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Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With A

Aabha (आभा) ― Glow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant; Glorious

Aagarna ― the word signifies the person having natural, born abilities of music

Aalaya ― Home and refuge

Aami ― One who is dearly loved

Aamodini ― Fragrant

Aaradhana ― Worship; Reverence; Adoration; Devotion; Adulation; Respect; An act of glorifying God

Aaradhya ― To be worshipped; To be accomplished; To be made favorable; To be adored and respected

Aarna (आरना) ― this is an another name of Goddess Laxmi

Aaryamani ― Belonging to the Sun

Abhati ― Splendid or superlative.

Abhijishya ― One who is a liberated girl.

Abhijita ― The one who is liberated.

Abhijna ― Intelligent or best or talented.

Abhiroopa ― One who is beautiful and charming

Abhirupa ― A beautiful and charming girl

Abhirut ― The delightful weather or season

Abhisarika ― One who is engaged in love

Abhisarikaa ― The beloved one.

Abhisha ― A companion or a Goddess of will

Abhishree ― A beauty who is fearless

Abhisneha ― An attachment or love or affection

Abhita ― A brave or courageous, fearless

Abhitha ― A fearless or a courageous woman

Abilasha ― The wish or the desires

Abilisha ― A wish or desire of a person

Abja ― One who is born out of water

Abjini ― The pond full of lotuses, numerous lotus flowers

Aboli ― A flower that fire cracks

Acala ― An immovable object, one that cant be moved

Achira ― A prompt person, very swift

Achiraprabha ― A swift light or the light that is very prompt

Achla ― One who is immovable or firm of decision

Acira ― One who is quick or prompt

Acxa ― Woman with unparalleled beauty

Adelika ― Full of concentration in approaching the target

Adhaya ― The first creator or the first power

Adhika ― The more great or the greatest

Adhirukma ― One who wears gold or wearing gold

Adhiti ― One who is free or boundless

Adhrushta ― One who is fortunate, good luck

Adiputeri ― First daughter or princess

Adishakti ― The primary power, the Goddess of Supreme power

Adita ― One who belongs to the Sun

Adithi ― The Hindu deity of sky and fertility

Adrinandini ― The daughter of mountain; Goddess Parvati

Adrisuta ― An offspring of the mountain

Adrita ― A respected woman, loved by all

Adritanaya ― Mountain’s daughter; Goddess Parvati

Adusita ― One who is not impure, without any impurity

Adveka ― A unique world or earth

Advika ― A unique girl, no copy or duality

Adwita ― who has no other like her

Agya ― Someone who has no knowledge in standard scriptures; An ignorant person

Ahana ― Strong willed like steel, inner light, inner happiness

Ahara ― inspiration, Ahara, drawing in breath

Ahimsa ― not to injure and compassion

Ahsa ― Life, Hope of Future

Aishwa ― Prosperity, wealth in Sanskrit

Aishwariya ― Prosperity, Richness. A famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya ― Richness. An Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Ajira ― not slow, which means quick, rapid. Ajira was another name for Durga.

Akalka ― Moonlight, free from impurity. One being individualistic, focus and showing leadership drive

Akashleena ― Star

Akhanda ― Nonstop; without part; whole or indestructible

Akshara ― Letter; Syllable; Sound; Unalterable; Not perishable; One of many names of Lord Vishnu; Name of Lord Brahma

Akshaya (अक्षया) ― The name came from akshay which means indestructible or forever Aakshaya also means The seventh day of lunar month which which happens to fall on a Sunday or Monday

Aleesha ― Germanic – Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit – Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant spelling is Alisha

Alishia ― Germanic – Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit – Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant spelling is Aleesha

Alisia ― Germanic – Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit – Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of Alisha

Aliska ― Germanic – Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit – Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of Alisha

Almas ― Sanskrit – A Diamond; Adamant; Brightness; A variant transcription is Almaas

Alysha ― Germanic – Of the noble kind; Noble; Honorable; Sanskrit – Protected by God; A variant of Alice; A variant form of Alisha

Amia ― Hebrew – People of God; Latin – Beloved; Sanskrit – Delight

Anaka ― Form of Anika; they are sweet-faced and energetic

Angee ― Fire; A variant spelling of Agni

Anjali ― Offering with devotion to God; A mode of worship by joining hands

Anjani ― A Title of the Mother of Hanuman; Name of Lord Hanuman’s mother

Anjuli ― They are eternal strange love sent from heaven and are a blessing

Antara ― Within; Soul; Heart; Related

Antarpreet ― One who Loves the Light Within; Deep; Inner Love; One who loves the soul within

Anu ― An Atom; Smallest particle which is origin of everything

Anugraha ― Request; Desire; Blessing; Wishes

Anusha ― Following Desires; Beautiful Morning; The name of A star;

Aparna ― One without Prana (Leaf); From the Sanskrit for “leafless.” Aparna is a name Goddess Parvathi

Apsara ― Celestial Maiden; Heavenly Maiden;

Aruni ― Dawn; Rising Sun; Morning; One of many names of Sun God; A Feminine form of the name Arun

Arusi ― Sanskrit – Sun; Swahili- Born at the wedding time

Asha ― Hope

Ashakiran ― Ray of hope

Ashalata ― Seedling of hope

Ashani ― Thunder

Ashesha ― Constellation of stars

Ashiah ― Alive, desire, hope; charming one

Ashmini ― One who is the possessor of the horses

Asistha ― Very quick

Asitabha ― Surrounded by the light or with unrestrained glory

Asruta ― One which is heard

Asvini ― A swift person with great wealth

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With B

Badarika ― Oriya word for jujube fruit.

Baruna ― Wife of the Lord of the Sea

Baruni ― Goddess Durga

Bhaanumati ― Full of luster

Bhaanupriya ― Beloved of the sun

Braahmi ― female energy of Bramha

Brhadbala ― The great lady or young woman

Brhadkaya ― The great structure

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With C

Cahaya ― Light or radiance.

Cancala ― One who is always moving, an inconstant one

Cempaka ― Frangipani flower

Chamroeun ― Prosperity and success

Chankrisna ― A sweet-smelling tree

Chanthou ― A flower found in Cambodia.

Chanvatey ― A scholar or educated person.

Chhean ― Meditation

Chhorvin ― A glamorous woman.

Chivy ― Life

Chouma ― A woman who is refreshingly beautiful.

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With D

Daevy ― Angel

Darareaksmey ― A bright star

Daxa ― One who is clever.

Delima ― Ruby or pomegranate

Devna ― Godly or divine.

Dewi ― The Goddess

Dexa ― To teach

Dhanya ― Thankful or lucky

Dhanyata ― Success or fulfilment

Dharika ― Sun, morning sun

Dharmi ― She who is religious

Dharuna ― Supporting

Dhatri ― Earth

Dola ― Swing , Oscillating; one who is eager for knowledge

Druhi ― Nepalese word, meaning daughter.

Dulari ― It means the loved one in sanskrit.

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With E

Eashwari ― A name of Goddess Parvati

Eeshvi ― God

Eravati ― daughter of the ocean.

Erjot ― a new beginning.

Eshani ― it usually means a wish or a desire.

Eshanika ― means to fulfill one’s desires.

Eshanka ― goddess Parvati or Shiva’s wife.

Eshita ― one who desires.

Eshma ― lucky or whom luck favours.

Eshna ― a wish.

Eshnaa ― it means someone who is a wish.

Eshwari ― supreme goddess or most powerful.

Esita ― a desired human being.

Eswari ― wife of lord Shiva; a name used in India.

Eswary ― a feminized Indian name which means Parvati or wife of Lord Shiva.

Eta ― a feminized word meaning shining.

Etapatra ― dappled leaves.

Etasa ― shining dappled horse or one who desires.

Eti ― it means ending or conclusion.

Etisha ― Beginning after the end.

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With F

Fullara ― Name of Kalketu’s wife.

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With G

Gatha ― Refers to melody or hymn or a tale

Gaurangi ― Pretty one and charming person like a holy cow.

Gavya ― Garden of God

Geetika ― Very tiny melodious song.

Geetu ― Someone who’s very special.

Girija ― The meaning of Giriija is Born of The Mountain

Gnapika ― An intelligent woman.

Gourangi ― Gaurangi is a composition of two words. Gau which means cow and rangi which means color. Gaurangi means a girl whos color is like cow.

Gouri ― Gauri means the girl with milk white color. A sign of beauty.

Govindi ― The persons with this name loves the beauty of nature, creativity and responsibility. Ready to do the sacrifice.

Griva ― A woman with a beautiful singing voice.

Gurmeeta ― The one who will be adventures and independent. Love the leadership and guide others.

Gurnamaskar ― They are of idealistic nature with a desire to help others. The initiative often causes them to be the first to act when you see a need

Gurneesh ― This is the name of knowledge and generosity, which will get the popularity and fame.

Gurneet ― They are physically strong personalities but can never be fully satisfied with anyone.

Haima ― Persistance in love, Snow, Goddess Parvati

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With H

Haimantika ― Growing in the winter

Hanit ― A beautiful diamond.

Hanka ― Grace or favor

Haral ― Time after the sunset.

Hasri ― One who is always happy and joyful.

Havya ― To be invoked

Hetvi ― Love

Hinal ― Goddess of beauty and wealth

Hiras ― One who is like a diamond

Hitu ― Well wisher

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With I

Idha ― Insight

Iditri ― One who praises

Iha ― Wish

Ihina ― Enthusiasm

Ihita ― Desire

Ijaya ― Sacrifice

Ikroop ― One beauteous form.

Iksha ― Sight

India ― Derived from river Indus Country name

Indrakshi ― The one with beautiful eyes

Indu ― Moon

Indukala ― The moonlight

Indulala ― Moonlight

Induma ― Malayali term for moon.

Indumukhi ― A woman with a moon like face.

Iniya ― Sweet

Ishya ― The season spring.

Izna ― Light

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With J

Jagacitra ― Wonder of the Universe; In Sanskrit it literally means universe taken as a picture

Jalaadhi ― Sanskrit name meaning Ocean; The Sea; Living in Water; A Crocodile

Jayasree ― Goddess of victory

Jaye ― In English a type of a bird, Jay bird, In Sanskrit success.

Jayna ― Bringer of victory

Jina ― they are born investigator with the leadership skills. They like to keep themselves moving and have curiosity to learn and gain knowledge.

Jinisha ― it means superior. Girls with this name are strong, intelligent and independent. They never compromise about their work and have curiosity to learn new things.

Jolene ― the name is combination of two words Jo and elene. Such people have excellent judgemental and analyzing understanding and usually are introverts.

Jorani ― A radiant jewel

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With K

Kali ― The name Kali means The Black One

Kalindee ― Yamuna river

Kaliyanei ― Beautiful and lovely woman.

Kamma ― Sanskrit meaning of the name is Love, and the Arabic meaning is Perfect

Kanankuntala ― A woman who have dense hair like dense forest

Kandula ― Kandula name means Itching

Kaneila ― Beautiful like a rose.

Kankanjali ― An offering of Gold, or one who is a precious offering as gold

Kanleakhana ― A woman of character.

Kannareth ― A beautiful quality.

Kannitha ― Angels

Kapila ― Tawny; Reddish Brown; Derived from the Sanskrit word Kapi which means monkey

Karisma ― Favor; Gift; Carisma; A variant spelling of Karishma which means miracle in Sanskrit

Kavia ― Poetry in motion, poem

Kavisha ― Lord of poets, a small poem

Keshi ― A woman with long hairs, or a long haired woman

Kesor ― A heavenly woman.

Kevalya ― The name means Aloneness

Khevna ― Wish

Khyana ― Light or deity

Kimisha ― A question form asking about the desires of a person

Kolab ― A pretty rose flower

Kolthida ― A noble-born woman

Kravann ― A tiny golden brown flower.

Kunthea ― Sweet smelling or beautiful fragrance.

Kusa ― The sacred grass

Kwina ― Queen

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With L

Lakia ― One who is born on Tuesday

Laylah ― A person who is born in a nighttime

Leakena ― Characteristic and quality

Leelamayee ― One who is playful who plays amorous sport

Liniksha ― A lovable woman.

Liswini ― A beautiful woman.

Logaratchagi ― A woman with bright eyes.

Lopika ― Sweetness

Lubania ― Flowers

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With M

Maanasa ― The unity of mind and soul

Mahua ― A name of the flowering tree

Mala ― A rosary or a gland of flowers

Malis ― Name of southeast Asian jasmine.

Maly ― Blossom

Manashi ― A deeply spiritual person

Manasi ― A person whose mind is sound

Manasija ― One who is born of the mind

Manavi ― A primal woman

Maniman ― A girl who is like a necklace of jewels

Manini ― Self respected; Strong minded; A lady who is strong and powerful in her deeds

Manorma ― Beautiful

Marici ― One who is a beam of light

Matali ― A woman known for her friendship, for being a good friend

Mayawati ― Full of Illusion

Mealea ― Flower garland

Medhas ― An intelligent young girl

Medhavi ― A person who is wise and intelligent

Medini ― A dame of the earth

Meena ― A Sanskrit name for a Fish

Meera ― A prosperous woman

Mekhla ― Slope of a mountain; Belt, dress; A variant spelling is Mekhala

Melapaka ― The person who makes unity or accord among the community or society.

Menika ― One who is born of the mind, A fairy

Menka ― Innate of the concentration, born of the awareness

Merutunga ― A tall person, one who has a tall height

Minakshi ― The one having the beautiful fish-liked eyes

Minalaya ― A place where fishes are kept or found.

Minisha ― The Goddess of fish, also the devotee of Lord Krishna

Mira ― In Latin It means A wonderful person. In Slavic it stands for peace. In Sanskrit it means the sea or an ocean

Mishika ― The person with the sweetness of sugar

Mitaksh ― The eye of the dear friend, or the friend of the eye

Mital ― The friendship or the companionship

Mitali ― The friendly person, a good friend

Mithal ― The close companion or a dear friend

Mittali ― A close person, closer than friend

Mittu ― The close dear friend

Mittul ― A beloved friendship

Mitula ― A moderate person, an average one, pleasant

Modin ― A beautiful girl, the gracious one. Also refers to a tiny and sweet fruit “The Plum”

Mohana ― The girdle or belt which strengthens the dress around the waist

Mohik ― Active, hard working person, a fawner.

Mohisha ― A bee, honey bun, sugar bunch, sweetie

Mohita ― The Male sovereign, ruler of a kingdom.

Mokshita ― The women to wants to be free or liberated

Moksin ― The one who is free from any kind of attachment

Mony ― A precious stone, gem.

Morara ― A beautiful bird peacock

Mranalini ― The bunch of lotus flowers

Mrida ― A form of Lord Durga

Mridhah ― One who kill the enemies; Lord Durga

Mridula ― A soft person, a tender one

Mriga ― The antelope or a deer

Mriganayani ― One who have the beautiful eyes as an antelope

Mrigmada ― The female antelope

Mrinala ― The collection of lotus flower

Mrinali ― The stem of the lotus flower

Mrinalika ― The stalk of the lotus

Mrinmoy ― Something made out of earth

Mritheya ― one who have a numerous friends

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With N

Nagmani ― The gem of the serpents

Naika ― The female chief or the leader

Nain ― The eyes, from where one can see

Naina ― The two beautiful eyes

Nainappan ― One own’s eyes or the eyes of the own

Naindeep ― The lamp of the eyes

Nainika ― The one who has attractive and shining eyes.

Nairiti ― Who belongs to the south-west

Nakesha ― The monarch or ruler of blue havens.

Nakry ― Night-blooming flower

Nalika ― The stem of Lotus flower

Nalin ― The beautiful lotus flower

Nalina ― The flower grown in water

Nalinaksh ― Who have the eyes as graceful as lotus

Nalinaksha ― The lotus-like eyes

Nalini ― The water-lily or the lotus

Namasya ― The person who deserves the worthy of honour and praise.

Namita ― One who bestow in humbleness

Namrata ― Humbleness, nobleness

Namrita ― The most humble or a modest person

Nandana ― One who is enjoying the happiness

Nandar ― Rejoice or happiness

Nandha ― Jo of peace and comfort

Nandhika ― A Girl who is very happy. Goddess Laxmi

Nandhini ― The Goddess of Luck. Goddess Laxmi

Nandika ― Water vessel made up of clay

Nandita ― One who is at ease and joyous

Nandna ― A baby girl or a daughter

Narang ― Orange color, as Orange is the color of Hindu. Hindu clan Aroras

Nayanmani ― the Gem of the eyes

Nayannandana ― The joy or happiness of the eyes

Nayanranjana ― The delight of the eyes

Nayna ― The beautiful eyes

Nearidei ― White four-leafed flower.

Neela ― Bluish shaded color.

Neeladree ― The top of the mountain reflects blue color.

Neer ― The clean fresh drinking water

Neeranjana ― A woman who is without any bad qualities

Nilam ― Resembling the color of light shade of blue.

Nilambari ― The pleasant blue sky

Ninarika ― The God’s Angel

Niradhara ― The one who is a self starter, not in need of help from others.

Nirahankara ― The person who does not have the inflated feeling of pride in their superiority.

Nirakula ― The one who is without nervousness, tension and distress.

Niranjani ― Personification of warmth or temperature.

Nirargala ― The one who is not prevented or slowed.

Nishkalanka ― A honest and pure person

Nishkama ― The honest work without selfishness

Nishkarana ― Self-less reason

Nishtha ― Devotion or faith towards God

Nistula ― One who cant be compared

Nitara ― One who have the deep roots

Nithya ― The ethical path

Nithyan ― The right or ethical path

Nupoor ― An anklet that gives a pleasant sound while walking

Nupur ― The one who wears the anklet around her ankle.

Nupura ― The one who wears anklet.

Nushi ― Sweetened or sugary.

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With O

Ojasvee ― A decent and noble king. A Kind hearted ruler.

Ojaswini ― A female who is the protector or defender of the wealth.

Ojaswita ― A person who is a noble winner or a noble victory.

Omana ― Ladyship or female sex or feminine.

Omkareshwari ― Another name of holy Parvathi.

Oneta ― Full of mercy or grace, favourable

Onika ― A courageous soldier

Ooma ― In Hindi it means Tranquillity, In Hebrew it means Nation

Oorja ― The energy or the power

Oormi ― The waves of water

Oormila ― The waves of passion, passionate girl

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With P

Paru ― Master, furnished

Parushi ― She who is beautiful and intelligent

Pavika ― A name of Goddess Saraswati

Pertiwi ― The earth

Phhoung ― Wreath

Pinal ― God of child

Ponnleu ― Light or illumination

Pradha ― She who is extremely distinguished

Prahasini ― A girl who loves smiling

Prahi ― Wellness

Pramda ― A young, joyful woman

Pranjul ― A person who is truthful and dignified

Prashvi ― A mark of love

Prasoona ― A Flower

Prathysha ― A woman beautiful as a dawn, one who is like the sunrise

Pravika ― She who is intelligent

Praxi ― Intelligent

Priti ― One who brings pleasure, love and joy

Pritika ― A darling, beloved and dear little girl

Pritikana ― She is an atom of love

Punthea ― A gentle spirit.

Punyaloka ― A name meaning Sita and Druapadi

Purala ― Name of the Goddess Durga

Purya ― A person who deserves to be fulfilled

Pushpavathi ― Something that is flower decorated

Puskarini ― A lake where the lotus flowers grow

Puspamala ― A garland made of flowers

Puspawati ― Female flower

Puteri ― Daughter or princess

Puti ― A woman of great purity

Putrea ― Cambodian word for plum.

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With R

Raadhi ― Achievement or success.

Rabani ― Divine

Rachany ― Night

Ramila ― Lover

Ranamita ― A friend in need

Rangsei ― Ray of light

Ratanaporn ― Crystal blessing

Ratih ― The Goddess of beauty

Reach ― A beautiful woman.

Reasmey ― Sunshine

Reepal ― Love

Rekha ― One who is like a line

Ridhushni ― Season

Rina ― Greens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolved

Riyanshi ― Cheerful

Romini ― Pretty

Roshita ― Illuminated

Rupamanjari ― Made of silver

Rupina ― A beautiful woman

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With S

Saagnika ― Fiery, passionate, or with fire

Saahana ― Raga

Saahithi ― Literature

Saanvika ― A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Saarya ― Name of a pious woman

Saavini ― The name refers to the month of Saavan.

Sachika ― One who is kind

Sadhvi ― A virtuous girl

Sagara ― A woman who is like the ocean

Sahaja ― Natural

Sahita ― The Lord Saibaba Message

Sajni ― A dearly and deeply loved person

Sakhi ― A good companion and loyal friend

Salmavati ― She who is peaceful

Salmee ― A woman with calm disposition.

Sameeksha ― A woman with understanding nature

Samphy ― Hardworking or busy

Sampreeti ― Real love and attachment

Samta ― Equality

Sandar ― Moon

Sanheeta ― A compilation or a bunch of Vedic hymns

Sanithi ― Obtainment

Sanjiya ― Love, beauty and brilliance.

Sanjona ― The creator.

Sanjushree ― Beautiful

Santati ― A name of Goddess Durga. It means granter of wishes.

Satha ― Faith, one who is faithful

Savara ― The tone or the tunes, self shining

Seetha ― A furrow, or the Goddess of Harvest

Semanti ― The Indian white rose

Sendhen ― She who is as sweet as honey

Sevandhi ― Chrysanthemum

Shanta ― Peaceful, durga

Shashibala ― The moon

Shashikala ― Phases of Moon, crescent, moon’s arc

Shreeya ― A name of Goddess Lakshmi. It means lucky.

Shrejal ― A beautiful name, meaning best, first or foremost.

Shrena ― A name of Goddess Lakshmi.

Shuki ― One who is bright and quick witted

Shulka ― A name of Goddess Saraswati

Shumi ― Light

Sinhi ― Lioness

Siyasundari ― Wife of Lord Shiva

Sokha ― One who is peaceful and content with his or her life.

Sreva ― A good natured woman.

Srutayudha ― The glorious battle or war

Suriani ― Sun

Suriawati ― Female sun

Swapnasundari ― A woman of dreams

Swapnika ― Dreams

Swara ― Tones or self shining

Swetambari ― An angel dressed in white

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With T

Taalika ― Calm or nightingale.

Taamraparnee ― Copper leaves

Taaraka ― Star or meteor

Taarini ― Taarini is one of the name of Goddess Durga. It means she who frees.

Tahj ― One who is crowned

Taiunaya ― Absorbed in or identical.

Tajah ― Crown worn by rulers; Feminine version of taj

Tajia ― Feminine version of taj which means one who is crowned

Talika ― A person of a specified kind or character

Tamarai ― Lotus flower, beautiful or great.

Tapani ― The river Godavari

Teertah ― A holy place

Teja ― Bright and radiant.

Thamanna ― One who is desired

Thawda ― Moon

Thooya ― Pure, a pure soul.

Tisya ― Auspicious

Tivri ― Auspicious

Tokini ― A bird

Treena ― One who is piercing something

Triana ― In Sanskrit it means one who is piercing. In Spanish it means Third

Tribeni ― The meeting point of three sacred rivers

Tribhuvaneshwari ― The Lord of one who has the knowledge of three worlds

Trilochoni ― One who have three eyes; Goddess Durga

Trinesha ― Flower opening on the third day.

Trishana ― Thirst, aspiration, carving for something

Trushna ― Hunger

Tungabhadra ― A highly auspicious or blessed, Name of an Indian river

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With U

Ubika ― Growth

Uchimakali ― Name of one of the Hindu goddess.

Udakanjali ― Lustrous

Udantika ― Satisfaction

Udaranga ― A woman with a beautiful body.

Udaya ― The feminine version of Uday, meaning dawn.

Udbala ― Strong

Udbala ― Strong, a strong woman

Udgita ― A hymn

Udhayarani ― Rising queen

Udichi ― One who grows with prosperity.

Udipti ― On fire

Uditi ― Rising

Udvita ― A river filled with lotus flowers.

Udyati ― Elevated

Ujala ― Light; Brightness; Shining; Radiant; Luminant

Ujas ― Bright or shining.

Ujhala ― Light or bright

Ujjayini ― Ujjayini is the name of an ancient city. It means rising.

Ujjwala ― Bright or lustrous. A woman with a bright personality.

Ulka ― Ulka is a traditional Malayalam name, meaning meteorite.

Uma ― Uma is one of the names of Goddess Parvati. It means splendor or tranquility.

Umarani ― Queen of queens

Umika ― One of the names of Goddess Parvati.

Unmesha ― Visible

Upama ― Comparison or commonplace

Urja ― One with high levels of energy

Urmi ― Wave of the sea.

Urvasi ― The most beautiful of all the apsaras or angels.

Urvija ― A name of Goddess Laxmi

Urvisha ― Lord of The Earth

Ushadevi ― Goddess of morning or dawn

Ushakiran ― Rays of the morning sun.

Usharvi ― Raga in the morning

Ushashi ― Morning

Ushika ― A name of Goddess Parvati

Ushmi ― Heat or energy

Usri ― Name of a river.

Utpalini ― A lotus pond.

Utsaah ― Encourage or excitement

Uttara ― A star, or north direction.

Uttarika ― Crossing river

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With V

Vaagdevi ― The Goddess of learning.

Vaagiswari ― A name of Goddess Saraswati.

Vaanya ― Name of the Hindu deity of forests.

Vaarahi ― One who rides on varaah. Also, one of the matrikas. A group of eight mother Goddess in the Hindu religion.

Vaarida ― Cloud

Vaasanthi ― Name of the spring goddess.

Vadhana ― Bright star

Vaijayantimala ― Lord Vishnu’s garland

Vajra ― Diamond, a precious gemstone.

Valini ― Stars

Vallabha ― Lover

Vallari ― Name of Goddess Sita

Valli ― Creeper

Vallika ― Malayali for creeper.

Vamil ― Beautiful, a beautiful woman

Vamshi ― Flute

Vani ― A name of Goddess Saraswati. It means ‘eloquent in words’.

Vanishree ― One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi signifying her form holding Veena

Vanita ― A lady or woman

Vanmala ― A garland of wildflower.

Vanshi ― A variant of Vamshi, meaning flute.

Varija ― Lotus

Varuni ― Name of a Hindu goddess. It means infinite.

Varya ― Treasure or something precious

Vasanta ― Spring

Vasudhara ― Earth

Vasumati ― An angel or apsara of unequalled beauty.

Vatsala ― A loving and caring woman.

Veda ― Knowledge

Vedakshi ― The one who knows knowledge

Vedangi ― A part of Vedas

Vedanshi ― A part of Veda

Vedanti ― Wisdom or follower of the Vedas

Vedasya ― The one who knows Vedas

Vedha ― Truth, pious

Vedica ― One who has Knowledge of the Vedas

Vedisha ― Lord of Vedas

Veditha ― A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Vedvika ― The one who spread sacred knowledge

Vidhut ― A Malayali term for electricity.

Vidula ― A Malayali term for moon.

Viha ― Heaven or angel

Vijaya ― Victory or victorious.

Vijayalakshmi ― The goddess of victory.

Vijul ― A Silk-cotton tree

Vikasni ― A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Vimala ― Pure, clean, holy or white

Vinanti ― Vinanti means doing prayer or request.

Vinata ― Vinata is the name of Garuda’s mother. It means humble.

Vindhuja ― Knowledge

Vinita ― Vinita is a variant of Vineeta and means humble or requester

Vinodini ― A happy and cheerful girl.

Virali ― One who priceless, rare, valuable

Virangana ― She who is brave

Viri ― Flower

Virika ― Bravery, a brave woman

Visala ― Celestial or apsara

Visheta ― Self control

Vishweswari ― Subject

Vitaka ― World

Viti ― Light

Vividha ― Strange

Viyoginee ― Pathway

Vridhi ― Increase

Vrika ― The moon

Vritika ― Success in life, or thought

Vritti ― Nature or behavior

Vyoma ― Bird, who lives in the sky

Vyomini ― She who is divine.

Vyusti ― The first gleam of dawn.

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With W

Waamil ― An extremely beautiful girl.

Wamika ― Goddess Durga

Wubitu ― Beautiful

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With X

Xoti ― Small

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With Y

Yaagnya ― A ritual sacrifice with a specific objective.

Yaalisai ― Melodious

Yachana ― Entreaty, prayer, pleading

Yadavi ― A name of Goddess Durga.

Yadhana ― Smile

Yadita ― Lord of the night.

Yagapriya ― Name of a Raga

Yagavi ― Bright

Yagnitha ― Worship

Yahvi ― Heaven or earth

Yakootah ― Emerald

Yama ― Mountain; Restrainer;

Yamika ― Night

Yamuna ― One of the holy rivers of India.

Yamya ― Night

Yangkyi ― An adorable girl.

Yanti ― Yanti is a name of Goddess Parvati and means thoughts.

Yashashree ― God’s name for success

Yashica ― Successful, brave and intelligent lady.

Yashna ― To pray

Yashodhara ― Bearer of fame or glory

Yashwitha ― Success

Yasti ― Slim

Yathartha ― Truth

Yati ― A name of Goddess Durga. It means one who strives with pertinacity of purpose.

Yatika ― A name of Goddess Durga

Yavanika ― Curtain of the stage.

Yogyasri ― Good

Yoshita ― Women or lady

Yubhashana ― A name of Goddess Mahalakshmi

Yukti ― Trick or solution

Yulagamahadevi ― Young girl

Yulaganayaki ― The earth

Yutika ― Flower

Yuvaraani ― Princess

Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With Z

Zaanjar ― Anklet

Zankar ― Woman with a melodious voice.

Zankrut ― Auspicious

Zar ― Lace

Zaw ― Burmese word for saint or practitioner or yoga

Zyanna ― Heart of light

Sanskrit Girl Names With Meanings