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List of Nepali Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Alina ― Beautiful, Bright

Alisha ― Protected by God.

Baijanthi ― Name of a flower

Balapuspika ― The young blossom or the young flower.

Bhavaroopa ― One who is unique.

Bhavisana ― Divine

Bilhana ― A woman of the dawn, of the morning

Binsa ― A woman who is fearless.

Biswabandita ― A name of Goddess Durga

Chaarumathi ― One who is beautiful and intelligent.

Chaha ― Love, wish or desire

Chantin ― Moon

Chatushkarni ― One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.

Chenbagam ― Name of a flower.

Chimini ― Light

Chirashree ― A woman with everlasting beauty.

Chirasmi ― A long life

Daxa ― One who is clever.

Devna ― Godly or divine.

Dexa ― To teach

Dhanvi ― A woman who is rich and wealthy. One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.

Dhriti ― One who has courage and patience.

Ditya ― A name of Goddess Durga. It means answer of prayers.

Druhi ― Nepalese word, meaning daughter.

Eenakshi ― A doe eyed woman.

Eeshvi ― God

Ehani ― Song

Etisha ― Beginning after the end.

Faalgunee ― The day of full moon.

Fatehjit ― One who is victorious in whatever he does.

Feba ― The source of light.

Feshikha ― Princess

Fuli ― To bloom like a flower

Gamya ― A beautiful destiny.

Gavya ― Garden of God

Geetu ― Someone who’s very special.

Gnapika ― An intelligent woman.

Griva ― A woman with a beautiful singing voice.

Hanit ― A beautiful diamond.

Hanka ― Grace or favor

Haral ― Time after the sunset.

Hasri ― One who is always happy and joyful.

Heena ― Myrtle

Hitu ― Well wisher

Idha ― Insight

Ihina ― Enthusiasm

Ikroop ― One beauteous form.

Iniya ― Sweet

Ishya ― The season spring.

Ita ― Oil lamp

Izna ― Light

Kaneila ― Beautiful like a rose.

Kasmitha ― Angel

Khyana ― Light or deity

Kopisha ― An intelligent and wise woman.

Kwina ― Queen

Liniksha ― A lovable woman.

Liswini ― A beautiful woman.

Logaratchagi ― A woman with bright eyes.

Lopika ― Sweetness

Lubania ― Flowers


Poudel nishita ― Sharp, Alert

Salmee ― A woman with calm disposition.

Sanjiya ― Love, beauty and brilliance.

Sanjona ― The creator.

Shanoli ― One who is kind hearted.

Shirisha ― Shining sun

Shubhu ― Conducive to success, auspicious, good, goddess Lakshmi

Soneeya ― Golden, beloved

Sreva ― A good natured woman.

Tika ― In Navaho Indian it means Sun maiden. In Sioux it means Flower


Nepali Girl Names With Meanings