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List of Maori Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Aata ― Bear or stone in Maori language.

Ahika ― means sustaining and enhancing our place orcommunities, wero or challenge

Akahata ― Supreme

Amahau ― To gather

Anewa ― To fall

Apera ― Breath

Aperahama ― Father of a mighty nation

Arapeta ― Noble and famous. A famous man.

Ari ― Variation of Ariel which means the lion of God

Atama ― Soul of a person; expressive and versatile

Atawhai ― A person who is kind and caring.

Eruera ― Eruera is the Maori form of Edward and means rich and happy guardian.

Etera ― Aid or help

Hahona ― Healer

Haimona ― Listening

Harata ― Free man

Hau ― In Maori, Hau means wind.

Hehu ― God rescues

Heketoro ― Fairy sprit

Henare ― Home ruler or estate ruler

Hohepa ― He will enlarge

Huatare ― Huatare is the name of a famous chief.

Hunapo ― Hidden darkness

Hunu ― Sunray or sun in the Maori language.

Iarere ― To descend, or the descendant

Iehohapata ― The Lord judges

Ieni ― God is gracious and merciful

Ietepere ― Chaste, or unmarried

Ietoro ― Pre-eminence

Ihaia ― God is salvation

Ihaka ― He will laugh

Ihu ― God rescues

Ikaroa ― The long part of a fish

Iorama ― God is exalted

Iorangi ― The cirrus cloud

Iotama ― God is perfect.

Iraia ― The God wrestler

Irirangi ― The spirit voice

Iwi ― Nation, tribe or realm

Kai ― The Scottish and American meaning is Fire, The Hawaiian is The Sea, Welsh meaning is Keeper of the keys

Kaihautu ― Leader, a man or woman with leadership qualities

Kamaka ― Kamaka means rock in the Maori language

Kauri ― Name of a tree found in NewZealanad

Kiritopa ― Kiritopa is a variant of Christopher and means bearer of Christ.

Koraka ― Koraka means A South Island Chief

Maaka ― Maaka is the Maori version of Mark. It means consecrated to the god Mars.

Mahaka ― A Ngati Kahungunu Chief

Makareta ― Makareta is the Maori form of Margareta. It means pearl.

Manaaki ― To cherish, conserve and sustain

Marcellin ― Marcellin is a form of Marc and means from Marcus or refers to the Roman god of war.

Marcellino ― Maori is the Maori of Mark and means from Marcus.

Matiu ― Gift of God

Mere ― Maori version of Mary. It means bitter.

Mikaere ― Who is like God

Nikau ― Name of a palm tree found in New Zealand

Purta ― A person who i mythical

Puta ― A mythological person

Rangi ― Sky, or god of the sky

Rapata ― Bright fame

Rawiri ― Beloved, one who is loved by everyone

Rongo ― Peace, peace loving people

Ropata ― A variant of Rapata. It means bright fame.

Ruru ― A Maori word for morepork, New Zealand’s native owl.

Tanemahuta ― Man, or god of the forests

Tangaroa ― God of the sea, or god of fire

Tawera ― A morning star

Tayn ― The God of light

Tia ― An aunt, daughter born to royalty

Tipene ― Tipene is the Maori version of Stephen. It means crown.

Tui ― A kind of bird which eats honey always as food.

Wiremu ― Maori form of William. It means protection or helmet.

Maori Boy Names With Meanings