Marathi Girl Names And Meanings

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Marathi Names for Girls: Marathi naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Marathi name or Marathi Christian baby Girl names, Traditional Marathi Girl Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Marathi Girl Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

Top Marathi Girl Names and Meanings

Aaruni ― To begin or develop anything and grow light in the morning. It also means dawn.

Akshayaa ― Immortal, Indestructible

Bhagyashi ― Fortunate and lucky

Bhandishtha ― A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Bhavanika ― The abode of the universe

Bhavanjali ― She who is full of emotions

Bhaveeka ― She who is righteous and honest

Bhavyani ― A part of grand

Dharaa ― Earth

Dharika ― Sun, morning sun

Dharmi ― She who is religious

Dharuna ― Supporting

Kamda ― Kamda means One who can Fulfill All Wishes of Others

Manadha ― Giving honor

Manasika ― Of mind

Manayi ― Wife of Manu

Mandra ― Pleasant

Manitha ― Honored

Manjori ― The sacred basil

Mannya ― Flower

Manshvi ― She who is intelligent

Manva ― Mind or mind identifier

Mirajkar ― A person belongs to the city of Miraj

Mohi ― As fragrant as honey bunch, as sweet taste as sugar.

Morya ― A Marathi slang that means go ahead

Nakusha ― An unwanted female child

Nakushi ― A girl who was not wished for

Nandedkar ― One who halls from Nanded city

Pradha ― She who is extremely distinguished

Prahi ― Wellness

Prashvi ― A mark of love

Pratulya ― An unique woman who can’t be compared to any other woman

Pravika ― She who is intelligent

Praxi ― Intelligent

Pujya ― A person who is worthy of respect and worship

Pushpaja ― A woman born from the flower

Rajeswri ― Queen

Rajitha ― Beauty, winner

Rajrajeshwari ― A name of Goddess Parvati

Reneeka ― A woman who is like a song

Reshika ― A woman who brings light into your life

Shemunshi ― Name of an Indian white rose

Shemushi ― Intellect, understanding

Shivagami ― Follower of Lord Shiva

Shivankruti ― Creation of Lord Shiva

Shivanta ― A part of Lord Shiva

Shivanti ― Part of Lord Shiva

Shivanya ― A part of Lord Shiva

Shivasundari ― A name of Goddess Durga

Shivaya ― A name of Lord Shiva

Shubhita ― Graceful, shining

Shukarata ― One with a beautiful character

Shuki ― One who is bright and quick witted

Shulka ― A name of Goddess Saraswati

Shumi ― Light

Vedakshi ― The one who knows knowledge

Vedangi ― A part of Vedas

Vedanti ― Wisdom or follower of the Vedas

Vedashri ― Beauty of the Vedas

Vedasya ― The one who knows Vedas

Vedica ― One who has Knowledge of the Vedas

Vedisha ― Lord of Vedas

Veditha ― A name of Goddess Lakshmi

Vedvika ― The one who spread sacred knowledge

Marathi Girl Names And Meanings