Persian Names For Baby Girl And Meanings

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Persian Names for Girls: Persian baby girls have unique names inspired from Arabic and Catholic cultures. While their literary masterpiece, Shahnameh is their source of most traditional Muslim names, the Persian Christian culture is the inspiration for the modern names.

The Persian naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Persian name or Persian Christian baby girl names, Traditional Persian Girl Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Persian Girl Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With A

Aafreen ― Afareen is a Persian name for girls, sometimes also used for Boys, that means “to praise”, “to give thanks”, “to congratulate”, it is also an expression of praise and gratitude

Abnus ― A dark colored wood that do not sink, ebony

Abreshmina ― A spotted gemstone, a gemstone that has spot

Abru ― An honour or the dignity of a person

Adh ― One who is from or of someone or something

Afhak ― Dew

Afri ― Name of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak’s daughter-in-law

Afsaneh ― A story about fairies.

Afsarara ― A person who is serving a crown.

Afshaneh ― Sprinkling or scattering

Aghigh ― Name of a stone. A stone that is precious, treasured, priceless, immeasurable and rare.

Ahoo ― deer, gazelle

Ahou ― deer, gazelle

Allysiah ― Distinguished; Kind

Almira ― Of Higher Birth Order

Armani ― Faith; Persian – Desire; A variant form of name Arman

Arsha ― Persian – Man; Hindi – Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the Rishis

Arsia ― Persian – Throne; One who is worthy of Throne; A variant spelling of the name Arshiya

Aryana ― Utterly pure; noble and pure individual

Arzu ― Desire or wish

Astrella ― A form of Esther, meaning star.

Atoosa ― Name of Kourosh’s daughter

Atossa ― Name of Kourosh’s daughter

Avaleigh ― A beautiful individual; desired song

Avaley ― One who is pretty as a bird with sound

Avalie ― The one who has huge strength and desire

Aytan ― Persian – Moonlike; Beautiful; Brilliant; Serene

Azadeh ― Persian – Dry Earth; Detached; Free of Material Things; Noble

Azita ― Noble; High-born; Humble; Free; Name of an Iranian Princess

Azizah ― Arabic – Dear; Beloved; Esteemed; Precious; Cherished

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With B

Bahar ― Spring, Prime, Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight; Youth

Baigum ― A title for high officials

Bakhita ― The fortunate one

Bano ― Girl; Lady; Princess; Bride

Berin ― Blond, fair; quick and active individual

Berina ― Best, highest

Bolour ― A woman who is like a crystal

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With

Caspara ― She who is the keeper of treasure

Cyra ― Moon faced

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With D

Daana ― A knowledgeable person

Damsa ― A silk of white color.

Darejan ― Unique

Darejani ― A form of Darejan, meaning unique

Daria ― Trustworthy natured person

Darien ― Royal gift

Darsameen ― Valuable, expensive, and costly.

Darya ― One who is good

Diba ― A priceless brocade; smart

Dil Shad ― A worthy person whose heart is filled with happiness

Dilara ― One who is an ornament of beauty

Dildar ― A charming and beloved person

Dilnaz ― Kudish variant of Delnaz. It means beloved or sweetheart.

Dilruba ― A beautiful and charming person

Dilshadkhatoon ― One who lived between 730- 750

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With E

Ehteram ― Respect; Consideration; Admiration; A variant spelling is Ehtiram and Ihtiram

Elaheh ― They are the moon goddess

Emagine ― it means image of her mother or innocent or blameless.

Estere ― A form of Esther, meaning star.

Esther ― Sweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of Persia

Etti ― myrtle or bride or star.

Ettie ― a word which means a star or bride or myrtle.

Etty ― a Persian name meaning star.

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With F

Farahnoush ― One who is always happy, or one who is always joyous.

Fareena ― A kind, merciful and charming young woman

Fariba ― A woman who plays tricks on people

Farideh ― One who is delightful and unique

Farsiris ― A royal girl, a princess

Farvardin ― One who protects the good and the pure

Farzanah ― Intelligent, smart and wise woman

Farzeen ― A Queen who rules

Farzin ― A woman Queen

Fatemeh ― A captivating chaste woman

Fehmeeda ― The one who has a clever mind.

Finna ― A ‘white’ or ‘fair’ female (feminine for Finn)

Finnegan ― Fair, white or pale

Firoja ― The turquoise color, shining, a gemstone

Forouzan ― A feminine name which means ‘shining and warm’

Freema ― Refers to gorgeous or stunning.

Friya ― The girl who is loving, darling and most affectionate.

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With G

Gelsomina ― A kind of shrub with white color sweet smelling flowers.

Giti ― Giti means World, Universe.

Goli ― Persian – Rose Colored; A variant of name Golda

Golnar ― People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

Gordia ― They have good abilities of leadership.They are idealistic and dramatical.

Gordie ― They have good abilities of leadership.They are idealistic and dramatical.

Gulbarg ― Gulbarg means the petal of soft rose flower.

Gulbarg rose ― Gulbarg means the petal of soft rose flower.

Gulshan ― Its feminine version means Rose Garden, while its masculine version means Flower garden. It is a variation of the name Golshan, a name of Persian origins.

Gulzaar ― A variation of a name Gulzar and it means rose.

Gulzar ― Garden or Land full with flowers

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With H

Haleh ― halo

Ham raz ― A friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friend

Hassie ― A diminutive form of Hester

Heer ― Power, riches, pure

Hessie ― A variant form of name Hester which means Star

Hester ― Star. Myrtle leaf

Homa ― A mythical Bird; Pheonix

Huma ― Lucky Bird; Phoenix; The Huma bird is a legendary bird from Persian myth

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With J

Jabeen ― A name of the Ganga river

Jahan ― A Persian word for the Universe

Jahankhatoon ― A persian poet

Jaleh ― Dewy; Rain; A variant transcription is Zhaleh

Jasmin ― A name of the flower

Jasmin ― Spelling variation of Jasmine. It means jasmine flower.

Jasmina ― Jasmine flower

Jasmine ― Name of the Jasmin flower

Jasmyne ― Name derived from Jessamine

Jasmynn ― Derived from Persian yasamin, jasmine

Jasperine ― A keepr of treasure

Jazmin ― Tall plant that has beautiful flowers which give sweet fragrance.

Jazmine ― Jasmine

Jazmyn ― Jasmine

Jazmyne ― Jasmine

Jazzmin ― Persian form of Jasmine (a type of flower)

Jesmyn ― A flower from olive family a fragrant flower

Jessamine ― Earlier spelling of flower name jasmine

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With K

Kaameh ― Goal, wish

Kaamnoosh ― Sweet wish or, sweet desire

Kashm ― A historical and mythical Persian princess

Khaanam ― The name means The Wealthy Wife

Khatuna ― Lady or woman

Khawla ― Khawla means the One of the Great Beauty

Kiramay ― Kiramay neams Light of Son

Kiriana ― Kiriana means Far-Sighted

Kiya ― Kiya means King in Persian

Kobrina ― The name means Dominant

Kokab ― Star; Celestial Body

Kowkab ― Star; Celestial Body; A variant of name Kokab

Ksaman ― Ksaman means Beautiful like a Jasmine

Kyra ― Kyra means Throne, Sun

Kyrah ― The name means Far Sighted, Light

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With L

Laela ― Woman who is Dark-Haired and Beautiful

Lale ― Love as perfect as a Red Tupil flower

Laleh ― The ever-lasting love which the red tupil flowers symbolises

Larmina ― Blue sky

Layla ― Nigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and Arabia

Leila ― Nighttime, time of a day after the sundown

Leilah ― A black-haired woman born in the dark

Leilia ― She who is born in the night

Leilyn ― A dark beauty that is born in the nighttime

Lejla ― A dark-haired beautiful woman who is born in night

Lelah ― A beauty that comes alive at the night

Liana ― To be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answered

Lyanna ― God has answered or Girl who has a pretty face

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With M

Mah tab ― One whose beauty is like the Moon

Mahatab ― Moonlight

Mahlegha ― One whose face is lit by the moon

Mahnaz ― A woman glorious like a Moon

Mah-naz ― One who is glorious like the Moon

Mahrosh ― She is bright like a Moon

Mahroz ― Girl with the face of the Moon

Mahrukh ― A woman whose face is Moon-like

Mahsa ― Woman who resembles a Moon

Mahsati ― One who is like the Moon

Mahsheed ― A woman who obtains the radiance of the Moon

Mahta ― A Moon-like individual

Mahtab ― She is beautiful like the Moon

Mahtalat ― A person with the beauty of the Moon

Mahteab ― She looks just like the Moon

Makali ― One whose looks are compared to the Moon

Malakeh ― A beautiful queen who is also a messenger

Margaret ― Pearl

Margat ― Person who is a cluster of blossoms and like a pearl

Marzhan ― Pearl or coral

Mastanah ― A person with happy and joyous personality

Mastoureh ― A woman who is vailed and chaste

Meesha ― In Persian it refers to a marigold flower. In Hindi it means a smile

Meg ― She is the Child of Light

Meggie ― A Daughter of the Light

Meggy ― One who is the child of the light

Mehlika ― Female beautiful like a Moon

Mehri ― Derived from the word “Mehr” which means someone who is lovable, kind and frIendly.

Mehriban ― A Kind-hearted, merciful, gentle person. One who is benign.

Mehrish ― The most beautiful Aroma that is full of wonders.

Mehrnaz ― The brilliant and radiant charm of the Sun, a state of high honour of the biggest star

Mehru ― A girl likely the sun or as gracious as the sun.

Mehry ― Mehry derives from the word “Mehr” that means “The Sun”. It also means someone who is kind and lovable.

Mehtab ― The light of the moon

Mehvesh ― A pleasant light of the moon.

Mehvish ― A bright shining Star

Mehwish ― Something as beautiful as moon. Something that we can compare to the elegant beauty of moon.

Mehzebeen ― One who has a beautiful face that is compared to the beauty of moon

Meladi ― A gift of happiness, a person that brings joy

Meshia ― The butter made from the Sheep’s milk.

Mina ― In Persian it means azure or clear like a crystal. In German it means the pure love or true love

Minoo ― A paradise, a heaven

Minu ― A heavenly place, not less that paradise

Mirana ― A female ruler, The one who is followed

Miray ― Glowing like a moon

Mirzeta ― Princess

Mishaal ― A short illustrating religious lessons

Mishal ― A religious or moral governing

Mishall ― Moral or religious values from the God

Mohor ― Parsi – Moon; 12th day of a month

Mojgan ― The person who provides cooperation or assistance to Michael, associate of Michael.

Monireh ― A shining person, one who is bright

Moroccan ― One who belongs to the land of God

Morvarid ― A shining pearl

Mozhgan ― The pluralised form of eyelash; eyelashes

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With N

Naadiya ― The one who calls, or the one who announce

Naaheed ― The star Venus, an elevated person

Naasiha ― Professional in giving truthful guidance to others.

Naazneen ― Stunning and fascinating lady.

Nadereh ― Not widely known to others.

Naghmah ― A melody or a song

Nagma ― The tune or the melody

Nahal ― A young plant

Naheed ― The planet Venus of the solar system

Naheeda ― A delightful person

Nahid ― The Second planet of the solar system; Venus

Nahida ― Planet Venus, Referred in Shahanama

Nahidah ― A delightful and beautiful girl

Nahrin ― River

Nareen ― Good natured, tolerance of delay or incompetence.

Narges ― A flower of a shape of eye

Nargis ― The eye-shaped flower

Narina ― Fresh, pomegranate flower

Narjis ― A sweet smelled flower, narcissus

Narmeen ― Pleasing to the senses, delicate

Narmin ― Soft and gentle girl

Nashad ― An unhappy person, who is not happy

Nashah ― A judge, a fair or just person

Nasreen ― A white colored wild flower

Nasrin ― A Jonquil flower

Nasrine ― A beautiful white flower

Nastaran ― A flower like a wild rose

Nazanin Zahra ― Nazanin means sweetheart, lovely, and, delightful, Zahra means flower, blossom, or beauty.

Nazhin ― Name of a particular tree

Nazilla ― A cute person, pleasing

Nazis ― The proud or something that can be proud of

Nazish ― Something to proud, full of proud

Nazveen ― A beautiful lady, queen of delicacy and charm

Negar ― The one is very loving and close to heart.

Negin ― The priceless gem or valuable gemstone.

Negina ― The precious gemstone

Nermana ― Hero

Nermina ― A variant of Nermana, meaning hero.

Nestani ― A form of Nestan, meaning unique

Nihada ― Character, temper

Nijaza ― Wish or need

Nikoo ― The most dearly one.

Nikou ― The most dearly one.

Nilofer ― Lilly flowers that flourishing in the water places.

Niloofar ― A beautiful flower of Lily

Niloufar ― The lily floras which are prospering in the water ponds.

Niloufer ― Saintly, holy, Godly, spiritually, heavenly.

Nilufar ― The lily flower that grows in the lakes or ponds.

Nirupesh ― Honeyed, sugary, sweet flavoured.

Nirush ― Initiator of joy and bliss.

Nirut ― Honeyed and sweet smelling.

Nirvikalpa ― The new or the recent one

Nisreen ― An plant full of aroma

Nisrin ― An aromatic plant

Nisrina ― A girl who is aromatic as a flower

Niyoosha ― A patient listener, a careful listener

Nizha ― A delightful, clean or cleanliness

Nousha ― Honeyed, sugary, sweet flavoured.

Noushafarin ― Initiator of joy and bliss.

Noushin ― Honeyed and sweet smelling.

Noushineh ― A musical tone of old Persian music.

Now ― The new or the recent one

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With O

Oldooz ― The Moon, the natural satellite of the earth.

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With P

Paniz ― Persian – Sugar

Parastoo ― Name of a bird called swallow; a bird

Parbeen ― Capable; Skillful; Efficient; Intelligent and Brilliant

Parto ― One who is the ray of light

Parvana ― A butterfly; naughty and amazing

Parvanah ― A rare and majestic butterfly

Parvaneh ― Persian – Like a Butterfly

Parveen ― Cluster of Stars; A variant spelling is Parvin

Pegah ― One who is like early moning light

Persian ― A master who is like the shining Sun

Poupak ― A bird kind

Pouran ― Rosy-cheeked, beautiful baby girl

Pouri ― One who is a heir, a successor

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With R

Raushanara ― One bright like the assembly’s light

Rayhaneh ― One who smells sweetly as a flower

Rexelle ― Persian – Bright; Dawn; Light; A variant spelling of Rexella

Robabeh ― A musical instrument’s name

Roshana ― A woman who is bright like a light of a dawn

Roshanak ― Star of magnificence; Shining Star; Luminous Beauty; Lovely Flare; Bright Light

Roxana ― The beautiful brightness of the dawn

Roxane ― She who shines like a dawn

Roxani ― A bright light of the dawn

Roxine ― She is like a dawn

Roxolana ― A dawn-like girl

Roxy ― She glows like a dawn

Roya ― A vision from the dream

Rukhsana ― A woman with beautiful cheeks

Rukhsar ― A woman with pretty face and cheeks

Rukhsara ― A girl whose cheeks are pretty

Ruksana ― A gorgeous and lovely Persian princess

Ruslana ― A woman as powerful as a lioness, lioness

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With S

Sadie ― A princess, noble woman

Sahba ― One who is like a wine

Sanaz ― A flower, Rose, Full of Grace

Seriyah ― A princess or a daughter of a king

Shadleen ― Happy and soft hearted women.

Shadman ― A happy woman

Shahida ― One who is considered beautiful

Shahlah ― One who blushes

Shahmir ― A woman with beautiful, magical eyes

Shahnaz ― Pride and bride of the king

Shahrbano ― She is the king’s wife

Shahrbanou ― She is the lady of the town

Shahrnaz ― The town’s most loved one

Shahrzadi ― She was born from the city

Shahwar ― A woman worthy of Kings

Shakufa ― The opening bud.

Shamsa ― Sun

Shawdi ― One who feels deep joy

Shayana ― She deserves nice things in life

Sheeva ― A charming woman

Shehzadi ― Persian name meaning princess

Sherene ― Woman who is pleasant to be around

Sherin ― A charming woman

Sheyda ― A lovesick woman

Shideh ― The bright one

Shirin ― A sweet girl in Persian. Also, name of the character from the Resain and Turkish legend

Shirin banoo ― A very sweet young girl

Shiva ― She who is very charming

Shohrah ― A famous woman who is well-known

Shohreh ― She is a very famous girl

Shouka ― A kind of a deer

Shydi ― One who brings happiness

Somaieh ― One who is high above others

Sooria ― To be like a red rose

Soraya ― She is precious as a jewel

Soulmaz a persian ― A woman who never wilts

Souri ― A girl who is like a red rose

Soussan ― She is as beautiful as the lily flower

Suraa ― A woman of great power and strength

Suraya ― A woman precious as a jewel

Suri ― A girl who is like a red rose

Suria ― To be like a red rose

Sury ― She is like the Red Rose

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With T

Tabinda ― Bright and shining

Tahirih ― Morally good or excellent

Taraneh ― Persian name meaning a song

Tarja ― Upholder of good

Tawana ― A capable woman

Tayyebeh ― A good deed

Tigran ― Shooting or fighting with arrows

Touca ― Out of a birds name Toucan

Turan ― The land or place of Tur, Who was a Persian hero.

Turandot ― Name of the beautiful daughter of Turan

Turkessa ― The one who comes from Turkey.

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With V

Vardo ― Rose

Veeda ― Found, or evident

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With W

Wasifah ― One who describes.

Wejah ― She who practices Purdah.

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With Y

Yasmina ― Jasmine flower

Yasmine ― Jasmine flower

Yegane ― A woman of incomparable beauty.

Persian Girl Names And Meaning Starting With

Zarafshan ― Spreader of gold or one who spreads happiness.

Zhavia ― Perspective

Persian Names For Baby Girl And Meanings