Jewish Girl Names And Meanings

Baby Girl Names

Jewish Names for Girls: Jewish naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Jewish name or Jewish Christian baby Girl names, Traditional Jewish Girl Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Jewish Girl Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

List of Jewish Girl Names and Meanings

Avigayil ― One who is a happy father and provides joy

Bat-Tzion ― Daughter of Zion, or daughter of excellence

Bayla ― Beautiful

Bruriah ― Clarity of God

Chagit ― Festive, celebration

Eliise ― From Elisabeth, which means My God is an oath, My God is abundance

Emunah ― Faith

Esther ― Sweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of Persia

Faige ― Bird

Gabrielle ― God is my strength

Hodaya ― Praise God

Irit ― Asphodel

Isabelle ― From Elisabeth, which means My God is an oath, My God is abundance

Leah ― Weary, tired person

Levona ― Frankincense

Machla ― Affliction

Matlin ― An alpine meadow; beautiful and elegant

Meirav ― To maximize

Menucha ― Tranquility

Miriam ― Hebrew – Sea of Bitternes; Rebelliousness; Wished for child; To swell; A variant form of Mary

Netanya ― Gift of God

Noa ― Undertaking or wave program or indication.

Noam ― Loveliness or satisfaction.

Osnat ― Belonging to God

Perl ― Pearl; a dynamic personality

Safere ― One who looks like a bird; beautiful

Sarah ― Princess

Saundra ― Protector of humanity

Saveria ― Brand new home

Serach ― Free of restraint

Sevil ― Beloved

Shahrzad ― Bringing freedom to the city

Shifra ― Improved

Shira ― Song

Sigalit ― Violet

Solomia ― Peace

Talia ― Dew from heaven

Tamar ― A name that means date palm tree

Tirtzah ― Agreeable

Tzilla ― Protection

Tziona ― Excellent

Tzipporah ― Bird

Tzophiyah ― Looking towards God

Tzviya ― Deer, gazelle

Ubon ― Lotus flower

Ukaleq ― Hare from Arctic

Uliana ― Soft-haired

Ulloriaq ― Star-like

Ululani ― Divine inspiration

Urbana ― The one who lives in the city

Uriella ― Light of God

Vered ― Rose

Verochka ― Verity, truth

Verusha ― Verity, truth

Vitaliya ― Full of life

Waiola ― Violet flower

Walentyna ― Strong and sound

Yacova ― Female form of Jacob, meaning Yahweh may protect

Yaffa ― Beautiful

Yakova ― Held by the heel

Yardena ― To flow down

Yatva ― Good

Yehudis ― Praised

Yehudit ― Praise

Yiskah ― To gaze

Yocheved ― God’s honor

Yustina ― Fair, rightful

Zayit ― Olive

Zehava ― To shine, light, brightness

Zehira ― Guarded, protected

Zilpah ― Dripping, sprinkling

Zissa ― Sweet one

Zissel ― Sweet

Zoey ― Life, To breathe or live

Zosia ― Woman of wisdom

Zowie ― Life

Zsanet ― God is merciful

Zsuzsanna ― Lily

Zsuzsi ― Short of Zsuzsanna, meaning lily

Zyanya ― Eternally

Jewish Girl Names And Meanings