Literary Boy Names And Meanings

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List of Literary Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Astrophel ― One who is lover and a friend; star lover

Auric ― They are good natured, humble and passionate being

Cormoran ― A character that appears in the fairytale “Jack the Giant Killer”

Crash ― A word name; original

Elrond ― A ruler; a star dome

Jess ― God exists, a gift from God, God sees all

Jessa ― The Lord sees all

Legolas ― A collection of green leaves, name of the Lord of the Rings character

Lorien ― A God of Dreams, a name invented by Tolkien

Rickon ― A made up name from the popular books,tv show Game of Thrones. Could mean little king, or impulsive

Roose ― A character from Game of Thrones, the Song of Ice and Fire. A variation of the name roos, meaning a rose

Thelma ― One who is ambitious and willful

Literary Boy Names And Meanings