Shakespearean Baby Names With Meanings

Indian Unisex Names With Meanings

Find Elegant And Unique Shakespearean Baby Names for both Male and Female.

Shakespearean  Boy Names With Meanings

Arviragus ― Son of Belarius; a popular being

Banquo ― The Tragedy of Macbeth

Chiron ― A Centaur

Coriolanus ― The tragedy that happened to Coriolanus; a story of Shakespeare

Dull ― One who toils and works; constable

Ely ― this name means my god is Jehovah or famous fighter.

Flecher ― A person who makes arrows

Florizel ― It represents ‘a person in bloom’; Popularized by the character

Fluellen ― Obtained from the word Llewellyn, this word means a leader

Gloiu ― A king’s brother; a confident being

Osrid ― Name suited for a young count

Shakespearean Girl Names With Meanings

Celia ― The one from the heaven
Elyzabel ― this name means pledged to god or oath is my god.

Shakespearean Baby Names With Meanings