Serbian Girl Names With Meanings

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List of Serbian Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Bica ― Short from Ljubica, meanin a little love

Bogdana ― A woman who is god-given

Bojana ― She who is a fighter in the battles

Branka ― The term used for protection of glory

Bunda ― One with a furcoat

Bura ― She is like a sea storm

Dajana ― Creation of God

Dragana ― A precious person who is mature and filled with empathy

Dunja ― They are sweet like a fruit

Emilja ― to match or surpass a person or a rival by imitation mostly.

Grana ― They are quick and clever minded. They are of charming and lovely personalities.

Ja ― Name that means “Me”

Jagoda ― A girl sweet as a strawberry

Ksenija ― Ksenija means hospotality, a stranger or a guest

Lidija ― She who is from an ancient Kingdom of Lydia

Ljudmila ― A person who is favoured by the people

Marica ― A child who was wished for

Marija ― A woman of the sea of sorrowness

Marijana ― A graceful woman in the sea of bitterness

Mariora ― A dame from the sea of heartache

Matea ― She is just like the gift of God

Milena ― A pleasant person, a dear one

Natalija ― Took birth on Christmas day.

Nedeljka ― The one was born on Sunday.

Rosa ― A woman who is like a dew

Ruza ― She who is a beautiful rose

Sila ― A girl who is full of strenght and power

Silvija ― One of the woods

Simeona ― She who hears, she who listens

Simonida ― A woman who is heard by God

Slavica ― She who brings glory

Slavka ― She who achieved greatness

Sofija ― A woman full of wisdom

Stana ― The woman who always remains standing

Stanislava ― A woman who achives fame

Stojanka ― She who stands firmly on the ground

Tambura ― A musical instrument like a guitar

Teodora ― God’s gift

Tihana ― A quiet person, a saint

Tija ― The joy and happiness from god

Tijana ― The silent or stands for the peace

Titel ― Land of strength, a place in Serbia

Serbian Girl Names With Meanings