Old English Names For Boys And Meanings

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Old English Male Names: Old English naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Old English name or Old English Christian baby Boy names, Traditional Old English Boy Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Boy? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Old English Boy Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Aballach ― Father of Modron

Accalon ― Lover of Morgan le Fay

Accerly ― A hopeful and truth loving person; Oak meadow

Aglaral ― Brother of Percival

Aglaval ― Brother of Percival

Ahlfrith ― Oswiu’s son

Aiwyn ― Wise friend

Alner ― variants of the name “Athelnoth”, which is composed of the Old English elements “athel”, noble and “noth”

Anguysh ― Father of Isolde

Antfortas ― Keeper of the grail

Arthgallo ― High honor

Asbury ― Fortress

Ashbey ― Ash tree farm

Ashe ― Ash tree

Attor ― Poison or Venom

Auctor ― Foster father of Arthur

Awarnach ― A giant

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Baldthryth ― It means to be gallant and valiant. It signifies a true warrior.

Baldulf ― A knight

Baley ― It means a bailiff or a law enforcer. It is a variation of bailey.

Beaumains ― One with white hands

Benoyce ― Name of a kingdom

Bernlak ― The Green Knight

Bersules ― A knight

Bicoir ― Father of Arthur

Bliant ― Healer

Boarte ― Name of Arthur’s son.

Brammell ― A broomwell; a well in the middle of a broom

Bredbeddle ― The Green Knight

Breri ― A messenger

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With C

Cacamwri ― Servant

Cafall ― Name of Arthur’s dog

Calibom ― Name of Arthur’s sword

Calibumus ― Name of Arthur’s sword

Catterick ― Name of a battle in Arthurian legend.

Chadd ― Name of a saint who protects others

Chaddie ― The one who is warlike; a warrior

Chadrick ― A dairy farm; they are born out of battle

Chadwick ― Chad’s dairy farm; battle

Cheslee ― A meadow of camp

Chesley ― Clearing Woodland

Cheslie ― Camping on a meadow

Chetwin ― A little house

Chetwyn ― A cottage on twisted path

Claibourne ― One who hails from the earth; born from the earth

Clamedeus ― Name of a king in Arthurian legend.

Clayborne ― A river flowing near a clay bed

Cola ― Charcoal, a black material which is a form of carbon, and is made when an organic substance is heated in the absence of air

Colden ― A town where coal is found and obtained

Corbenic ― Name of the place where the grail was kept.

Crosley ― Meadow across the cross

Cydney ― Riverside meadow

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With D

Daile ― Valley of love

Darwyn ― A gifted companion

Daton ― A dairy town

Daxter ― A person who dyes

Day ― A female servant; hope

Dayle ― Valley; an assembly

Dene ― One who belongs in a valley

Deona ― A church leader of a valley

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With E

Eaduin ― An idealistic, prosperous and inspirational person.

Eadwine ― It means ‘Happy Friend’.

Eadwold ― An independent and a very tolerant person.

Eadwulf ― A person who is idealistic and has inspirational qualities; Its derived meaning from Old English where ead mean ‘Fortune ‘and wulf means ‘Wolf’

Eardwulf ― An idealistic and inspirational person .

Early ― It means ‘Noble Leader’.

Edd ― A royal; prosperous; guardian of wealth

Eetu ― Finnish form of Edward; Guardian of riches

Egerton ― Prosperous warrior; name of a place

Eilmer ― Noble and faithful being who is very famous

Elson ― this means someone who is from old town or Elli’s town or Elli’s son.

Elvyn ― this name means magical being or elf friend.

Emmerich ― it means powerful and rich.

Eored ― cavalry or band or troop.

Eorkonweald ― a group of horse mounted riders of Rohirrim.

Eorl ― a nobleman or chief of a tribe.

Ethelred ― noble counsel.

Ethelrede ― an archaic English word meaning noble counsel.

Ethelric ― noble ruler.

Ethelsige ― an Anglo-Saxon king.

Ethelwin ― an Anglo-Saxon name meaning a noble friend.

Ethelwulf ― a noble wolf.

Ethelwyn ― a word which means a noble friend in Anglo-Saxon.

Ethelwynne ― a masculinized Old English word meaning a noble friend.

Euell ― spring or source of a river.

Evelake ― in Arthurian legend the name of a king.

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Filmore ― A well reknowed person

Finch ― One who catches and breeds finches (a bird species)

Fintan ― “white-fire” or “white-bull”; deemed to be the only suvivor of Great Flood

Flinn ― “Son of a Flann”, i.e. male child of a red-haired man

Floella ― A combination of ‘Flo’ and ‘Ella’, it is a feminine word for flower

Floramaria ― Literally means flower of Mary, the mother of Jesus

Ford ― A causeway along a river or stream

Forde ― A river or stream crossing; variation of the name ‘Ford’

Forden ― An alternant of the word ‘Ford’, it represents a shallow place across a river or stream

Fordon ― A variated version of the name ‘Ford’, it represents a shallow passage across a river

Fordwin ― A rare name which refers to a river or stream crossing

Foxworth ― Variant of the word ‘Foxworthy’, it refers to an enclosure

Frealaf ― Split into ‘Frea’+’Laf’ meaning the ‘Surviving Master’

Freelove ― Derived from the Old English name ‘Friðulaf’, it translates to ‘peace-survivor’

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Hadlee ― Field of heather (A purple-flowered Eurasian heath)

Hadwinn ― Friend in war, an alternative to the spelling of Hadwin

Haglea ― Enclosed field, Enclosed meadow

Hailee ― silage clearing, Hay woods

Hallewell ― Holly Well

Hammond ― high protection, Home protection

Handleigh ― From the High Meadow

Handley ― Clearing in the woods

Hanleigh ― an alternate spelling of high meadow

Hanley ― Place name From the high meadow

Hargreaves ― Grove of the hares

Harlan ― hare land

Harlea ― related to hare clearing

Harlynn ― grey land

Harman ― Grey man

Hawleigh ― enclosed meadow

Hawley ― hedged meadow

Headly ― Clearing of heather

Heahstan ― Quiet, systematic, inventive mind

Heall ― Nook retreat

Heaton ― enclosure, settlement

Hebreward ― Army Protector

Hedley ― heather clearance

Hendrie ― A surname of the Scottish Clan Henderson, Son of Henry

Hendron ― Son of the HENRY

Henlea ― From the wood filled with wild birds

Henryson ― son of Henry

Herould ― Derived from the name Hebreweald, army, power, leader, ruler

Herward ― Army Guard

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Leland ― The one who lives near a fallow land or a meadow

Liulf ― A responsible and unique individual

Lleyton ― A settlemen in the meadow

Lovecraft ― One who is skilled, strength

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Mander ― English Gypsy – From Me; A nickname of beggar

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Ostrythe ― Name given to a divine Wolf; idealistic person

Oswyn ― A divine war; has lot of strength

Otess ― Another name for a settlement or a village; from Preston

Ozbej ― Slovene form of Ozwald, meaning ‘power or ruler’.

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Pinnel ― An English surname meaning little pine-tree

Old English Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Scot ― A form of Scott

Sherm ― A shear man

Shith ― To smite or to hit; a name for a metal worker or blacksmith

Stoney ― A form or similar to a Star

Old English Names For Boys And Meanings