Old French Female Names With Meanings

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Beautiful Old French Girl Names With Meanings

Alyson ― Adaptable, adventurous being who are noble and honest seeking freedom

Avalyn ― Name of a sweet singing bird

Chanel ― Pipeline or a duct

Channtelle ― Melody; a song

Ellenore ― A foreign individual; versatile and creative

Emmelyn ― the entire universe in symbolized by this name.

Evalyn ― a feminized name which means life or to live.

Flannery ― Refers to a person with red-colored locks

Flavia ― Literally means “Blond”; Comes from the Latin word ‘flavus’ meaning ‘golden and blonde’

Foyle ― A person who resides beside a pit or hollow

Francene ― A person hailing from France

French ― A free individual belonging to France; wild horse

Joselyn ― Meaning of the female name Joselyn is God will add

Joslyn ― Meaning of the name is One who belongs to the Gauts tribe

Spencer ― Dispenser of provisions

Terrell ― Thunder ruler

Old French Female Names With Meanings