Nigerian Names For Boys And Meanings

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Native Nigerian Names For Boys: If you’ve been considering giving your little Boy a Nigerian name and you are looking for unique Nigerian names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get the Vintage Nigerian baby Boy names, old fashioned Nigerian Boy name and short Nigerian Boy names with their meanings.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With A

Abaeze ― Branch of the kings

Abayomrunkoje ― God won’t allow humiliation.

Abegunde ― One born during the holiday.

Abeo ― The bringer of happiness .

Abidugun ― One born before the war.

Abiodun ― One born at the time of festival.

Achojah ― Rise up to challenge

Adebamgbe ― A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me.

Adebiyi ― The royal one.

Adebowale ― Return of the crown; refers to a child born after many years of waiting

Adedayo ― The crown has turned to joy.

Afamefuna ― My name will not be lost.

Agbarha ― Born in Agbarha

Ahwinahwi ― A really black or dark individual

Akachukwu ― The hand of God.

Akin ― Yoruban – Brave, Heroic ; Hebrew – Man

Akpenvwoghene ― Praise God

Akpobome ― My own life

Akpofure ― Life is now peaceful

Akporovwovwo ― Good life in later years

Akunna ― Father’s wealth.

Amaechi ― Who knows tomorrow?

Amandi ― Trust no one, one who doesn’t trust anyone easily.

Amobi ― Who knows the heart of man?

Anaborhi ― The one who is born with good destiny

Anozie ― We are now settled or well positioned.

Arinzechukwu ― Thanks be to God.

Aruegodore ― We have come home

Ataikiru ― Talk or plan before taking action

Avwunudiogba ― Those who profess strength with mere talk

Azi ― Youth

Azubuike ― Strength gained from experiences of the past.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With B

Bako ― A Nigerian term meaning guest.

Banjoko ― Don’t ever leave me.

Benjamin ― Son Of The Right Hand

Bunkechukwu ― The one who belongs to God.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With C

Chetachi ― One who always remembers God.

Chetachukwu ― One who always remembers God.

Chibuike ― God is strength.

Chibundu ― God is life

Chibunna ― God is my father

Chibuzor ― God first or God leads

Chidiadi ― There is God

Chidiebere ― God is merciful

Chidiebube ― God is glorious and great.

Chidozie ― May God fix it and make it good for me.

Chiekezie ― God has made it good for me.

Chiemeka ― God has done well.

Chiemelie ― God has won.

Chiemezie ― God has made it good for me.

Chikanma ― God is better than any other thing.

Chikezie ― May God appease.

Chimankpa ― God know my wants.

Chimaobi ― God knows the heart.

Chimezie ― Let God do it.

Chinaka ― God decides or God schedules.

Chinecherem ― God thinks and worries on my behalf.

Chuk ― The Supreme divine; the one beyond everything

Chukwudumaga ― God leads me.

Chukwuemerie ― God has won.

Chukwuma ― God knows, God knows better than anyone.

Chuwudubem ― Lead me, oh God.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With D

Dayo ― Arrival of joy

Debare ― One born during good times.

Diarachukwundu ― Live for God

Durojaiye ― One who waits for the joy of life.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With E

Ebhaleleme ― A term meaning “you won’t follow my lead”

Ebhaleleme ― A term meaning ‘you won’t follow my lead’.

Ebubechukwu ― The glory and greatness of God.

Echezonanna ― Don’t forget your God and your father.

Edaferierhi ― The rich have good destiny

Edafetanure ― The wealthy have spoken

Edemirukaye ― The day I did them a favor

Edewor ― Sacred day of worship in traditional religion

Edosio ― Rainy day

Efemena ― Here is my wealth

Efemuaye ― Those intoxicated with riches

Efetobo ― Wealth is achieved

Efetobore ― Wealth has now been achieved

Egbo ― Forest

Egharevba ― One who is not bothered of enemies.

Eghwrudjakpor ― I have come to stay

Eguono ― Love

Ejaife ― Let them be rich

Ejaita ― Let them say

Ejikeme ― It’s not by power.

Ejiroghene ― Praise God

Ejokparoghene ― Let’s trust in God

Ejomafuvwe ― Let peace reign in my life

Ejoyovwi ― Let it be good

Ekenedilichukwu ― Thanks be to God

Ekong ― War or battle.

Elochukwu ― God’s will

Emarejedje ― The elderly also run for life

Emenike ― It’s not by might or power.

Emerho ― A special type of catfish

Emetitiri ― Mine is famous

Emmanuel ― a word used for the Messiah in the old testament which also means god is with us.

Emudiaga ― Let’s stand firmly

Emuobosa ― Your own thing is precious

Emuvoke ― Everything has time

Enakpodia ― The way life should to be

Enitekiru ― Think before you act

Enivwenaye ― Compare my success with those of my enemies

Enofe ― One who is rich.

Enyinnaya ― His father’s friend.

Erhiaganoma ― Guardian spirit overpowers the body

Erhimeyoma ― My guardian spirit (God) is good

Erhinyoja ― God hears our prayers

Erhinyuse ― God answers our prayers

Erhiroghene ― The spirit of God

Erhue ― A special breed of cow used for traditional ceremonies

Erhuvwun ― Beauty

Erukainure ― We have helped them

Eseoghene ― God’s gift

Eserovwe ― God’s grace

Esomchi ― Walking with the lord or one who follows God

Etaidaferua ― Words of the wealthy are more acceptable

Etanomare ― Freed from blame or despair

Etaredafe ― Words of the wealthy

Ewelike ― It’s not by power

Ezesinachi ― The chief is from God.

Ezeudo ― King of peace.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With G

Gabriel ― God is my strength

Ganiru ― Good luck

Golibe ― Rejoice, a joyous fellow.

Gosifechukwu ― Show the light of God to all.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With H

Hanyechukwu ― Leave it for God.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With I

Idogbe ― The second child born after twins.

Ifeanyichukwu ― God is most powerful or no one is greater than God.

Ifechi ― The light of God.

Ifechukwude ― What God has written.

Ifekristi ― The light of Christ.

Ifemyolunna ― What I asked of the lord.

Igberaharha ― The poor take the blame

Ighomuedafe ― Money intoxicates the wealthy

Ighovavwerhe ― There is joy in riches

Igitioluwotilaiye ― The tree of God is rooted and strong.

Igwebuike ― Strength in numbers.

Iheanacho ― Precious or what everyone seeks.

Ikechukwu ― The power of God.

Ikemba ― Strength of the nation.

Ikponmwosa ― Thank God, one who is thankful to God for everything.

Ilozumba ― Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.

Ilozumba ― Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.

Inegbedion ― Nigerian term meaning family supports me.

Inegbedion ― Nigerian term meaning family supports me.

Irikefe ― First to become wealthy

Isaac ― He will laugh, he will rejoice

Isamotu Olalekan ― Without God I’m destitute.

Isinachi ― One who is sent from God.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With J

Jachike ― Give praise to God or Hail God.

Jaiyesimi ― One who believes in enjoying the life.

Jayamma ― Praise to the lord.

Jideofor ― Nigerian term meaning, you are justified.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With K

Kachisicho ― God’s desire

Kachiside ― As God has written it or the will of God.

Kaetochukwu ― May God be praised.

Kainyechukwuekene ― Let’s praise the Lord.

Kambili ― Let me live or I shall live.

Kamdilichukwu ― Let me live for God.

Kamfeechi ― Let me worship God.

Kanayochukwu ― Let’s keep begging from the lord.

Kaodinakachi ― Leave your destiny to God.

Kelechi ― Glorify God.

Kentoroabasi ― I am glorifying God.

Kingsley ― Kingsley name means King’s Wood

Kristibueze ― Christ is the king.

Kufreabasi ― Do not forget God, one who always remembers God.

Kwento ― One who protects the family name from destruction

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With L

Lotachukwu ― Remember God

Lotanna ― Remember the father or the God

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With M

Machie ― Replacement of a lost gem.

Maduenu ― A term meaning The impermanence of life.

Maduenu ― A term meaning The impermanence of life.

Maduka ― People are worth more than riches.

Mfoniso ― Nigerian term, meaning good luck.

Michael ― One of the seven archangels of the God

Miriodere ― I now have a name

Mitaire ― I have achieved their match

Mobo ― Freedom

Modupeore ― Thank you God for this gift.

Mongo ― A famous man.

Monjolaoluwa ― Enjoying the wealth of God.

Morenikeji ― This child resembles me.

Munachimso ― One who always agrees with God.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With N

Nagodeallah ― I thank God.

Nasha ― In Nigerian it means born during the rainy season. In Persian it means Judge

Nchedochukwu ― God’s protection.

Ndulue ― Nigerian term meaning hope this one makes it.

Ndulue ― Nigerian term meaning hope this one makes it.

Niyilolawa ― The wealth is here.

Norioghene ― Look at God’s judgment

Nwabueze ― Child is the king

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With O

Oba ― The king

Obasi ― A Sikh that means a person who is very attractive or very charming.

Obiajulu ― My heart is at peace.

Obiefune ― Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope.

Obiefune ― Nigerian word meaning do not lose hope.

Obinna ― Combination of Sanskrit words “Moh” and “Under” that means the charm of a King.

Oboganriemu ― Be strong to survive

Ochuko ― Hindu name of deity Lord Krishna.

Odafe ― Rich individual

Odavwaro ― I am contented

Ogbamremu ― The brave meets a lot of challenges

Ogechukwukana ― The time spent worshiping God is the best.

Oghenebrume ― God decided in my favor

Oghenechovwe ― God aided me

Oghenefejiro ― God is praiseworthy

Oghenegaren ― God is great

Oghenekevwe ― God gave me

Ogheneme ― My God

Oghenemine ― I look up to God

Oghenerukevwe ― God did this for me

Ogheneruno ― God has done so much

Oghenetega ― God is worship worthy

Oghenochuko ― God provides my support

Oghomena ― Here is my respect

Oghonoro ― Respect is greater than money

Ogoro ― Frog

Ohwahwa ― Cold season

Ohwofasa ― A person’s status should be defined by his achievement

Ohwonigho ― A person is greater than riches

Ojakorotu ― This is a group challenge

Ojanomare ― I have met the challenge

Okagbare ― I have all styles and skills

Okoro ― Man

Okpara ― One who is born in Okpara

Okpogoro ― A big toad

Oladele ― Persons of success, pupil of triumph.

Olayemi ― One who is worthy of wealth.

Olorunyomi ― God has saved me

Olumoroti ― I stand with God

Olusola ― God has blessed me

Oluwadunmininu ― God has gladden my heart.

Oluwagbenga ― God has lifted me up.

Oluwatoke ― God is worthy to be adored.

Omonigho ― Child is greater than money

Omonoro ― Child is greater than gold

Onajite ― This is sufficient

Onanojah ― This is a challenge

Onochie ― The one who can replace the status of father.

Onogaganmue ― One who is intoxicated with power

Onoharhese ― Who blames good deeds?

Onoharhigho ― Who blames riches?

Orodena ― The great one

Ovie ― King

Oyibonanarhoro ― A white skinned individual

Oyiborhoro ― He who is fair or white skinned

Oyiborode ― A big and fair person

Oyovwikerhi ― May my guardian spirit be blessed

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With P

Peter ― One who is a rock and a stone

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With S

Sam ― The child of the Sun, a bright one

Samuel ― It was told by the God

Sapele ― A boy who is born in Sapele

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With T

Tayo ― Boy full of happiness

Tejumola ― One who looks forward to better days.

Temidire ― Mine has turned to blessings.

Nigerian Boy Names Starting With U

Udumebraye ― My presence gives them heartache

Uhwokori ― The one who is born in Uhwokori

Uloho ― Iroko tree

Umukoro ― Young man

Urhie ― River

Uvo ― Dry or sunny season

Uzoma ― One born during a journey

Nigerian Names For Boys And Meanings