Kazakh Boy Names And Meanings

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Kazakh Boy Names And Their Meanings

Adilbek ― A just and fair master or chieftain

Adilet ― Justice

Adilkhan ― A just and fair ruler or leader

Adilzhan ― A just, fair soul

Adylet ― The variant transcription of Adilet It means justice

Aidar ― The variant transcription of Aydar, meaning forelock or topknot

Ainar ― Male moon

Aisultan ― King of the moon

Aizat ― Moon

Akhat ― One and only

Akhmet ― Kazakh form of Ahmad, meaning more commendable

Akzhurek ― White heart

Alibek ― A combination of Ali and the Turkish title Bek meaning ruler, chief or lord

Altynbay ― One who is rich and wealthy

Amangeldi ― Safety came

Anarbek ― Pomegranate master

Anuar ― Kazakh variant of Variant of Anwar, meaning brighter and luminous

Arystan ― Lion

Arystanbek ― The name is derived from Kazakh word arystan, which means lion and Turkish title beg, which means master or chief

Aset ― Aset is derived from Arabic word asad meaning lion

Asylbek ― Noble and precious master or chieftain

Aydar ― Topknot or forelock, referring to the hairstyle of ancient Turkic warriors

Ayukhan ― Leader of the bear

Azamat ― Majesty or glory

Azizbek ― Powerful chief

Baizhan ― A rich soul

Bakyt ― Happiness or luck

Bakytbek ― Happy chief

Bakytzhan ― A happy soul

Balta ― An ax

Bauyrzhan ― Brother soul

Beibut ― Peaceful or peace

Bekarys ― The name is derived from the Turkish title Beg meaning chieftain, master and Kazakh word Arys, meaning foundation, support, framework

Berik ― One who is firm, hard and strong

Birzhan ― One soul

Bolatbek ― Chieftain or master

Bolatkhan ― Ruler or leader

Burkit ― Eagle

Erzhan ― Brave and courageous husband

Kanat ― Wings

Kuanish ― Happiness

Miras ― Heritage, inheritance

Nursultan ― Light prince

Qazir ― Instant, something done instantly

Salimgerey ― Safe, secure and healthy

Sanzhar ― He who pierces, or thrusts

Sarsen ― Born of Wednesday

Satipaldy ― We bought this one

Serikbolat ― Companion of steel

Tolkyn ― Wave

Tursynbek ― Let it live

Ulugbek ― Great chieftain

Ulzhalgas ― Son or boy that continues prolongation

Yerbolat ― Brave and noble male

Yerkhan ― Manly king

Yernar ― Brave and courageous man

Yernur ― Manly light

Zhansultan ― Soul sultan or leader

Zhaqiya ― Kazakh form of Yahya, meaning God is gracious

Zhenis ― Win or victory

Zhumabay ― Friday

Zhumabek ― Minister in charge on Fridays

Zhusip ― Kazakh form of Yusuf, meaning supplanter

Kazakh Boy Names And Meanings