Opening Prayers For Meetings

Opening Prayer For Meeting

Prayer is a way of having a conversation with God your maker. So praying at the beginning of a meeting is a great way of reminding ourselves that God is with us, that He is at the centre of everything we do, and that the reason we are alive is to love and worship Him. Here are some Opening Prayers for Meetings, Opening Prayers for Worship, Opening Prayers for Bible Study Suitable For Beginning Meetings Or Any Gathering.

Short Opening Prayer

Oh God! Day by day, you are make us new. We struggle so much to live day by day! We want to know how the story ends, and if we will achieve what we set out to. Increase our trust in You, to lead us each day, giving us what we need to be prepared to love the other people You have placed in our lives. Amen.

Opening Prayer For Congress

Father, Jesus, our Savior, may the moment we met You remain on the top of our minds. Soften our hearts to Your call more each day. Grow us in Your wisdom, and teach us to adopt Your perspective. Help us to submit our worries, comparison, jealousy, bitterness, and envy to You each and every day in exchange for a fresh vision of Your will for our lives. Amen.

Business Meeting Opening Prayer

Business Meeting Prayer Lord, you have entrusted use as stewards of your creation Please guide our hearts as we make our decisions We seek you first in all we do together We give you our business, our suppliers, our customers and our workforce May we be always mindful of their service We confess that we are nothing without you And our trust is in you completely Amen.

Short Opening Prayer For Meeting

Forgive us, Father, for the control and the credit that we grasp for in these meetings while planning and accomplishing projects together. We confess that honoring You through our work is not always at the forefront of our minds as we strive for end goals. In the spaces of our hearts that harbor envy and ambition, we prayerfully ask You to make room for humility and shared credit.

Opening Prayer For Meeting

Father, praise You for the gift of unity that the Spirit creates in our relationships! You place others perfectly in our lives, and inspire us as Christians to work together with the gifts that we have been blessed with. When we look at this meeting through Your eyes, we see Your gifts fostered in us to further Your plans.

Opening Prayer For Bible Study #1

Praying at the beginning of a meeting is a great way of reminding ourselves that God is with us, that He is at the centre of everything we do, and that the reason we are alive is to love and worship Him. Gathered together on this page are a number of prayers that can be used for opening meetings and Christian events such as church services, weddings and bible studies. There’s also a “how to” on writing your own prayer together with a sample opening prayer.

Opening Prayer For Bible Study #2

Mighty God,
Holy and strong one,
Give us strength
To do what you would have us do;
Deliver us from lack of purpose.
Free us from confusion of mind;
Save us from loss of integrity.
Maintain in us visions and ideals.
Sustain our openness and generosity.
Help us to continue to work for you,
That we may serve you all our days,
Mighty God
Holy and strong one.

(David Adam ‘Power Lines’)

Meeting Opening Prayer

Dear Father, We thank you for everyone gathered here now. Thank you that you know each of us by name and have caused us to walk with You. We say that we are defendant on You and our trust is in You completely. As we surrender ourselves in adoration we ask that You would come by Your Holy Spirit and inspire our hearts today. Come fill our lives with Your love, Fill our conversations with Your grace and truth, Fill this meeting with Your presence. We ask this for Your glory and praise. Amen.

Opening Prayer for a Wedding Service

Lord God Almighty, Creator of the heavens and earth. Thank you for the gift of marriage For all the joy and love that it brings us. We thank you for N. (bride) and N. (groom). Thank you that you have brought them together for this special day, And that you hold them safely in Your hands. We pray that you would richly bless them as they exchange their vows and their wedding rings, And from this day forward they would walk hand in hand into everything that you have destined them to be. We give our hearts and beings to You now in adoration, And welcome Your Holy Spirit amongst us. Amen.
Opening Prayers For Meetings