Sample Letter For Police Protection

Police Protection request letter

Police Protection Request Letter Format, Sample Letter Requesting Police Security at an Event, Letter Demanding Police Protection During Strike:

These basic format of request letter for police security assistance at your personal (informal) event can be modified and adapted for your personal use.

Request For Police Protection

Date: ____________________

Reference No. : ____________________

To :

The Superintendent of Police,
____________________ [Police Division Address]

Dear Sir,

Sub : Request for police protection

There has been some unrest in our factory such as pen down and tool down strike during the last one week pertaining to the ______________________________ [state the incident that occurred]..

Now that it has snowballed into total illegal strike. The striking employees not only prevented the others from reporting for duty, but also turned violent this morning. They had intercepted one of our senior executive’s cars, dragged him out and thrashed him.

Regarding this, our company security officer has lodged a police complaint too. Then as advised by the inspector, we now approach you. Please spare the services of some policemen before it turns worse.

This is for your kind consideration please.

Yours truly,

____________________ [Sender’s Name]
____________________ [Designation]
Cc : The Dy. Commissioner of Labour

Request Letter for Police Assistance Template

____________________ [Your Name]
____________________ [Your Address]
____________________ [Your e-mail address]
____________________ [Your phone number]

____________________ [Recipient title and name]
____________________ [Recipient address]

[Date]: ____________________

Dear [recipient title and name],

My family and I are celebrating ____________________ [event name] in ____________________ [locality] at ____________________ [address or venue] on ____________________ [enter date in full], and I am writing to request police presence for the purpose of security at this event.

My family and I are looking forward to celebrating in ____________________ [locality] and feel a police presence would assist us in keeping everyone safe. The ____________________ [event name] will begin at _______________ [time] and end at ________________ [time].

We are expecting ______ [number] guests at our event. Food and drinks, including ____________________[, name alcohol brand] will be served. I am requesting _______ [number of officers] ___________________[locality] police officers be present at the ____________________ [event name]. Please advise if my estimation of the required officers is incorrect.

Please forward any required forms to the attention of ____________________ [your name] at ____________________ [your address] or ____________________ [your e-mail address].

Please also advise regarding payment details for the security services of the ____________________ [locality] Police Department. I can be reached at ____________________ [ enter your phone number].

Thank you for your assistance in making the [event name] safe for our guests.


[your signature]
[your name]

Sample Letter Requesting Security Assistance for Event

The Officer In-charge,
____________________ [Department name],
____________________ [Receiver’s Address]

Date: _________________,

Subject: Request for security assistance


I am ____________________ [ your name] and I am writing this letter in order to request you for providing us with the security assistance.

Most humbly, I would like to inform you that we are going to organize an event on ____________________ [enter date in full] in ____________________ [venue] with an estimated gathering of _________ [enter number of expected attendants]. The event would begin at __:__ (time) and would conclude at __:__ (time). In the event, we will be organizing _______________ [number of events] and _________ [a number of celebrities too would be joining the same – if applicable]. We want to conduct the event with the safety of the visitors, and that would not be possible without your support.

Therefore, it is to request you to kindly provide us with security assistance for the mentioned date. We are ready to proceed with any required formalities for the same.

Thanking you,
_________ [Signature],
_________ [Your name],
_________ [Your Designation],
_________ [Contact number]

Sample Letter For Police Protection