Middle East Girl Names With Meanings

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List of Middle East Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Aanisah ― Pious-hearted lady, one who is good-natured.

Ashaki ― One who is beautiful

Aymelek ― Moon angel

Ayperi ― Moon fairy

Ibtihaj ― Joy

Imtithal ― Polite obedience

Intisar ― Triumph

Izdihar ― Flourishing, blooming

Khazbiika ― Beautiful

Khepri ― Morning sun

Kinnette ― Harp

Kirioth ― The cities, the callings

Kittim ― Breaking or bruising

Kurbiika ― Proud

Nijah ― A beautiful rose.

Saahirah ― Earth, moon, or spring which flows constantly

Saar-rah ― Lady whose charming manner brings joy.

Sawsan ― Lily of the valley

Sefa ― Pleasure

Segulah ― Treasure

Serap ― Mirage

Sevgili ― Darling

Sevinc ― Joy, delight

Seyyal ― Traveler

Sezen ― Feeling

Shabanna ― Belonging to night.

Shadha ― Aromatic

Shadiyah ― Singer

Shaheena ― Falcon

Shaia ― Sister or young girl

Shakufa ― The opening bud.

Shamaamah ― Fragrance or scent of itr or perfume.

Shamsa ― Sun

Shareefah ― She who is noble and gentle.

Sharonda ― A form of Sharon, meaning plain.

Shirilee ― My song

Sigliah ― Violet

Songl ― The last rose

Suhaymah ― Small arrow

Talora ― Dew of the morning

Taslimah ― Salutation, peace

Tirsa ― Pleasant

Tzafrirah ― Morning zephr

Uhuru ― Freedom

Umayma ― Little mother

Wahibah ― Giver, donor

Walidah ― Newborn

Wijdan ― Ecstasy, sentiment

Wisal ― Communion in love

Wordah ― Rose

Ximena ― Greek form of Xenia, meaning hospitality to a stranger.

Yalanda ― Form of Yolanda, meaning violet flower.

Yaminah ― One who is right handed.

Yegane ― A woman of incomparable beauty.

Yeira ― Light

Yildiz ― Star

Yoninah ― Little dove

Yosifa ― Feminine form of Joseph, meaning God will increase.

Zahavah ― Golden

Zahirah ― Shining, luminous

Zahrah ― Flower

Zakiyah ― A lady of keen perception and sharp mind

Zakiyyah ― Pure

Zaleekhah ― A variant of Zulaikha, meaning brilliant beauty.

Zalika ― One who is well born.

Zambak ― Lily

Zarifah ― A graceful woman.

Zeinab ― A variant of Zainab, meaning beautiful.

Zel ― Private or special.

Zemira ― A branch

Zikiya ― One who is smart and intelligent.

Zimora ― A variant of Zemira, meaning a branch.

Zivah ― One who is bright and shining.

Ziynet ― Ornament

Zlem ― Longing, yearning

Zubaydah ― One who is soft bodied.

Zuhairah ― Blossom, radiant, shining

Zumarrad ― Emerald, precious stone

Zurah ― The heavenly body Venus.

Middle East Girl Names With Meanings