Marathi Boy Names With Meanings

British Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

Unique Marathi Names for Boys and Their Meanings: If you’ve been considering giving your little Boy a Marathi name and you are looking for unique Marathi names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Marathi baby Boy names, old fashioned Marathi Boy name and short Marathi Boy names with their meanings.

Rare Marathi Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Aakhya (आख्या) ― one who has high reputation and fame; state of being famous

Adhrgu ― One who knows the co-existence

Alagumuthu ― Handsome Gem

Dhaval ― The fair one, a fair child

Ilesh ― Lord of the earth

Mirajkar ― A person belongs to the city of Miraj

Namniya ― A respectable person, full of respect

Nandedkar ― One who halls from Nanded city

Narvel ― The time of mankind

Navjat ― The fortress which is on the mountain of the ocean.

Nidhra ― The one who resembles the Moon.

Nishakant ― Ruler of the nation.

Nivant ― One who is calm and cool

Nrupal ― Ruler of the nation.

Osho ― The shine of the earth, sparkle of the domain

Prahas ― A person who has a lot of qualities. An upright individual

Prahaval ― To have a magnificent form

Prajnan ― A clever, brainy and wise individual

Pramti ― One who is consciouss and aware

Pramukh ― One with the qualities of a chief or leader

Pranal ― A waterway, estuary, creek

Praruj ― An extremly good-looking and likable person

Prasan ― One who is a winner in life, a successful person

Prasang ― To be devoted and be in an union with someone

Prasat ― A erson who is bright and easily pleased

Prashal ― A tranquil, calm and cool person

Prasiddhi ― One of many accomplishemnts and a great fame

Prasvar ― A holy and sacred syllable Om

Prateem ― A person who is similar, or is like someone else

Prathinav ― An ever young and an ever new person

Prathit ― A celebrated, famous person

Prathmesh ― One who is the Lord of the best

Prathu ― An all-present person

Pratib al

― He who is equal in strenght

Pratibhanu ― One whose glory is compared to the Sun

Pratibhavan ― One whose mind is intelligent

Pratiman ― He who is like an image

Pratinav ― One who is young and new

Pratipan ― An understood person

Pravasu ― One who is wealthy

Pravek ― A distinguished one

Praver ― A person who in charge of things

Prayaag ― Three secred river’s confluence: Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati

Predesh ― A place, province, state

Premajit ― The winner of love

Preman ― A love that is supreme and divine

Prinan ― A gratifying person

Prithujay ― One who is always a victor in life

Prithutam ― The largest, the biggest and the greatest one

Prithvij ― One who was born of the Earht

Priyak ― A deeply loving person

Pruthviraj ― One who is the King of all earth

Pujyakoti ― A name of the holly animal, the Holy Cow

Punag ― One who is like the white flower of lotus

Punan ― A person who has a bright and clear mind

Punyajit ― Something that was gained bu virtue

Puranjan ― He who emodies the essence of the life

Purendu ― One who is like the full moon

Puruvas ― The all-present being

Pushpin ― One who owns a lot of flowers, who is rich in flowers

Pushpit ― To bloom and to bear flowers

Pushpraj ― One precious as the Topaz stone

Puttal ― One of pure heart

Pyarelal ― A name of Lord Krishna

Rewat ― A prosperous and splendid individual

Rujul ― One who has proven himself

Sirak ― One who has a great intelect

Marathi Boy Names With Meanings