Serbian Boy Names With Meanings

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Serbian Boy Names And Their Meanings

Aco ― One who helps or defends mankind

Bibo ― Short from Ljubo, meaning a peace lover

Bodin ― He who defends life

Bogdan ― He who was given by God, a Godsent person

Bojan ― One who fights in battles

Branimir ― Protection, harmony and peace of the world

Branislav ― Protection of the glory or fame

Bratislav ― Glory of the brother

Budimir ― To make peace

Bunda ― One with a furcoat

Dejan ― One who imparts knowledge; God

Dragos ― Precious; they are true natured being

Dragoslav ― They are precious and are a gift from God; glorious

Draisen ― Precious and mature person

Govran ― GovIndian are the persons of very restless nature. They cannot sit idle and keep themselves busy all the time.

Ja ― Name that means “Me”

Jakov ― May the God watch over you

Mateja ― He is a God’ s Gift

Milorad ― A graceful joy or care

Milos ― A person full of grace, dearest of all

Milosz ― e dear one, pleasant one

Nedeljko ― Resembles one of the days, Sunday.

Nemanja ― Having no ownership or control.

Nirvaira ― The new comer to the family, fresh family member.

Novak ― The new comer to the family, fresh family member.

Pushka ― A gun or a cannon; One who is a barrel of a rifled gun; helpful

Reija ― One who has wings

Rumen ― A Boy whose cheeks are rudy, red

Simeon ― One who obeys what he hears

Simo ― One who hears and listens

Slaven ― From a serbian; croatian word “slava”, means Glory

Slobodan ― A man who is free

Stanimir ― One who became peaceful and glorious

Stanislav ― He who is destined to become glorious and famous

Stevan ― An individual who is crowned

Stjepan ― A person who has the crown

Stojan ― One who stands

Teodor ― A gift of God

Todor ― A beautiful an pleasant gift from God

Tomislav ― Tomislav is derived from the Slavic element tomiti, which means torture combined with slava meaning glory.

Topper ― A habitational name for one who is from Topper near Krossen, an occupational name for one who stokes coal in steamer

Vedran ― Clear and cheerful

Serbian Boy Names With Meanings