Norwegian Names For Boy And Meanings

British Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

Looking for Norwegian names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get the modern, unique and latest Norwegian Boy name with their meanings from our list of Norwegian Names for Boys and Their Meanings.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With A

Aesir ― Of the Gods.

Aevar ― Name of Ketil’s son.

Alfarin ― Name of Hlif’s son.

Alfgeir ― Elfin’s spear

Alfrigg ― Name of a mythical dwarf.

Alfrothul ― Of the sun.

Amund ― A bridal gift.

Andvaranaut ― Brunhild’s ring

Andvari ― Name of a mythical treasure guardian.

Annar ― Father of the world.

Ansfrid ― Protected by God

Arild ― War Chief, Battle Commander

Arkyn ― Eternal king’s son.

Armod ― Name of Geirleif’s blood brother.

Arneot ― One who frightens eagles.

Arngeir ― The eagle’s spear.

Arnlaug ― Norwegian word for eagle.

Aros ― From the river’s mouth.

Arvakl ― Name of a mythical horse.

Arwed ― Eagle of the woods; a clear minded and has a good judgement

Asbiom ― A divine bear.

Asgard ― Name of city of the gods in Norse mythology.

Asgaut ― Name of a mythical divine goth.

Asgrim ― Name of a thief; leadership ability

Askel ― A term used for divine cauldron.

Aslak ― A divine sport.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With B

Bakli ― Name of Blaeng’s son.

Balmung ― Siegfried’s sword.

Baug ― Son of Raud.

Beini ― Name of a smith.

Beorhtel ― He who shines with a bright light

Berdon ― A Norwegian variant of Berton, Bergtor

Bergthor ― Thor’s spirit

Berrant ― One who is like a strong bear

Bersi ― Son of bakli.

Bionbyr ― Warrior’s estate

Biorn ― Norwegian word for bear.

Biyn ― One who is strong.

Bjame ― Norwegian word for bear.

Bjolf ― Name of lodmund’s blood brother.

Bjorn ― Bear

Bodmod ― Name of Oleif’s son.

Borg ― From the castle.

Bork ― One who is killed by a gunner

Borre ― He who is a great help

Bothi ― Herald or begin.

Bragi ― One who is considered as the God of Poetry

Brander ― A fiery or sharp sword

Brokk ― Name of a mythical dwarf.

Brondolf ― Name of Naddodd’s son.

Bruni ― Son of Earl Harek.

Bugga ― A man of power

Bugge ― A powerful man

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With C

Cnute ― Norwegian word for knot.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With D

Danb ― The one from Denmark

Danhy ― The one from Denmark.

Dellingr ― Shining or brilliant.

Dikibyr ― One from the Dike settlement.

Duartr ― A rich guard.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With E

Eggther ― Guardian for the giants.

Eiel ― one who is born to inspire fright

Eigil ― The one who inspires fright in the hearts.

Eistein ― A boy who is lucky and fortunate.

Eitri ― Name of a mythical dwarf.

Eivind ― Happy warrior; one who brings peace

Eldgrim ― The one who was killed by Hrut Hejolfsson.

Elias ― One who believes Yahweh is the Lord

Emil ― this means a person who is lively and eager.

Enar ― A fighter.

Erec ― always mighty.

Erich ― ruler of the people.

Erick ― a word which means someone who rules the people.

Erickson ― son of Erik; son of ruler.

Erico ― someone who rules the people of a land.

Ericson ― son of a ruler named Erik.

Erik ― a ruler of the world.

Erikson ― son or Erik; ruler of the people.

Erix ― island ruler or eternal ruler.

Erkenbaud ― an ancient king of Northumberland.

Erling ― heir of clanchief.

Erp ― Name of Meldun’s son.

Eryk ― someone who is a ruler for eternity.

Esbern ― A divine bear.

Esbjorn ― Bear of the gods.

Eske ― Spear of the gods.

Eskil ― god or divinity.

Esten ― eastern town or island.

Everton ― a Norwegian word meaning wild boar.

Evinrude ― A swift boat.

Eyfrod ― The one who was farmed at tongue.

Eyjolf ― The one who was killed by Kari.

Eyvind ― The winner of the Islands

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With F

Fafner ― Name of a dragon in Norse mythology.

Faste ― One who is firm and resolute.

Fenris ― Name of a mythical monster.

Finnbogi ― Norwegian term meaning merchant.

Finnigan ― Descendants of the fair ones

Fjall ― From the rough hill.

Floki ― A heroic Viking.

Flosi ― Norwegian term meaning chieftain.

Forseti ― Name of Balder’s son.

Freki ― Name of Odin’s wolf.

Freyr ― Norse God of weather.

Freystein ― Something or someone’s that’s rock hard.

Fridleif ― Name of Ari’s father.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With G

Galm ― Name of Thorvald’s father.

Ganger ― A founder of Normandy.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With H

Haakon ― High son, decendant

Halldor ― Thor’s rock

Halvard ― Rock Defender; Guardian of the Rock

Halvor ― protector of the Rock; Rock warden

Haralds ― The war commander’s son

Heorrenda ― An army shield

Hoder ― Name of Odin’s blind son.

Hoenir ― Name of Odin’s brother.

Holger ― Scandinavian name derived from Old Norse name, the prefix holmr meaning “island”, and the suffix geirr meaning “spear”.

Holmstein ― The one who supported Flosi.

Hord ― Name of Ashjom’s father.

Hoskuld ― Name of Thorstein’s son.

Hrapp ― Name of Hrodgeir’s father.

Hreidmar ― A dwarf king.

Hroald ― Brother of Eyvind Weapon.

Hrolf ― Wolf

Hrolleif ― Old wolf

Hromund ― Son of Thori.

Hrosskel ― Son of Thorstein.

Hrut ― Name of Hejolf’s son.

Hugin ― One who is thoughtful

Hunbogi ― Son of Alf

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With I

Illugi ― Name of Aslak’s son.

Im ― Name of a mythical giant.

Ingemur ― A famous son.

Ingharr ― Son’s army.

Inghram ― Ing’s raven.

Ingolf ― Ing’s wolf.

Isleif ― Name of Isrod’s brother.

Isolf ― Son of Hrani.

Isrod ― Name of Isleif’s brother.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With J

Jacob ― Hebrew – Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; Derived from the Yaakov or Yakubel in Hebrew

Jensynn ― Junior Johannes or son of Johannes (God is gracious)

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With K

Kjell ― Kjell means Cettle

Kjetil ― Kjetil means Cauldron

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With L

Leif ― A descendant, a person who is going to inherit

Lucas ― One who gives light

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With N

Nils ― Accomplishment or feat of the people.

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With O

Olef ― God’s dedications, God’s kindnesses.

Oliver ― The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.

Oskar ― One with the fastness of a divine spear

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With P

Phillip ― A friend and lover of horses

Pussa ― A tipsy person

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With R

Reginus ― A male version of Regina. Means the King

Reidar ― A warrior who fights for his home

Rubert ― One who has the glorious light

Runar ― A magic, secret man

Rurik ― A notable, legendary ruler

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With S

Sigge ― He who is always victorious

Sindre ― One who is small and trivial. Also means a sparkling one

Skippere ― One who is a skipper, a marine

Skule ― One who likes to remain hidden

Sondre ― One who comes from the South

Soren ― Stern

Steinar ― One who is a stone warrior

Sutherland ― The Southern land.

Svante ― Celebrating people

Sverre ― To spin and swing wildly

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With T

Tellef ― Descendant of thunder

Teobald ― A bold man

Thorsen ― Son of Thor

Thorstein ― Thor’s stone

Tiril ― The alluring sounds

Tollak ― The play or game of weapons by Thor

Torben ― The bear of the thunder God

Torbjorg ― The help or protection by the thunder God

Torbjorn ― The bear of Thor

Tordis ― The God who controls the thunder

Torhild ― The battle of thunder god

Torild ― The battle or war or Thor

Torill ― Thunder God’s battle

Torjus ― The arrow or shaft or Thor

Trond ― To thrive and grow, always increasing

Trygg ― refers to protection or shelter or shield.

Trygve ― A person who overcomes as a winner by his braveness.

Turpin ― God of thunder, rain and farming.

Norwegian Boy Names That Starts With W

William ― Will or Desire to Protect

Norwegian Names For Boy And Meanings