Old English Unisex Baby Names With Meanings

Unusual Baby Names for Girls and Boys  

Gender Neutral Old English Baby Names for both Male and Female with Their Meanings: Finding the perfect name for your new born baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. If you are in search of a perfect unique Unisex Old English Baby Name for your bundle joy, you are in the right place. Here’s a list of Old English Baby Unisex Names with Meanings.

Old English Unisex Baby Names for both Boy and Girl

Cheslee ― A meadow of camp

Cheslie ― Camping on a meadow

Claibourne ― One who hails from the earth; born from the earth

Cydney ― Riverside meadow

Daile ― Valley of love

Day ― A female servant; hope

Dayle ― Valley; an assembly

Hadlee ― Field of heather (A purple-flowered Eurasian heath)

Hailee ― silage clearing, Hay woods

Handleigh ― From the High Meadow

Handley ― Clearing in the woods

Lovecraft ― One who is skilled, strength

Pinnel ― An English surname meaning little pine-tree

Old English Unisex Baby Names With Meanings
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