicilian form of Vespasianu, meaning west.

Vicenzu ― A variant of Vincentius. It means to conquer.

Vincentius ― To conquer

Vincislau ― Variant of the name Wenceslaus. It means more glory.

Sicilian Boy Names With Meanings