Old German Boy Names And Meanings

Names and Meanings

List of Old German Names For Boys And Their Meanings: If you’ve been considering giving your little Boy a Old German name and you are looking for unique Old German names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get the Vintage Old German baby Boy names, old fashioned Old German Boy name and short Old German Boy names with their meanings.

Old German Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

Agimar ― In German agimareans something sharp which could signify a sword which is powerful and a mighty weapon.

Alnod ― eagle power

Aubreigh ― A person with magical powers

Aubriel ― A German elf ruler

Aubriella ― Strength of a God

Averett ― One who is strong like a strong Boar

Char ― A charming free man

Chara ― A man who loves freedom and adventure

Charles ― Variant of Karl; brave

Charleson ― Name of town owned by King Charles

Charleston ― Name of a place in America

Charley ― Freeman; person who has a free mind

Charlot ― A born Prince who gives orders and is prosperous

Charly ― The perfect and the chosen one who earns

Charlyn ― A free individual

Chas ― Derived from German root it means a free man

Chaz ― Variant of Charles; free man

Eburhard ― One who is strong as a wild boar

Filbert ― An exceedingly bright person

Filberte ― A brilliant, well-learned individual

Filberto ― A smart and intelligent person

Fokko ― Folk, war band

Freodhoric ― An English word derived from Old German ‘freothuric’ meaning peaceful ruler

Gwenael ― White, fair or generous

Hamlett ― From the Little Home

Hauke ― Mind, spirit

Hibbot ― It was a surname in Old germanic

Imko ― Universal

Inko ― Ancestor

Jelke ― Frisian form of Julius, meaning dedicated to Jupiter

Meiko ― Strength, power, courage

Rayk ― Advice

Sebe ― Victory

Seppe ― Victory

Siebe ― A variant of Sebe, meaning victory.

Tabe ― People

Tammo ― He who is famous, well-known

Thade ― Ruler of the people

Tjarko ― Ruler of the people. It’s a variant of Tjark.

Uwe ― Point, edge

Walraven ― Ruler or raven

Wibe ― Fight, battle or war

Wiebe ― A form of Wibe, meaning battle or war.

Youenn ― A form of Ivo, meaning little archer

Old German Boy Names And Meanings