Old German Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Bretons Baby Girl Names With Meanings

List of German Names For Girls And Their Meanings: Looking for German names for your baby girl? Check out here to get the Vintage German baby girl names, old fashioned German girl name and short German girl names with their meanings.

Old German Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings

Adalinda ― Noble Serpent

Amalee ― A person eager to work hard and achieve heights like a leader

Athelina ― An old serpent

Aya ― design, colorful or beautiful. It also means ‘bees’ in Old German.

Char ― A charming free man

Charlaine ― A charming girl

Charlayne ― A free, strong person

Charlea ― An independent man

Charleen ― A lively, free person

Charlena ― The one with free will

Charlene ― A free woman

Charley ― Freeman; person who has a free mind

Charli ― One with free spirit

Charline ― The one who is born free

Charlisa ― Brave woman

Charlot ― A born Prince who gives orders and is prosperous

Charlott ― A born Prince

Charlotta ― A Princess

Charlotte ― Feminine form of Charles; freeman

Charlsie ― Naive, intelligent and free person

Charlyne ― A wealthy and free man

Charlynn ― The dark one who is manly, strong and filled with virility

Charyl ― A green gemstone

Cherlyn ― Green gemstone

Elina ― A name which stands for a bright light

Fenne ― A form of Fenja, meaning peace and protection

Fenneke ― Peace, protection, safety

Filberta ― An immensely bright personality

Frauke ― Derived from Old German ‘Frowka’ translating to ‘a little lady’

Gesa ― Spear, strength, power

Gesche ― Frisian form of Gertrude, meaning spear, strength, power

Gesina ― Frisian form of Gertrude, meaning spear, strength, power

Hamlen ― little home-lover

Hawyse ― Combat, battle wide

Imme ― Frisian form of Irmgard, meaning universal, or fence

Schwanhilde ― Icelandic term for swan.

Silke ― Frisian for of Cecily. It means blind.

Svanhildur ― A variant of Schwanhilde, meaning swan.

Svantje ― Swan

Swantje ― Frisian form of Schwanhilde. It means swan.

Yuna ― The archer

Old German Baby Girl Names With Meanings