Scottish Girl Names With Meanings

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List of Scottish Names for Girls and Their Meanings: If you’ve been considering giving your little Girl a Scottish name and you are looking for unique Scottish names for your baby Girl? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Scottish baby Girl names, old fashioned Scottish Girl name and short Scottish Girl names with their meanings.

Scottish Girl Names Starting With A

Aberdeen ― A woman who is from city in northeast Scottish

Aberdine ― Woman from a city of Aberdeen; reliable

Aed ― A fire, flame, burning fire

Aedh ― From Scottish word Aodh, that means fire

Aftyn ― Derived from Afton which was a place in Scotland that had Feminine Strength

Agan ― A unisex name which means beautiful or handsome and intelligent. In other meanings it means pearl, a precious stone which is very expensive.

Ailsa ― Consecrated To God

Ailsi ― From Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde

Aisla ― From Ailsa Craig, a rocky islet in the Scottish Firth of Clyde.

Albe ― White Rock or a crag; stable and responsible

Alish ― Of A Noble Kin

Amelia ― The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile

Anabel ― A lovable person who solves problems

Anabell ― A lovable person who are problem solvers

Annabel ― A loving human being

Arable ― An angel who is the messenger of almighty God

Aria ― The one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or Melody

Ava ― A bird; a living organism of the ecosystem

Scottish Girl Names Starting With B

Blair ― Field Or Plain

Blaire ― plain, field, battlefield

Bonelle ― A beautiful woman with good nature

Bonie ― A woman who is gorgeous, beautiful

Bonni ― A woman of many charms and great beauty

Bonnibel ― Variation of Bonnie which means Beautiful Cheerful

Bonnie ― An attractive and charming woman

Bonny ― She who is beautiful and very charming

Brichtrede ― A Scottish female name

Broca ― A Badger-like person

Scottish Girl Names Starting With C

Caillen ― A potent and powerful person

Caitir ― She is of pure nature

Cauley ― She is like a relic

Charlotte ― Feminine form of Charles; freeman

Colina ― A little dog; a pup; a young dog

Cora ― Boiling water that has foams; can also mean maiden, a young woman

Scottish Girl Names Starting With D

Dalles ― One from the meadow

Dallin ― Belonging to the meadow

Dallis ― One from the Dales

Daviana ― A beloved person who is everyone’s favourite

Davida ― Adopted from Hebrew; beloved person

Davina ― Adopted from Hebrew; a divine person

Davita ― A unique cherished individual

Davonna ― A leader who shows the way and guides

Dolina ― It means ruler of the world.

Donaldina ― World Ruler; a great leader

Donella ― Elfin Girl who has Dark haired

Scottish Girl Names Starting With E

Eara ― It means ‘ From the East’ in Scottish .

Edine ― One who came from Edinburgh

Eisla ― Devoted to God; name of a river; a fairy rock

Ella ― One who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys life

Elsea ― this means one who is devoted to god or is pledged to god.

Elsie ― this means noble by birth or god is bountiful.

Elspet ― this means someone who has been chosen by god or someone who is devoted to god.

Elspeth ― this is the Scottish form of the name Elizabeth which means god is my oath or chosen by god.

Emer ― this means someone who has been blessed by the six gifts of womanhood.

Emily ― a name that often signifies a hardworking, diligent and an industrious person.

Eppie ― auspicious speech or good repute.

Erskine ― a Scottish surname.

Erwina ― a feminized word meaning someone who is a beautiful friend.

Euna ― lamb or hunger.

Everallin ― a 3rd century historic figure.

Scottish Girl Names Starting With F

Fia ― One who makes a dark peace. Also, means daughter in Italian

Fina ― One who shall add

Finnea ― “Wood of the Ford”

Scottish Girl Names Starting With G

Galiene ― Refers to a woman or damsel.

Gara ― Short or little woman.

Gordana ― They love to lead, organize and supervise. They are powerful and wealthy

Grace ― Grace, which means decency with a special beauty.

Grisell ― Variation of Griselda which means Grey battle

Scottish Girl Names Starting With H

Halleigh ― Variation of Hailey which means Hay’s meadow

Scottish Girl Names Starting With I

Isla ― From Islay or Aileach, which means Rocky Place

Isla ― Island

Scottish Girl Names Starting With J

Jaimy ― He who replaces

Jaine ― A little girl who was a gift of God

Jamielee ― Scottish name for girls

Jamyah ― One who is replacing

Jannet ― Scottish name for girls

Jaymiee ― One with a beautiful face

Jesanie ― Under the blessing of gracious

Jessica ― Hebrew – God Beholds; Foresight; God’s Gift; God’s Grace; A variant form is Jessi

Scottish Girl Names Starting With K

Kamdyn ― The name means Valley

Kellina ― Kellina means Strong-Willed

Keltie ― The name means Clans of the Keltie

Kenina ― Kenina means Born from the Fire

Kenna ― Kenna means Born from the flames

Kilmeny ― Kilmeny means Monastery, Church

Kynlee ― The name means She is of Fair Skin

Scottish Girl Names Starting With L

Laire ― Mare

Leana ― Servant of John

Leane ― She who is in service of John

Leann ― Servant of John

Leith ― Skottish meaning is the river, while Celtic is meadow

Leslie ― A yard, a field of holiness

Lesly ― A religious, sacred garden

Levene ― Place of the Flood

Lileas ― Scottish variation of name Lily

Lilias ― Rare variation of the name Lily, from flower name

Lilidh ― Scottish variation of name Lily, name of the flower lily

Lochellen ― The one from Ellen’s lake

Machara ― Plain

Maesie ― Scottish diminutive for Magareth meaning pearl

Maezie ― One who is beautiful like a pearl

Mairi ― She who is bitter, full of bitterness

Maisy ― Scottish diminutive for Margaret, meaning pearl

Maizey ― Scottish name meaning pearl

Maizy ― Variant of the Scottish name Maisie meaning pearl

Makailyn ― A virginal, untouched young woman

Makiya ― A Scottish female name

Marcail ― A girl pretty as a pearl

Marjary ― Variation of Marjorie which means Pearl

Massie ― A surname derived from the clan name Matheson in Scottish

Maysie ― Scottish diminutive of Margaret, means pearl

Mckenzie ― The fair one

Meribeth ― The utmost beautiful.

Mhairi ― The most dearly one.

Mhari ― The darling or much loved one.

Mikenzie ― the Child of a wise leader.

Milligan ― A Christianity ritual of shaving head

Minnie ― Germanic – Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection; Faithful Guard; A variant form of Mina

Moira ― Hebrew – Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; Celtic – Little Mary; A variant of Mary

Morag ― Hebrew – Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; Celtic – Big; Great; A variant of Mary

Scottish Girl Names Starting With N

Nairna ― Dweller at the alder tree river

Nairne ― From the river along alder trees

Neale ― Follower, cup holder, victor, fighter.

Nes ― A gentle person, from the headland

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Scottish Girl Names Starting With O

Ogilvy ― His leniency and compassion shown towards offenders , disposition to be kind and forgiving

Oglesby ― Not widely known, especially valued for its uncommonness, not widely distributed

Olivia ― The one who is closer to olive tree.

Osla ― One who came from a steep place

Scottish Girl Names Starting With P

Paislee ― Scottish – Patterned fabric; From Paisley; Scottish; Man of the church; A variant of name Paisley

Paisleigh ― Variation of Paisley it means Church or Cemetery

Parlan ― Ploughman; Farmer; Son of the plough

Pate ― One who is born with paws; a fighter

Peigi ― A peg; one who is governed by tradition

Puspamanjari ― A girl who is like the flower bud

Scottish Girl Names Starting With R

Reyne ― An European surname. Can mean: to rule, the ruling cousellor, queen or rat chain

Rhona ― Old English – Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant transcription of Rhonda

Rosse ― A headland or a cape

Scottish Girl Names Starting With S

Seonag ― Gaelic form of Joan, means God is merciful

Sophie ― She is wise and clever

Scottish Girl Names Starting With T

Taye ― A short of Taylor

Torrii ― A triumphant person, victorious

Scottish Girl Names Starting With V

Vertie ― Derived from Virtue

Scottish Girl Names Starting With Y

Yvaine ― Evening star

Scottish Girl Names With Meanings