Kazakh Girl Names And Meanings

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Kazakh Names for Girls: Kazakh naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Kazakh name or Kazakh Christian baby Girl names, Traditional Kazakh Girl Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Kazakh Girl Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

List of Kazakh Girl Names and Meanings

Aibala ― Moon child

Aibanu ― Moon lady

Aidana ― Wise moon

Aiganym ― Moon princess

Aigerim ― One who is very beautiful

Akbota ― White baby-camel

Akerke ― A spoiled and mischievous child

Altynay ― Golden moon

Ayakoz ― One with beautiful eyes

Bakyt ― Happiness or luck

Balganym ― A lady as sweet as honey

Batima ― Kazakh form of Fatimah, meaning to abstain

Botagoz ― Eye of the baby camel

Byrganym ― The one lady or queen

Damira ― Heart, mind or secret

Dariga ― Pity, regret or surprise

Elnara ― People, country, nation

Enlik ― Edelweiss

Evnika ― Kazakh form of Euneike, meaning good victory

Gulaisha ― Alive flower

Gulaiym ― Flower lady

Gulayna ― A combination of flower and mirror

Gulbadam ― Flower, or as beautiful as flower

Gulbatira ― Flower at the mountain summit

Guldana ― Flower combined with wise, educated and learned

Gulmira ― Flower princess

Gulya ― Flower

Kalamkas ― Black eyebrows or thin eyebrows

Kamshat ― Beaver

Karlygash ― The swallow bird

Kulpynai ― Strawberry

Kunsulu ― Beauty or beautiful

Kymbat ― Expensive, precious, dear

Lashyn ― Peregrine falcon

Lunara ― Kazakh short form of Gulnara It means flower, rose and pomegranate

Lyazzat ― Sweet, pleasant, beautiful

Mahabbat ― Love

Makhabbat ― Love or affection

Marzhan ― Pearl or coral

Meyirzhan ― A kind soul

Moldir ― transparent, clean

Nurbakyt ― Light and happiness

Nurgul ― Radiant rose

Nurlan ― Light combined with soldier guard

Nursulu ― Light, illumination

Raushangul ― Glowing flower

Samal ― Breeze

Sholpan ― Venus , the planet

Shyrailym ― Glamourous

Symbat ― Slenderness

Tansholpan ― The morning star

Tazagul ― Clean flower

Togzhan ― One with a pure soul

Ulbolsin ― May the next one be a boy

Ultuar ― Give birth to boys

Ulzhalgas ― Son, boy continuation

Umit ― Hope

Zhazira ― Island

Zhibek ― Silk

Kazakh Girl Names And Meanings