Native American Girl Names And Meanings

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Best Native American Names For Girls And Their Meanings: If you’ve been considering giving your little Girl a Native American name and you are looking for unique Native American names for your baby Girl? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Native American baby Girl names, old fashioned Native American Girl name and short Native American Girl names with their meanings.

Native American Girl Names Starting With A

Adsila ― Native American-Iroquoian – Blossom

Aiyana ― Eternal bloom, ever blooming flower

Atahladte ― Native American for feather on the head

Atotoztli ― Something which is not very clear

Aviaja ― A cousin; expressive and positive

Awena ― Time of early day or sunrise

Awendea ― One who is a beautiful morning

Awendela ― Fawn; they are interesting

Awinita ― One who loves social life; fawn

Ayita ― First To Dance

Aylen ― A clear individual; happiness

Native American Girl Names Starting With B

Behitha ― Eagle Child; the beginning of an event

Bena ― Pheasant

Brocky ― The feahers that come from over the hill

Byue ― A man who is like a slow, small stream of water

Native American Girl Names Starting With C

Calfuray ― One who is like a violet flower

Catori ― She is spirit

Chantesuta ― The one who has a firm heart

Chanteyukan ― A benevolent human being

Chapa ― Beaver; metal tin

Chardon ― Bar of sand

Chenoa ― A white Dove; peace

Chetanzi ― A yellow Hawk

Cheyanne ― Capital city of Wyoming

Cheyenne ― Tribe of the Great Plains

Chiana ― Capital city on the Plains

Chianne ― Those who speak unintelligently

Chichimecacihuatzin ― A noble person

Chickoa ― During daybreak

Chimalus ― A Bluebird

Cholena ― Bird; the egg laying living thing that can fly

Chumana ― Snake maiden

Chumani ― Dew drop; a product of transpiration by plants

Chusi ― Snake flower

Chyanne ― A speaker who is impossible to understand and comprehend

Citana ― One who is a star in the sky

Citlali ― A star; an object of the space and universe

Native American Girl Names Starting With D

Dakoda ― A friend

Dakota ― Ally; fuse together

Doba ― A person who is studious,clever and of practical nature

Dy ― A beautiful Deer

Dyani ― A Deer; smart and fast

Native American Girl Names Starting With E

Elu ― this name means someone who is full of grace.

Enola ― it means solitary.

Esadowa ― it means wolves.

Etenia ― the wealthy.

Native American Girl Names Starting With F

Fala ― A bird name, a crow

Native American Girl Names Starting With H

Halona ― Iroquois Indian meaning Happy Fortune

Halyn ― Unique; Not very common

Hateya ― press with the foot or make tracks (Miwak language)

Helki ― Native American – Touch

Hinto ― Native American – Having deep blue eyes

Hokaratcha ― Pole Cat

Hoowanneka ― Native American – Little elk

Huacaltzintli ― Native American – Unclear

Native American Girl Names Starting With J

Jamaica ― Land of wood and water

Native American Girl Names Starting With K

Kabecka ― Kabecka name means Twin

Kachina ― Kashina means Spirit

Kaiah ― The name Kaiah in Native American means Little but Wise and in Greek means Pure

Kaliska ― Kaliska means Coyote Chasing Deer

Kanapima ― Kanapima means The One They Tallk About

Kanga ― Kanga name means Black Bird, Raven

Kansas ― Kansas means People of the South Wind

Karmiti ― Karmiti means Trees

Kasa ― One who is dressed in furs

Kateri ― Kateri means Pure

Kayah ― Kayah means She is Little, but Wise

Kaydee ― Kaydee means Bright, Plane, Pure

Kaydence ― The name means Rhytm, the Musical One

Keemeone ― The name means Rain

Kentucky ― Kentacky means A Land of Tomorrow, Name of the USA state

Kiasax ― Kiasax means The Bear on the Left

Kilenya ― Kilenya means Coughing Fish

Kima ― Kima means Butterfly

Kimama ― Kimama means Butterfly

Kimeya ― Kimeya means Singing Throat

Kimimela ― Kimimela means Butterfly

Kimimila ― Kimimila means Dark skinned

Kineks ― Kineks means Rosebud

Kiona ― Kiona name means Brown Hills

Kiowa ― Kiowa means The Hills are Brown

Kishil ― the name means Night

Kitkun ― Kitkun Bird of the Night

Koko ― Koko means Night, Black Foot

Koleyna ― Koleyna means Coughing Fish

Kuthun ― Kuthun means The One who Cuts the Binding String

Kwanita ― Kwanita means God is Gracious

Kyah ― Kyah means Little but Wise

Native American Girl Names Starting With L

Leotie ― One who is like a flower of the prairie

Lequoia ― Made from a Seaquoia Tree

Liluye ― Soaring singing hawk

Liseli ― Light, one who shines bright

Luyu ― One who is like a Wild Dove

Native American Girl Names Starting With M

Maconaquea ― A captive white one

Magaska ― One who is like a White Swan

Mahaskah ― A white cloud

Mahela ― A woman, a pregnant mother

Maiara ― A woman of great wisdom

Maovesa ― One who is like a wild horse

Maralah ― One who was born during an earthquake

Matlalatzin ― Unclear

Matoaka ― Little snow feather

Medapati ― A Prohetess

Meilani ― Heavenly flower

Moema ― The highest authority person in the country, the one who is going to rule the country after the King

Native American Girl Names Starting With N

Nayeli ― To express the feeling of Love, I Love You

Nayla ― A winner, one who go ahead to get everything

Native American Girl Names Starting With O

Oyintsa ― A white winter Duck

Native American Girl Names Starting With P

Pahana ― A lost white brother; filled with wisdom and action

Pakuna ― A Deer jumping downhill; intelligent

Pala ― Like a guardian; water; near upland meadow

Papina ― Ivy; a passionate individual

Pebbles ― One who is like small rock

Peta ― Name given to the Golden Eagle

Petunia ― Name od a trumpet shaped flower

Picabo ― One who came out of shining waters

Pillan ― The God of stormy weather

Pipaluk ― The little one; Sweet Little Thing

Pizi ― Bravery, Gall; The middleman

Pocahontas ― A playful woman

Popo ― A very tall grass of rye

Poseanye ― The dripping dew

Povitamun ― Morning Flower

Poviyemo ― A falling flower

Pules ― One who is like a pigeon

Native American Girl Names Starting With Q

Quirtsquip ― Chewing elk

Native American Girl Names Starting With R

Rozene ― A native american name for a rose

Native American Girl Names Starting With S

Sacagawea ― Native American name meaning Bird Woman

Sacnite ― Woman beautiful and pure as the white flower

Sahalie ― The sky, or the high heaven

Sahkyo ― One who resembles the mink

Sahrahsahe ― A black eagle

Sakakawea ― A woman who helped Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Lousiana Purchase

Salali ― Native American name meaning squirrel

Saloso ― A cry of the wild goose

Sassaba ― The wolf

Sayen ― She who is sweet and lovely

Scoop ― One who is standing looking back

Sedna ― Goddess of the sea

Sequoia ― Of the giant red wood tree

Shada ― One who resambles a Pelican

Shania ― A woman who is on her own way

Shaniya ― She who is on her own way

Shenandoah ― Beautiful daughter of the stars

Shenoah ― A white dove

Shikoba ― To be like a feather

Shima ― She who is a mother

Shuman ― Rattlesnake handler

Sinasta ― A person considered to be an expert

Sixsipita ― One like a Black Eagle

Skanawati ― One who lives on teh other side of the swamp

Snana ― One who jingles like the bells

Sokanon ― One who is like a rain

Sotsona ― One who is like a fox

Soyala ― A time of the winter solstice

Native American Girl Names Starting With T

Tama ― She is like a thunder

Tamala ― She who is like a thunderbolt

Tamaya ― One who is the center of everything

Tanda ― The seer of life and death

Tarlo ― Cub of a bear

Tarsha ― A brave woman

Tavvi ― A deer

Tayanita ― A young beaver

Tayen ― A new Moon

Taynee ― She who is born during the returning Moon

Taynie ― Girl born during the returning moon

Tayny ― A child born during the returning moon

Tazanna ― A princess

Tchondee ― Native American name meaning tobacco

Teanawesia ― Native American name for Tennesee

Tehya ― A precious one

Teirra ― She who is natural

Tenaya ― A great leader

Teneca ― One who has self restraint

Teyemthohisa ― Two closed doors

Tibone ― One who sits in the saddle

Tupelo ― A name given to the swamp tree

Native American Girl Names Starting With W

Winnie ― Fair one, white and smooth, soft, happiness, or fair and pure

Native American Girl Names Starting With Y

Yancey ― Native American – A Sassy Woman; A Yankee

Yareli ― Water lady

Native American Girl Names And Meanings