Medieval English Boy Names And Meanings

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Unique Medieval English Names for Baby Boys

Alexander ― Defender of Mankind

Chrysogon ― A Medieval English name of Greek origin

Col ― A short term for Nicholas; meaning victory of the men

David ― A beloved friend

Elijah ― Name of a very famous King and a Prophet

Gabriel ― God is my strength

Henry ― Estate ruler

Hildilid ― A warrior of the battle

Hildith ― A fighter in the war

Hildred ― A counseler in the battle

Hildwulf ― One who is like a wolf in the battle

Hildyard ― He sho is from the battle fields

Hrodwyn ― One who is a friend of the fame

John ― Eldest son of Saul,God is Benevolent,merciful and gracious

Lefric ― A beloved and powerful individual

Lefrich ― He who is powerful and pleasant

Lefricus ― Authorative and beloved person

Lefsued ― A pleasing person with enjoyable personality

Lefsuet ― He who is dear and agreeable

Lefuuinus ― From Old English “leof” meaning dear, beloved

Lefwinus ― A beloved, joyfull person

Lefwyne ― A precious and cheerfull individual

Matthew ― A gift of God

Michael ― One of the seven archangels of the God

Oliver ― The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.

Polloch ― A Royal Headdress

Purnell ― An old surname, meaning the rock

Ravenor ― A Medieval English surname, meaning the raven

Sebastian ― He who is from Sebastia

Stella ― Star of the sea

Medieval English Boy Names And Meanings