Latvian Boy Names With Meanings

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Latvian Names for Boys: Latvian naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Latvian name or Latvian Christian baby Boy names, Traditional Latvian Boy Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Boy? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Latvian baby names and meanings, Latvian male names and their meanings And Latvian Boy Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

List of Latvian Boy Names and Meanings

Adrians ― From Adria

Aleksandrs ― Defender of men.

Aleksis ― Helper of man

Anna ― Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God


Armands ― Latvian version of Armand, meaning soldier.

Artjoms ― Follower/gift of Artemis. A variant of Artemus.

Arturs ― Latvian form of Artur, meaning strong as a bear.

Bendiks ― One who is blessed.

Chrysanthos ― A golden flower

Dainis ― One who is dedicated to Dionysos.

Daniels ― Variant of Daniel. It means God is my judge.

Edgars ― Latvia version of Edgar, meaning fortunate and powerful.

Emils ― Variant of Emile. It means eager

Gabriela ― God is my strength

Gustavs ― Staff of the Geats or Goths or gods.

Jazeps ― Latvian variant of Joseph. It means God will increase.

Jurgis ― Earth worker

Karlis ― Karlis means Strong and Masculine

Kazimieras ― To destroy a peaceful world.

Kristaps ― Bearer of Christ

Kristers ― Christian, disciple of Christ.

Krists ― Christian or follower of Christ

Labrencis ― Latvian variant of Lawrence. It means laurel or bay.

Lauris ― Variant of Lawrence. It means from Laurentum.

Leonhards ― Latvian form of Leonard. It means lion.

Ludis ― Fame or war.

Ludvigs ― Fame or war.

Maksims ― The greatest

Marks ― From Old Latin MartKohs, Warlike, or God of War

Markuss ― Dedicated to Mars (the Roman god of war

Miervaldis ― A ruler of peace, King of peace

Mihails ― A form of Michael, meaning who is like God.

Mikelis ― A form of Michael, meaning who is like God.

Modris ― A variant of the name “Megan” that means “The Mighty” or “The Great”.

Nikolajs ― A form of Nicholas, meaning people’s victory.

Olivers ― From Germanic Alfarr, it means Elf Warrior

Pavils ― Latvian variant of Paul, meaning little or humble.

Peteris ― Son of Peter.

Radoslav ― Glorious work or eager glory

Raimonds ― A form of Raymond, meaning guards wisely.

Ralfs ― A variant of Ralph. It means wolf counsel.

Rihards ― Latvian form of Richard, meaning ruler.

Roberts ― Germanic – Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of Robert

Roburts ― Bright fame

Stefans ― Crown

Teodors ― A variant of Theodore. It means gift of God.

Toms ― Latvian version of Tom, meaning twin.

Valera ― Brave and valiant.

Valerijs ― One who is brave and valiant.

Valters ― To rule, army or warrior.

Vilhelms ― Will or desire.

Vilis ― Helmet of determination.

Vladislava ― Glory

Zein ― Fragrant or beautiful plant

Zigfrids ― Victory, peace, protection, safety.

Latvian Boy Names With Meanings