Saxon Boy Names With Meanings

Latest Christian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Cool Saxon Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Aedith ― A riches and blessed war

Aeldret ― A wise person, an advisor

Aesc ― The ash tree or the tree of ash

Aescby ― One who lives by the ash tree

Aescford ― A water stream by the ash tree

Aeschild ― The child from the ash tree

Aesctun ― The town by the ash tree

Brihthere ― The bright or shining army

Brihtiua ― The brightness of a person

Brihtiue ― The bright or the brightness

Ceawa ― The tree of a man

Fromund ― The lord who protects

Gedla ― One who belongs to the place called Gedling

Hamlin ― Home

Leuthard ― A brave person, brave as lion

Leuthere ― An Anglo-sexon bishop of Winchester

Millard ― A guardian or a care-taker of mill

Milred ― A strength that is very gentle

Offa ― The person who supports others or to the fulfillment of a need.

Oger ― A person with the newest or freshest hair.

Segovax ― A good sea or sea for good

Tidhelm ― The time for the cattle shelter

Tidin ― One who is riding or clearing

Tidsige ― The time for victory

Torhtsige ― The victory of thunder God

Totta ― A pet name means bright helmet

Saxon Boy Names With Meanings
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