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List of Jewish Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Adam ― Man, earth

Ariel ― Lion of God

Ben-Tzion ― Son of Zion or son of excellence

Berel ― Bear

Calev ― Like a heart

Carmi ― My vineyard

Chananel ― God is compassionate

Chizkiyahu ― God is my strength

Daniel ― A Prophet

Danzig ― Trading city

David ― A beloved friend

Eitan ― One who is steady and very bold

Eldad ― Beloved of God

Elona ― A tough individual; like Oak tree

Elyakim ― My God will establish

Fishel ― Fish

Fivel ― Nursing

Gamliel ― God is my reward

Issur ― Yiddish nickname for Israel

Itai ― With Me

Joseph ― Hebrew – Yahweh will add; God will Multiply; Derived from the element ‘yacaph’ meaning to add, to increase

Kalonymos ― Merciful

Lantz ― Yiddish form of Lancer. It means spear.

Manoach ― Resting place

Matitiyahu ― Gift of God

Medad ― Friend

Meshulam ― Paid for

Nachshon ― Diviner

Nechemia ― Comforted by God

Netanel ― Gift of God

Noa ― Undertaking or wave program or indication.

Noam ― Loveliness or satisfaction.

Omer ― Talker, successful, long-term, growing, blooming

Ovadia ― A person who is a servant of God

Packer ― A professional name for a wool packer

Paltiel ― Created by God

Peretz ― Burst forth

Perl ― Pearl; a dynamic personality

Pesachya ― Pesachya is derived from the word “petach” which means opening or door

Rachamim ― Compassion

Safere ― One who looks like a bird; beautiful

Samael ― Name of the mythological archangel, it means Blindness of God or Venom of God or Poison of God

Shabtai ― Shabtai is a derivative of “Shabbat”

Shmariyahu ― God’s protection

Shneur ― Two lights

Tanchum ― Consolation

Trumann ― A truthful and good natured person

Tuvia ― God is good

Tzadok ― Justice

Tzemach ― Plant

Tzephania ― Protected by God

Tzion ― Excellent

Tzuriel ― God is my rock

Uri ― God is my light

Uziel ― God is my strength

Yael ― Mountain goat

Yechezkel ― God will strengthen

Yechiel ― May God live

Yedidya ― Beloved of God

Yehuda ― God will be praised

Yehudi ― Praise

Yerachmiel ― God will have mercy

Yigal ― He will redeem

Yirmiyahu ― God will uplift

Yisrael ― To struggle with God

Yissachar ― There is a reward

Yoel ― God is willing

Yohann ― God is merciful

Yonatan ― God’s gift

Yoran ― Singing

Yoshiaki ― To be happy or to be righteous

Yoshihiro ― Common good

Yoshio ― Righteous boy

Yoshiya ― God delivers

Yusuf ― God increases in piety, power and influence

Zacharias ― God remembers

Zaire ― River

Zakai ― Pure, clear, free from blemishes

Zerach ― Shining light

Zikmund ― Victorious protection

Zygmunt ― Victorious protection

Jewish Boy Names And Meanings