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List of Nahuatl Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Acamapichtli ― A handful of reeds or long grass

Achcauhtli ― Leader, a man with leadership qualities.

Ahuiliztli ― Happiness and joy, one who brings joy.

Chicahua ― A strong and powerful man.

Chimalpopoca ― A smoking shield

Cipactli ― Nahuatl word for crocodile.

Coatl ― Serpent

Coyotl ― Nahuatl word meaning coyote.

Cualli ― Good, a good natured man.

Cuetlachtli ― Nahuatl word for wolf.

Cuixtli ― Nahuatl word for kite.

Ehecatl ― The wind serpent.

Eleuia ― Wish, one who wishes good for everyone.

Etalpalli ― Nahuatl word for wing.

Huemac ― Name of a Toltec king.

Huitzilihuitl ― Hummingbird; Feather of a hummingbird; Pen of a hummingbird

Huitzilli ― Hummingbird

Iccauhtli ― The younger brother.

Ichtaca ― Nahuatl word for secret.

Icnoyotl ― Nahuatl word for friendship.

Ihuicatl ― Nahuatl word for sky.

Ilhikamina ― He who shoots arrows at the sky. Also, the name of a great Mexica king.

Ilhuitl ― Nahuatl word for day.

Itotia ― Dance

Itzcuin ― Runs like a dog

Iuitl ― Nahuatl word for feather.

Mahuizoh ― A glorious person

Matlal ― Dark green or net.

Matlalhuitl ― Blue-green feather

Matlalihhuitl ― Purple feather

Mecatl ― Lineage

Meztli ― The one who is compared to the Moon.

Milintica ― He is waving or fire

Moctezuma ― Mehry derives from the word “Mehr” that means “The Sun”. It also means someone who is kind and lovable.

Momoztli ― The altar

Moyolehuani ― The enamored one.

Namacuix ― King

Necalli ― Fight, war place, competition, contest.

Necuametl ― King

Nezahualcoyotl ― The fasting coyote. Also the name of a Texcoco king

Nezahualpilli ― A prince who fasts.

Nopaltzin ― A consistent man.

Ollin ― Changing the location of something.

Omacatl ― The double-gendered deity, a creator god

Quauhtli ― Eagle


Quetzalcoatl ― Feathered Serpent

Tecuetlaza ― He who throws like a Mexican beaded lizard

Teoxihuitl ― The precious stone turquoise.

Tepiltzin ― The privileged son.

Teuhcatl ― Dust person

Tezcacoatl ― Reflecting Serpent or King

Tizoc ― An ancient Aztec ruler

Tizocicatzin ― An ancient king of Aztec empire

Tlacaelel ― A diligent man.

Tlacelel ― The greatest of all the male heroes.

Xochiquen ― Flower garment

Yaotl ― Combatant; Soldier; Warrior; Defender; Fighter; Rival

Yaquica ― He who goes to war

Nahuatl Boy Names With Meanings