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Nordic Male Names Starting With A

Assar ― Younger form of Answar

Audun ― A person who is a friend of wealth

Nordic Male Names Starting With D

Dalmar ― The one who is very versatile

Nordic Boy Names Starting With G

Gisli ― Gisli means Ray of Sunshine

Gudmundur ― It is a modernized version of the old Nordic name Guðmundr. It means Gods protection or Protected by God, from the two words “gudr” which means god and “mund” which means protection.

Gunnar ― Fighter, Soldier and Attacker

Gunne ― Gunne is a male name of Nordic origins. Comes from the old Nordic word “gunnr” which translates to War.

Gunner ― Bold Warrior or Battle Strong

Gunnor ― War Warrior. It is composed of two Old Nordic words: “gunnr” which means war and “arr” meaning warrior.

Nordic Boy Names Starting With H

Hati ― the name of a mythical wolf in Grímnismál, Golden (Hindi)

Nordic Boy Names Starting With J

Jalmar ― Warrior with a helmet

Jankin ― God is gracious

Jann ― A genie

Jannik ― Love of God

Jannis ― Nordic name meaning God’s grace

Jar ― Iron field

Jari ― A fight or a quarrel

Jarl ― A highborn, nobleman

Jarle ― A noble warrior

Jarmo ― Uplifted by God

Jarno ― Assigned by God

Joar ― Old Nordic male name. Means The one with the Horse.

Jorik ― Jorik means Wild Boar

Jorn ― Name Jorn means Vigilant Watchman

Jorun ― The name Jorun means Love

Jorunn ― Jorunn means The One Who Loves Horses

Jorvik ― Jorvik is a Viking name, means From the Bear Estate

Juha ― Juha name means Be Merciful

Juhana ― Juhana name means Gracious

Juho ― Juho means Be Merciful

Junna ― Junna is Boy name and means To Give Refuge

Juuso ― Jusso means God will add

Jyri ― Jyri means earth worker

Nordic Boy Names Starting With K

Kaapro ― Kaapro means Strong man of God

Kaare ― Kare name means Man of Heart

Kanut ― Kanut means Knot

Karlson ― Karlson means Son of a Free Man

Karlsten ― Karlsten means A Son of Karl

Karr ― Karr means Swamp, From the Marsh

Karri ― Karri means Pure

Karsten ― Karsten means A Man of Christian Faith

Kelbi ― Kelbi means Farm by the Spring

Kelcee ― The name means Brave

Kell ― Kell means From the Spring

Kelren ― Kelren means Clothes, Wearing

Kelsey ― Kelsey means He who is Brave

Kemonte ― Kemonte means Island of the Ships

Kerra ― Kerr means Spear

Ketill ― Ketill means kettle that is used to catch the blood of sacrificed animals

Kirbie ― Kirbie means From the Village

Kirjah ― Kirjah means Church, Monastery

Kite ― Kite means The One who Cuts Down

Kjartan ― Kjartan means the Humming sound

Kjell ― Kjell means Cettle

Knut ― Knut means to tie a knot

Knute ― Knute means The knot is tied

Kol ― Kol means Dark

Kolja ― Kolja means Victor of the People

Kon ― Kon means Bold, Experienced

Konsta ― Konsta means Steadfast

Kort ― Kort means A Short person

Krister ― Krister means Follower of Jesus

Kwinten ― The name means Fifth

Nordic Boy Names Starting With L

Lambi ― Old Nordic name that means little doe, a lamb

Lambin ― Nordic name that means a Son of Thorbjorn the Feeble

Lamont ― Man of law, lawyer

Langlif ― The one who lives a long life

Lau ― Nordic name from a place name, Laurentum

Laur ― Nordic name the word bay

Laurist ― Nordic name meaning he who is from the bay

Laurits ― He who is from Laurentium

Leaf ― Norse word for Heir

Leevi ― One who is attached

Leonardus ― Nordic name meaning brave like a lion

Liffild ― The one who lives, a person who exists

Lifris ― A mighty way of existing and living

Lind ― Norse name for Lime tree, linden tree

Lippo ― The one who loves horses

Loke ― From name Loki, Norse trickster God

Loki ― Nordic God Loki, the trickster

Lott ― Man who is free

Lotte ― Man who has his freedom

Lov ― The one who vows

Lovis ― A famous warrior

Ludde ― He who is famous in war

Ludolf ― The one who has great love for wolves

Ludvik ― Nordic variation of the name Ludvig meaning mighty famous warrior

Lui ― A fighter of fame

Lydian ― He who is from Lydia town in Asia Minor

Lyell ― A wolf from the island

Nordic Boy Names Starting With M

Mads ― A gift of God

Matthijs ― Nordic name for a gift from the Lord

Mikola ― The victory or a win of the people.

Mikolaj ― The victory of the mankind.

Nordic Boy Names Starting With O

Odell ― The one who is distressed or upset

Odie ― The superman among human being.

Oglesby ― Not widely known, especially valued for its uncommonness, not widely distributed

Oska ― One who is an out-door lover and likes nature

Otso ― A powerful and brave Bear

Ottar ― A born fighter and is very powerful

Nordic Boy Names Starting With P

Pave ― A person who stands permanent

Nordic Boy Names Starting With Q

Quimby ― From the woman’s estate

Nordic Boy Names Starting With R

Radulfus ― A shield wolf

Radulph ― A wolf consul

Raedwulf ― A red wolf

Ragenhild ― A warrior in a strong army

Raggi ― Norse name meaning shagginess

Ragnar ― A strong army

Randin ― A beautiful advice giver

Randulf ― Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf’s shield

Rann ― Old Norse name meaning house

Rasmus ― He who is beloved

Ryden ― A horse rider

Nordic Boy Names Starting With S

Sain ― Nordic surname

Salo ― He who brings luck and fortune

Salomo ― He who brings peace

Samme ― He who is a God’s wish

Sascha ― Defender of man

Sebald ― A brave victory

Sebbe ― A victorious one

Sebbi ― A sea bear

Selmer ― One who finds happiness in fame

Serlo ― Man carrying armor

Nordic Boy Names Starting With T

Tappen ― The top of the hanging rock

Tarald ― Power of the thunder

Tellef ― Descendant of thunder

Tem ― A famous man

Teobald ― A bold man

Terje ― Thor’s spear

Teyte ― A cheerful person

Thor ― God of thunder

Thorald ― Follower of Thor

Thoralf ― A thunder

Thorbert ― He who is as glorious as Thor

Thorbjorn ― Thunder bear

Thord ― Son of a Viking

Thorfinn ― Strength of a thunder

Thorgils ― Descendant of thunder

Thorin ― Brave as a thunder

Thorleif ― Descendant of Thor

Thormod ― Son of Odd

Thorold ― He who is under Thor’s rule

Thorsen ― Son of Thor

Thorstein ― Thor’s stone

Thorsten ― Stone of Thor

Thorvald ― Thors ruler

Thorvaldr ― A powerful thunder

Thryth ― He who is powerful

Thure ― Holy thunder

Thurman ― Men of thunder

Thurstan ― Surname, means thunder

Thurston ― Stone of Thor

Thurstun ― He who loves thunder

Tro ― One who has a strong sense of responsibilities; dependable

Nordic Baby Boy Names With Meanings
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