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Adorable Scandinavian Baby Names for Boys: Scandinavian naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Scandinavian name or Scandinavian Christian baby Boy names, Traditional Scandinavian Boy Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Boy? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Scandinavian baby names and meanings, Scandinavian male names and their meanings And Scandinavian Boy Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With A

Aaren ― the name has several meanings In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Aaren is: Lofty or inspired. it also means high mountain

Alrik ― A person who is a noble, gracious universal ruler

Anker ― A manly harvester who is strong and very brave

Ansfrid ― Protected by God

Ansgar ― Old Norse – God Spear; Gentle Friend; A variant name of Oscar

Anshelm ― German – Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel

Asbjorn ― Old Norse – Divine Bear

Asmund ― Cognate of Osmond; gold which is the protector

Astor ― One who is looking for a prey; Hawk and thunder

Asva ― Having speed like a horse, one who is swift

Ax ― One who like peaceful condition

Axill ― They are the one who spread peace; kind of father

Axl ― They are the father of peace

Aymer ― A noble and generous human being

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With B

Beorhthelm ― A protector of light

Bertelot ― A man who is light and bright

Bjorn ― Bear

Bode ― Scandinavian – Sheltered; A variation of name Bodi; A contraction of name Boden

Boden ― One who takes shelter

Bodie ― One who is sheltered

Bodine ― To find shelter

Boe ― A very handsome admirer

Booth ― He who lives in a hut

Borge ― A helping person

Borghild ― A war in the fortifications

Borgny ― One who gladly helps

Bori ― One who is a father of the warrior

Brage ― A famous, shining and popular king

Britt ― One of strength

Broder ― To be someone’s brother

Brynklie ― A woman with an armour

Burr ― A beautiful youth

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With C

Cajetan ― A rejoiced man

Canute ― To tie in a knot

Carson ― A Scottish surname, unknown meaning

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With D

Dag ― Day; Present

Dagen ― The one who is dark-haired

Dain ― The one who is from Denmark

Daube ― Name of a bird called Dove

Denby ― One who is from Danish settlement

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With E

Ebbe ― It means Brave like a Boar.

Edzard ― Strong edge

Eggert ― Hardy and has a lot of potential

Eilif ― An immortal person who is born to do great things

Eric ― ever or eternal ruler.

Erick ― a word which means someone who rules the people.

Erik ― a ruler of the world.

Erikson ― son or Erik; ruler of the people.

Erle ― a leader or nobleman or warrior or prince.

Erlend ― a stranger.

Erth ― a German word for earth.

Erwinek ― friend at sea.

Esben ― a divine bear.

Euddogwy ― a famous saint pilgrim of ancient times.

Eudeat ― used to refer to a very ancient saint pilgrim.

Eudel ― from the yew tree valley.

Eudelme ― a grove of yew trees.

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With F

Finn ― A ‘fair’ or ‘white’ person

Fridtjof ― The one who stoles the harmony.

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With G

Gunner ― Bold Warrior or Battle Strong

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With H

Hannes ― God is Gracious; loving and quick minded

Hanson ― Son of Hans

Havard ― High guardian

Hendrick ― Rules his household

Hendrixx ― Variation of Henry which means Estate ruler

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With J

Jakob ― Holder of the heel, name from the Old Testament

Jakoby ― One who will supplant

Janson ― Son of Jan

Jensen ― Scandinavian – Son of Jens; Son of Jan; A variant of Janson

Jeppe ― The person who illegally holds the place of another person.

Jerk ― Old Norse – Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of Eric

Jerker ― Old Norse – Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of Eric

Jokith ― Icelandic name meaning Glacier of ice

Josef ― Hebrew – Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With K

Kaj ― Kaj name means in Greek Earth, in Latin Rejoice

Kare ― Kare means means Enormous, Big

Kasper ― Kaser means A treasured secret

Kasyn ― Kasyn name means He is Chaste

Khristos ― Khristos means Christ

Klaus ― Klaus means The People’s Victory

Kristian ― Kristian means Christian

Kristoffer ― Bearing Christ; Carrier of Christ; A variant form of Christopher and Kristopher

Kristyan ― He who is of Christian religion

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With L

Laris ― To be crowned with laurel

Lars ― A triumphant, victorous one

Larsen ― One who acheived a great Victory

Larson ― Son of a victorious, triumphant man

Lassen ― A Son of Lars. A son of a honorable and famous one

Latham ― A person who resides a lot in the barns, or works in a barn

Lief ― A person first in the line of ancestry, a heir

Ludvigs ― Fame or war.

Lullede ― Legendary warrior

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With M

Makaiden ― One who is known as a famous warrior

Marten ― A soldier of the God of War

Melton ― City in the mid of villages, urban in the central of parishes.

Mimir ― The wise person, one who remembers easily

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With N

Nanne ― Mercy or caring or passionate.

Nansen ― The son of Nan (grace)

Nels ― The over come people.

Nilsson ― Son of Nell or son of Neil.

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With O

Odin ― Daffodil yellow flowers

Olov ― The fruitlets of olive tree.

Olsen ― The born son of Olaf.

Olson ― The born son to Ole.

Olva ― Down hill of the families.

Osburne ― The period of heartiest prosperity or productivity.

Osca ― heavenly combatant who always battle for God’s sake.

Oscar ― Noorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.

Osmin ― A person who is under God’s protection

Oswin ― Name given to a God’s friend

Oswine ― A God’s best friend

Oswinn ― Name given to the friend of God

Oswy ― A God’s friend; optimistic and caring

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With P

Paley ― One with the pale eyes

Peer ― Another name of Peter; a rock

Per ― The person who is like a rock or stone

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With Q

Quirinus ― Swedish name meaning spear

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With R

Raul ― The counsel of the wolves

Raulin ― A little wise wolf, mostly used as a surname

Raum ― A big person

Rorik ― A man who is red

Rosco ― A heathland of the deer

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With S

Sigered ― He who gives a counsel that brings victory

Sigurd ― A victorious protector

Soeren ― One who is a good, stern warrior

Somerled ― One who goes traveling in the summer

Stofn ― To be crowned

Svein ― One who is young in age and spirit

Swaine ― A Boyish person, young in spirit

Syver ― One who defeated others, one who is a victor

Scandinavian Boy Names Starting With T

Tassilo ― A fearless protector

Tem ― A famous man

Thoralf ― A thunder

Toralf ― Supernatural powers of the thunder God

Tord ― The Thunder God

Torold ― The rule of thunder God

Torsten ― The stone of the thunder God

Toyah ― A toy, a baby girl as a toy to keep house-members busy

Trallonus ― The male servant or surfer

Truls ― Resembles as the arrow of Thor.

Ture ― Variant of Tore (God of thunder)

Scandinavian Boy Names With Meanings