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Persian Boy Names: Finding the perfect name for your new baby Boy is one of the most important decisions you’ll have.  The Persian culture, which includes specific naming traditions, has changed with globalization. While some parents pick traditional names from books like Shahnameh, others prefer modern names inspired by Arabic Christians.

If you are in search of a perfect Persian Baby Name for your new born, you are in the best site ever for Persian Male Names. The extensive list in this post will help you decide the best name for your baby boy.

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With A

Abdalbari ― true follower of Allah

Abdalfattah ― the Servant of the One who Gives Nourishment

Abdalhadi ― the Servant of the Leader

Abdalhakim ― the Servant of the Wise One

Abdalhalim ― the Servant of the Patient One

Abdalhamid ― the one who is Servant of the Praiseworthy One

Abdaljabbar ― the Servant of the Comforter

Abdaljabir ― the servant of the one who helps others

Abdaljawwad ― the Servant of the Noble One

Abdalkadir ― the Servant of the Capable

Abdalkarim ― the Servant of the Generous One

Abdallafif ― the one who is a Servant of the Kind One

Abdallah ― the Servant of Allah

Abdalmajid ― the Servant of the Glorious One

Abdalmalik ― the one who is Servant of the King

Abdalmatin ― the Servant of the Strong

Abdalmufi ― the Servant of the Donor

Abdalmuhsin ― the Servant of the Charitable One

Abdalqadir ― the one being Servant of the Capable

Abdalrahim ― the Servant of the Compassionate

Abdalrahman ― being Servant of the Merciful

Abdalrashid ― the Servant of the well Guided

Abdalrauf ― the servant of sympathetic

Abdalraziq ― being Servant of the Provider

Abdalrazzaq ― the Servant of the helper

Abdalsalam ― the Servant of Peace

Abdalsami ― the one who is Servant of the All-hearing

Abdalwahab ― the Servant of the Giving

Abdelati ― the one being Servant of Allah

Abdelfattah ― the one being Servant of the One who treat others with tenderness

Abdelgawwad ― the Servant of the Noble One

Abdelhadi ― the Servant of the supreme Leader

Abdelhakim ― the kind Servant of the Wise One

Abdelhalim ― the Servant of the Patient One

Abdieso ― Derived from name Abdiel that means my servant

Abnus ― A dark colored wood that do not sink, ebony

Abtin ― One who is of good deeds or with good thoughts

Abufiruz ― The father of a triumphant person

Abzari ― One who sows, seeds or spices

Adh ― One who is from or of someone or something

Afrin ― The one who is worthy to be praised and blessed.

Afsar ― A man in charge of an armed group.

Aftaab ― Aftaab means “the sun”. A masculine name who is positive, happy go lucky, prosperous and energetic

Aftab ― Aftab means “the sun”. A masculine name who is positive, happy go lucky, prosperous and energetic

Aistan ― Tiger

Ajmal ― The total, More beautiful,

Albazi ― Falcon

Amooz ― Teacher, or instructor.

Anaar ― Arabic – Light and Radiance; Glow; Bright; A variant of this name is Anar; Persian – Pomegranate

Andya ― Persian – Little Angel, Pure Girl; A variant name of Andia

Anjuman ― Place of Gathering; Commitee; Council;

Anosh ― Eternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Elixir

Anoush ― Eternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Never Ending

Anousha ― Sweet, Joy, Fortunate; It is a Variant of name Anoush

Anzor ― Noble

Aref ― Knowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;

Arif ― Knowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;

Arsha ― Persian – Man; Hindi – Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the Rishis

Arsham ― Persian – Very Powerful, Very Strong; Name of Dariush’s Grandfather

Artin ― Righteous, Pure or Holy (also a name of a Median king)

Aryasb ― One who possesses Aryan horse named Kourosh

Aryo ― Name of the Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.

Arzhang ― Name of a character in Shahnameh.

Ashkan ― Name of a Persian dynasty

Asman ― The Sky; Highest Heaven nearer to earth

Ata ― Arabic – Gift; Fante – One of Twins; Turkish – Ancestor, Predecessor

Ataa ― Arabic – Gift; Fante – One of Twins; Turkish – Ancestor, Predecessor

Atal ― Hero; Leader; Guide

Aurang ― They are full of wisdom, understanding and a watercolor

Ayas ― To cause good to somebody; Persian – Morning Breeze

Azar ― Persian – Scarlet, Fire; Nineth month in Iranian Calendar; Hebrew – Help

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With B

Baaz ― Falcon

Baddar ― One who’s always on time. A punctual man.

Badinjan ― Egg Plant

Baghish ― Light rain that affects just a small area.

Baha al Din ― Beauty of faith or a helper or supporter.

Bahauallah ― One who is Quiet,systematic and inventive mind

Bahiri ― Variant of Bahirun, meaning a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.

Bahirun ― A brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.

Bahman ― A person who has a content heart and good spirit

Bahnam ― A reputable and honorable person.

Bahram ― Name of a Persian King; A Character in Shahnameh;

Bakeet ― One who uplifts the mankind

Bakhit ― A fortunate and lucky man

Bakhshish ― Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Bakhtawar ― One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky;

Bakhtawer ― One who Brings Good Luck; Fortunate; Lucky;

Baksheesh ― A divine blessing

Bakshish ― Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Baksis ― Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Baksish ― Divine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; Present

Baqer ― Man Of Knowledge

Baraz ― Exhalted, high

Barbod ― Hero, Guitor

Bardia ― The Prince

Barid ― Cloud

Barzin ― Name of a character in Shahnameh.

Bedel ― A servant or a messenger of people

Behdad ― Excellent Gift; Of Good Birth

Behrooz ― Fortunate, Lucky and compassionate being

Behruz ― Lucky; Prosperous; Success; Good; A variant name of Behrouz

Behzad ― Noble; High Born; Honorable

Bejul ― Jewel worn around neck

Bejun ― Name of a Persian Boy King

Bihjan ― A person who is a hero

Bijan ― lonely place

Bijann ― He who is considered a hero, a legend among men

Bijon ― Persian – Ancient Hero; A vairant of name Bijan

Bizhan ― Name of a character in Shahnameh.

Borna ― He who is a yuthful man

Burzin ― An exalted Boy, a praised one

Buwayh ― An ancient Persian ruler

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With C

Cas ― An imperial man

Caspar ― A man whou guards the treasure

Casper ― One who is a treasurer

Cem ― A born leader and a ruler

Chadi ― One filled with joy and happiness; a Capricon

Chamali ― The one who serves water.

Changaz ― An extremely brave man.

Changeez ― Adapted from Chengiz khan

Changez ― Variant of Chengiz Khan

Charlesh ― Chief of the tribe.

Chashida ― An experienced man.

Chavdar ― Derived from a Persian word meaning leader, dignitary.

Chawish ― Leader of the tribe.

Chishti ― A Saint from Ajmer

Cye ― Sun; majestic and charming

Cyrus ― Far seeing young individual

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With D

Daana ― A knowledgeable person

Dahra ― Rich individual

Dalawar ― One with the heart

Dara ― One with many talents

Darakhshan ― Bright light

Dareh ― A rich person

Darian ― Gift sent from heaven on Earth

Darioush ― A healthy King

Daris ― Very important person

Darius ― Rich and Kind

Dariush ― Wise King

Darrius ― A rich, kind and daring individual

Darwish ― Sufi man

Daryush ― Wise and noble King

Dastagir ― A supporter

Dastan ― Form of oral history; art of story-telling

Dastgir ― The one who supports and cares; holds hands

Dawar ― Judge of character

Didar ― One who is gifted with the perfect vision or sight

Dil Awar ― One who has a heart; courageous

Dil Dar ― A beloved and courageous human being

Dil Shad ― A worthy person whose heart is filled with happiness

Dildar ― A charming and beloved person

Dilshad ― One who has dreamy eyes and happy heart

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With E

Ebi ― Paternal; A variant of name Eby

Elham ― A beautiful inspiration

Emad ― this name means support or pillar or confidence.

Erach ― Noble; Name of youngest son of King Farridoon; Belonging to Iran;

Eranvej ― Land of Aryans; Home of the Aryans; Iranian Expanse

Ervad ― Religious Teacher; Spiritual Leader;

Esfandyar ― Name of a character in Shahnameh.

Eskander ― Persian word for Alexander.

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With F

Faireh ― The bringer of happiness.

Farbod ― One who protects the glory

Farhad ― A feeling of great happiness

Farhang Good ― One of good-breeding

Fariborz ― One who possesses a big honor and might

Faridoon ― One who is the third

Farjaad ― Excellent, or eminent in learning.

Farjad ― One who is endowed with wisdom

Farnaz ― One who is from hgh status and great

Faroqh ― A good and blessed man

Farrokhzad ― One who was happily born

Farrukh ― An auspicious and fortunate man

Farshid ― A spedour bright as a sun

Fartash ― A being, an existence

Farvardin ― One who protects the good and the pure

Farzaan ― An intelligent wise person

Farzad ― One of splendid birth

Farzam ― A befitting and worthy man

Farzan ― A man with great experience and intelligence

Fereydoon ― The third man

Finn ― A ‘fair’ or ‘white’ person

Finneas ― The Oracle; Biblically, the son of Eli; Dark-skinned( Egyptian)

Firoj ― A winner, successful person

Foroohar ― It means quintessence or intrinsic nature

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With G

Gasparo ― One who is possessing abundant supply of money.

Gauzar ― Parsi – Golden Ox

Gharib ― A known, familiar feeling

Guebers ― They love adventure,freedom and excitement.They are very active and mind blowing in every task.

Gulfam ― A person whose face is like roses. Soft, beautiful and alive face

Gulshan ― Its feminine version means Rose Garden, while its masculine version means Flower garden. It is a variation of the name Golshan, a name of Persian origins.

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With H

Haabeel ― Name of the son of Hazrat Aadam

Ham raz ― A friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friend

Hesam ― A sharp sward

Homayoun ― Royal; Fortunate; A variant of Homayun, Homayoon, or Homayon

Homeira ― A red man

Hormoz ― A Character in Shahnameh

Hoshmand ― Wise

Hoshyar ― Wise

Hosmundus ― Wise person

Houman ― Good Nature; Having a Good Soul; Benevolent; A variant of Hooman

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With I

Isfandiyar ― The brave king. Also the name of an Iranian king.

Issavi ― A Persian term used for Christians.

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With J

Jaaved ― One who is eternal

Jadu ― One who is Magical

Jaghan ― Everything in the world

Jahandar ― He posseses the world

Jahangir ― The World’s conqueror

Jahangirkhan ― He who conquered the world

Jahanshah ― An Emperor of the world

Jasper ― One who brings treasure

Javaan ― A variant of Javan which means young in Persian; Young Man

Javad ― A libera

Javaid ― One who is eternal

Javana ― Young man; A name derived from Persian word Javan meaning Young

Javed ― One who is alive

Javeed ― Living Forever; Immortal; Eternal; A variant of Javed

Javion ― One who is made out of clay

Javon ― A name fro Greece

Jawed ― The eternal one

Jazmine ― Jasmine

Jehangir ― The champion of the world.

Jihan ― The World; Universe; Land; Name of a river in Iran

Jubin ― Honorable; Righteous; A variant form is Zubin which means one who touches the sky

Judea ― They are very kind to others, believe in charity, nobel, blessed and honored by others

Judee ― The one who is optimistic who grasp the standards of sympathy and pardoning. They are likewise inventive and creative that gives them an aesthetic ability.

Judge ― The one with passionate soul and reserved nature, will keep calm, stritct and ambitious throughout the life.

Judhail ― the descendant of Goda, The person who lives with and after us, Who will help everyone, keep happy everyone

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With K

Kaamran ― Prosperous; Successful; Blessed; Fortunate; A variant of name Kamran

Kacper ― Kacper means Treasurer

Kamran ― Kamran name means Fortunate and Successful

Kamshad ― Kamshad means Desire, A wish that is happy

Kamyar ― Kamyar means Is Successful

Kardar ― Karad means Experienced

Kaspar ― Kaspar means Treasuer

Kasper ― Kaser means A treasured secret

Kava ― Kava name means Hero of Ancient Times

Kaveh ― Royal; Ancient Hero; A Character in Shahnameh;

Kayan ― Kayan means Important Person

Kayvan ― Kayvan means The Universe

Keshwar ― A country or a territory, a state, ruled by a king

Keyvan ― Keyvan name means Universe

Khashar ― The name means brave Boy

Khawaja ― Mister; A Spiritual Title; An Iranian title for Master, Lord

Khortdad ― The name means Man without a Flaw

Khusro ― King; Ruler; A variant of Khusru

Khusru ― King; Ruler; A variant of Khusro

Khwaja ― Khwaja means a Maser, He Who Owns

Kirus ― Bretons form of Cyrus, meaning sun

Kiyan ― The name means Royal One

Korosh ― Korosh means Young

Kourosh ― First King of Iran; The Sun; Historically translated into English and Latin as “Cyrus”

Ksathra ― Ruler

Kurus ― Name of many Persian Kings and Rulers

Kushaada ― Having a lot of capacity, capacious

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With L

Ladarius ― The name means The Upholder og God, The One who Protects

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With M

Mah wash ― A person with the face pretty as the Moon

Mahafuzur ― The one whose heart and love belong to the sea

Maihtab ― He whose face shines like a Moon

Maisil ― One who is a born warrior; accepting being

Masih ― Persian name for Christ. A Person that is blessed

Meghdad ― The justice of the Heaven

Mehtaar ― One who cleans, a cleaner

Mehtab ― The light of the moon

Melchor ― The monarch of the nation, the one who has higher authorities all over the land.

Merab ― Georgian form of Mehrab, meaning water

Mihran ― A rain of kindness by Almighty

Milad ― In Persian it means the “Gift of the Sun”. In Arabic it refers to the birth or birth date.

Mirac ― Ascension

Miran ― A Ruler or a leader

Mirja ― A highly ranked nobleman

Mirsab ― The dear King or the respected ruler

Mirza ― A nobleman with the high rank, a respected person

Mohammadreza ― Excellent in drawing, highest quality of Art talented person

Mohsen ― The person who has a physical appearance of black skin.

Mokammel ― A sweet heart, dear, the one who is pleasant and appealing.

Moroccan ― One who belongs to the land of God

Morocco ― A land that belongs to the God. Name of an African country

Morteza ― The one who is chosen among many

Muhammed ― Praised, Praiseworthy, Commendable

Mukhtar ― The chosen one.

Mursalin ― Messengers, or message-bearers

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With N

Naasah ― The one who gives advices about difficulties.

Naase ― The one who is chromatically pure.

Naasih ― Expert in giving advice to others.

Nabibakhsh ― Something given by the Prophet

Nabibukhsh ― A portion of the Prophecy

Nabibux ― Provided by the Prophet of Almighty

Nahro ― River

Namdar ― A famous person, known to all

Naraiman ― The faith and the brightness

Narbir ― Unpleasant stern, rough taste, very difficult to accept or bear

Nareeman ― The brightness of the faith

Nariman ― The brightness of faith

Narin ― Gentle, tender, fresh

Nashad ― An unhappy person, who is not happy

Nashah ― A judge, a fair or just person

Naushaad ― The happiest person, very cheerful

Niaz ― Talents or skills or gifts from God.

Nirmaldharam ― The bright light of something

Nirupa ― Bright nimble.

Nirvaan ― The child who was born to this world joyfully.

Nizamuddin ― One who looks after the religious arrangements

Nizamulmulk ― The governor of a country

Noorulain ― Concord of eyes or nimble of eyes.

Norul ― The bright light of something

Nouman ― Flower beds

Nouri ― Bright nimble.

Noushzad ― The child who was born to this world joyfully.

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With O

Orang ― One who has wisdom, creative nature and clever

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With P

Painda ― A wise and intelligent man.

Parvage ― One who is born fortunate and always wins

Parvaiz ― One who comes out victorious

Parveneh ― The one who is like a butterfly

Parviz ― Lucky; Fortunate; Victorious;

Payam ― One who an interesting message

Pedram ― One who is successful in life

Pejman ― Desire; Wish; Broken-hearted; Sad; An Islamic surname; A variant of name Pezhman

Persian ― A master who is like the shining Sun

Peyman ― One who has made a promise and an oath

Pirzada ― He is son of a saint

Poria ― A Persian mythical Warrior’s name

Pouyan ― To Search; Searcher; To Seek; Seeker; To Run; Runner

Pridon ― Georgian form of Fereydoun, meaning third in Persian

Pridoni ― Georgian form of Fereydoun It means third in Persian

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With R

Ramak ― Delighting; Gratifying; Sporting; Happy; Joyous

Ramin ― A Persian name and a variant of name Rameen which means Joyful or tamer

Rashan ― One who has good sense of judgement; A variant of Rashn which is the name of the angel of justice in the Pahlavi language

Revaz ― He who is wealthy and successful

Reza ― Arabic word for ‘consent, agreement’. One who is content; A variant is Rezah

Reziko ― Diminutive of Revaz, meaning wealthy and successful

Ronaq ― One who is luminous and fresh

Rostam ― A hero fighter from a Persian legend

Rostom ― Georgian form of Rostam It means strong, valiant and brave

Rustam ― A tall and strong free man

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With S

Saadee ― The lord or the master

Sabghta ― Color given by Allah, true faith,

Saeed ― Happy; Fortunate; Felicity; A variant spelling is Sayid

Safan ― He who is brave, bold, and courageous,

Sahasan ― One who is the finder of Sasani dynasty

Sajeel ― Alluring and beautiful person

Samsher ― One who is like a sword

Shad ― Commanded by aku

Shadhan ― A joyfull, happy person

Shah ― A surname meaning King

Shaheen ― One who is liek a royal falcon

Shaheryar ― He is the king

Shahjahan ― He is the King of the World

Shahkam ― As the King wishes

Shahou ― The best and most valuable pearl. A variant of Shahu.

Shahpur ― Prince, son of a king.

Shahrdad ― He is the town’s gift

Shahrokh ― One who has a royal face

Shahrooz ― One who is like a great river

Shahruz ― One who is like a great river

Shahryar ― A Kingly person

Shahu ― The best and most valuable pearl

Shahyar ― A friend of the King

Shahzore ― A powerful kingly person with great strenght

Shahzuina ― A kingly one

Shamshad ― A tree that looks like a pine

Shamsher ― His choice of weapon is the Sword

Shamshera ― One who choses the Sword

Shayan ― A person who is worthy and deserves good things in life

Sher ― Persian name meaning lion

Siavash ― One who is a keeper of dark horses

Siavosh ― A name of the character in Shahnameh

Simin ― One who is made of silver

Siyamak ― One who enjoys solitary

Siyavash ― One who has many black stallions

Soheil ― To be on the same level, to be even

Sohrab ― One who is a hero, a living legend

Soroush ― He who is a happy man

Syrus ― Throne or Lord

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With T

Tabnak ― Hot too much appealing

Tahib ― Observing someone or something closely

Tahmaseb ― Name of character in Shahnameh

Tahmores ― Resembling a strong wild dog

Taimur ― Iron, as strong as iron.

Tajbakhsh ― Protector of the king

Tajwar ― King who is crowned, who has the power, the ruler

Tamaz ― Georgian form of Tahmasp, meaning strong, brave and valiant

Tamerlan ― A man of iron

Temuri ― Georgian form of Timur, meaning iron

Tigran ― Shooting or fighting with arrows

Tirdad ― Name of a character in Shahnameh

Tooraj ― A brave man, founder of Turan, Central Asia from Persian mythology Shahnameh

Touran ― The land or Tur, an ancient Persian kingdom

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With V

Vakhtang ― Wolf-bodied

Varten ― Rose giver

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With W

Waaiz ― Preacher, or advisor

Warqah ― Name of a dignitary in the Quran.

Wuhaib ― A gift or present.

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With Y

Yahya ― The almighty is gracious

Yar ― A companion or friend.

Persian Boy Names And Meaning Starting With Z

Zakariya ― God has remembered

Zaryab ― Rich, Wealthy; Liquid Gold; Colloidal Gold

Zerin ― Golden

Zubeen ― Something that touches the sky.

Zurab ― Georgian form of Sohrab, meaning illustrious and shine or red water

Persian Boy Names And Their Meanings