Japanese Girl Names And Meanings

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Japanese Baby Girl Names: As with many other cultures, Japanese girl names have lovely meanings that reflect the positive traits, flowers, and beauty.

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Japanese Baby Girl Names That Starts With A

Ahmya (アーミア) ― In Japanese it means black rain. In Spanish it means higher ground

Ai ― love, affection

Aia (ああ) ― One who is famous, ruler of the house

Aika (あいか) ― love song

Aiko (愛子) ― love, affection

Aina ― Beautiful Eyed Woman

Ainu (アイヌ) ― Goddess of Fertility; Human like;

Akane (あかね) ― Madder; red dye

Akari (あかり) ― Light; Brightness

Aki (あき) ― Japanese – Sparkle; Autumn; Bright; Clear; Morning Sun; Smart; A Short Form of name Akira

Akiara (アキアラ) ― A bright person

Akiko (アキコ) ― Clear, crystal or bright; sparkling and beautiful autumn season

Akira (アキラ) ― Bright, Clear and intelligent being

Akito (アキト) ― Bright person; who is like autumn season

Amaya ― The beautiful night rain

Aneko ― An older sister who is versatile and spontaneous

Anzu ― An Apricot; a sweet child

Aoi (あおい) ― Holly flower

Aoki ― An evergreen blue tree

Arisu ― Righteous,kind

Asami (あさみ) ― Morning beauty

Asuga (あすが) ― Swift like a wind

Asuka (あすか) ― Perfume or the fragrance of tomorrow

Aya ― design, colorful or beautiful. It also means ‘bees’ in Old German.

Ayaka ( 絢香) ― A coloured flower; scented

Ayame (あやめ) ― Iris; the one who can see perfectly

Ayane (あやね) ― A colorful sound; they are wonderful

Ayeka ( アイカ) ― They have quick and analytical mind

Ayumi ― A who walks their own path

Ayumu ― One who has a dream and a vision

Japanese Baby Girl Names That Starts With B

Bashira ― Joyful; Predictor of Good News

Japanese Baby Girl Names That Starts With C

Chiaki ( 千秋) ― Sparkling light

Chiharu (千春) ― Springs and clear skies

Chihiro (ちひろ) ― Thousand springs

Chika (チカ) ― Filled with wisdom and intellect

Chizue (ちずえ) ― Long life or endurance or durability

Cho (まち) ― Butterfly; a flying insect that feasts on nectar

Chouko (ちょこ) ― Butterfly; an insect that feeds on nectar of flowers

Chuya (ちゅや) ― Something that is pure and clear like water

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With D

Danuja (ダヌジャ) ― Knight; a ruler

Doi (土井) ― It means mountain or earth

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With E

Eiji ― Cheerful and one second; eternity

Emi ( エミ) ― this means smile that is beautiful and picturesque.

Emica (エミカ) ― this name means charming or blessed and beautiful.

Emiko (エミコ) ― this name means a prosperous and beautiful child.

Ena ― someone who is passionate and graceful.

Etsudo (えつど) ― a Japanese name meaning joy and child.

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With F

Fuji (富士) ― Refers to prosperous objective or flourishing opinion.

Fumiko (ふみこ) ― Academic or intellectual.

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With G

Gen ― The lady of the congregation.

Gina ― Gina comes from a Greek word and means Well Born.

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With H

Hachi (ハチ) ― Eight; Also means a bee or flowerpot

Haia (ハイア) ― Japanese – Nimble; Quick

Hana ― Arabic for “happiness,” and Japanese for “flower,” Korean for “One, First, Consistency,” and Hawaiian for “work

Hana (はな) ― flower, blossom

Hanae ( はなえ) ― Japanese – Blossom; Flower; Blessing; Favour

Hanako (はなこ) ― Flower, Blossom

Hanami (花見) ― Flower Viewing, Flowery, Beauty

Harue (春江) ― Spring Bough; Sunshine

Haruhi ― Japanese name meaning Spring Day; Blooming and Flowering

Harumi ― Japanese – Spring; Beauty; Clear Weather

Hatsuko ― Japanese – First Born Child

Hatsumomo ― Japanese – First Born peach

Haya ― decency, shyness, shame

Hide ― Excellent

Hikari ― Light; Shining Brilliance

Hikaru ― Shining brilliance; Flashing Brilliance

Hina ― Henna. Myrtle

Hiro ― Japanese – Abundant; Generous; Tolerant; Prosperous

Hiroko ― Japanese – Rich Child; Magnanimous, Generous Child

Hisa ― Japanese – Long Lasting; Everlasting; From a long story

Hisano ― Japanese – Long Lasting; Everlasting; From a long story; Open Plain; A variant of Hisa

Hitomu ― Wisdom; Intellect; Beautiful

Hoshiko ― Japanese – star

Hotaru ― Japanese – Firefly

Japanese Baby Girl Names That Starts With I

Iwa ― Yew or eve

Japanese Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Japana ― One who has energetic, drive oriented and ambition

Jona ― it means the God is gracious and Dove bird. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family.

Julieanne ― people with this name are loyal, honest and kind. They are noble and have urge to live long life with peace.

Junko ― Japanese – Sincere Child; Obedient, Genuine, Pure

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With K

Kaede ― Kaede means Maple

Kagami ― Kagami means Mirror

Kagome ― Kagome means Lost

Kaida ― Kaida means Little Dragon

Kairi ― Kairi means Ocean Village

Kairy ― Kairy means Sea

Kaiya ― Kaiya name means Forgiveness

Kana (仮名) ― Kana means The One who Has the Power, Powerful

Kaori ― Kaori means The Rope of the Bird Snares

Kaoru ― Kaoru means Fragrant

Karou ― Karou means Fragrant

Kasumi ― Kasumi means Mist, Mystical

Kata ― Kata in Japanese means Worthy One. In Greek, the name means The Woman that is Pure and Chaste

Katana ― Katana means Honorable or Sword

Katsumi ― Katsumi means to Win, To Overcome

Kaya ― Native American – Little but wise; African – Home; Japanese Yew

Kayda ― Kayda means Looks like a little Dragon

Kayo ― Kayo means The Beautiful Generation

Kazane ― Kazane means The Sound that the Wind Makes

Kazumi ― Kazumi means Beautiful Harmony

Kei (けい) ― Kei name means Square Jewel, Blessing, Wise

Keiko ― Keiko means Child that is Celebrate and Respected

Keina ― Keina means Prosperity

Keon ― Keomi means Pure Beauty

Kerriann ― Kerria means Yellow Japanese Rose

Kiaria ― Kiaria means a Lot of fortune

Kiki ― Double happiness

Kiku ― Kiku means chrysanthemum

Kimi ― Kimi means Beautiful Story

Kimika ― Kimika means Noble

Kimiko ― Means Valuable Child

Kimmi ― Kimmi means Righteous

Kin ― Kin means Golden

Kioka ― Kioka means Mirror

Kioko ― The name means Who Shares The Happiness With the World

Kirika ― Means Natural Beauty

Kita ― Kita means North

Kitiara ― The name means Blade from the North

Kiwa ― Kiwa means She is Born on the Borderline

Kiyoko ― Kiyoko means A Pure and Clean Child

Koge ― Koge means Scented Flower

Kohaku ― Kohaku means Amber

Koharu (こはる) ― Koharu means Late Summer

Koko ― Koko means Night, Black Foot

Kokoro (ココロ) ― Heart, Mind, Emotions, Feelings

Kosuke ― Kosuke means The Rising Sun

Kozue ― Kozue means Chinese Black Pine, a Tree

Kuma ― Kuma means Bear

Kumi ― Kumi means Forever Beautiful

Kumiko ― Kumiko means Companion Child

Kura ― The name means Treasure House

Kuri ― Kuri means Chestnut

Kyo ― Kyo means Village or Unite

Kyoko ― Kyoko means Mirror

Kyou ― Kyou means Capital City

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With M

Machiko ― A fortunate child

Maeko ― The child of truth

Maemi ― A truthful smile

Maho ― One who always tells the truth, an honest person

Mai ― A person who dances with great grace

Maiko ― A child that has a love for dancing

Maiya ― Japanese name meaning rice valley

Makaira ― One who brings Happiness

Maki ― Finnish meaning is Hill, while in Japanese Maki means True

Makiko ― A child of the one who is true

Mako ― A woman who is grateful ant truthful

Makoto ― A sincere person

Mameha ― Name of the Geaisha

Mamiko ― She who is a daughter of the sea

Mana ― One who is full of spirit

Mao ― A real and genuine girl

Mari ― Hebrew – Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary;

Mariko ― A genuine person

Marri ― A ball, an elegant dance party

Masae ― One who is blessed with elegance

Masako ― A truthful, honest child

Masami ― One who will become beautiful

Masumi ― A woman of true purity and beauty

Mayuko ― A child of Mayu

Mayumi ― A girl of true beauty

Mei ― A beautiful girl, the gracious one. Also refers to a tiny and sweet fruit “The Plum”

Michi ― the upright path.

Michiko ― the child with fantastic knowledge.

Midori ― one of the colors , Green.

Mie ― three way division.

Mieko ― the brightness of the light.

Mihoko ― child of shielded loveliness.

Mika ― In Hebrew, it means a gift from the Almighty. In Japanese, it means the beautiful fragrance.

Mikan ― A Japanese word that means Orange or tangerine.

Mikasa ― A Nara Word that means three hats of Bamboo. Also means “to resolve”

Miku ― A beautiful sky, also means a beautiful time.

Minako ― A beautiful child, an apple tree

Minami ― The one who lived in the south region, one who is from South

Mine ― A will or a desire to protect

Mio (ミオ) ― A beautiful cherry blossom, or a beautiful thread

Mirai ― The future, the time that yet to come

Misa ― A beautiful bud or a beautiful sand

Misaki ― The beautiful newly-grown flower

Misako ― A fascinating child, beautiful sea or sand

Mitsu ― A shiny reflection, a reflection of a shine

Mitsue ― A shining light, a bright ray

Mitsuki ― The gracious moon, the beauty of moon

Miu ― A beautiful feather

Miwa ― A beauty or harmony, also means three rings

Miya ― A sacred house, a beautiful temple

Miyah ― In French it means the pregnant virgin. In Japanese it means a sacred temple

Miyo ― A Beautiful and charming child

Miyoko ― A beautiful child of a beautiful generation

Miyu ― A beautiful truth, or a beautiful gentleness

Mizuki ― The beautiful and pleasant moon, an auspicious hope

Moe ― It is a German reference to “Mother Mary”; the holy virgin, an unmarried girl.

Momiji ― Red leaves, also referred to the maple tree

Momoka ― Hundreds of flowers

Momoko ― Numerous children, or hundreds of peaches

Mon ― Gateway

Morika ― A fragrance of the forest

Moriko ― A child that hails from the forest

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With N

Nagi ― A calm or a lull person

Namie ― Blessings or little help

Nana ― In Hawaiian it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa it signifies the status of a monarch.

Nanako ― The child of the greens

Nanami ― Seven seas or beautiful green vegetables

Naoko ― Respectful and submissive child.

Nara ― Extraordinary blossom from paradise, superior floret from dreamland.

Nariko ― A Gentle or soft child

Natsu ― Very warm season of the year.

Natsuki ― Green color fruits or plants or vegetables or bright moon.

Natsuko ― The one who was born in summer time.

Natsumi ― The one who makes summer season as pretty.

Ne ― Sound or a musical instrument

Nikaio ― Who belongs to Daimyo, Japan

Nisbett ― Reliable, dependable, trust worthy.

Nishi ― Growing stronger and stronger

Noa ― Undertaking or wave program or indication.

Nori ― The person who is resembling good moralities and principalities.

Noriko ― Commandments, instructions, rules, regulations.

Norita ― Tradition, law, act, decree.

Nozomi (のぞみ) ― Reliable, dependable, trust worthy.

Nyoko ― Combination of two Sanskrit words “Moha” means infatuation and “Mad” means intoxicated. Thus, it means intoxicated in infatuation.

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With O

Oda ― An assister of the religion or faith. One who assists in spreading the faith.

Ohta ― This name has two meanings, one is the eyes of the Almighty God, other one is free from dirt or impurities

Oishi ― An Arabic word that means a noble, respected man. An excellent personality.

Okemia ― A variant of Cornelia that means a war horn. Also the mercy or pity.

Oki ― The Champion in all the fields, a master

Okimi ― The bright shining light

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With R

Ran ― An orchid flower

Rei ― A beautiful and lovely bell

Reiki ― A practice of healing the spirit

Reiko ― The thankful child

Reina ― The Queen of people

Ren (レン) ― The love of the lotus

Rie ― Japanese – Blessing; Value; A variant form of Ria

Rieko ― Japanese – Blessed Benefit Child;

Rika ― A woman who is going to stay strong forever

Rikka ― Japanese – Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful Ruler

Rikku ― Japanese – Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful Ruler

Riko ― A daughter of the Jasmine

Rin ― A cold, severe and dignified person

Rini ― One who is like a little sweet bunny

Risa ― One whose laughter is like the song

Rumi ― A beauty of the lapus lazuli

Ruqa ― One who is a bright blue flower

Ryoko ― A woman who is like the dragon

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With S

Sachiko ― The child of good luck and happiness

Sada ― The woman who is the pure one

Sadako ― The child that is chaste and of integrity

Saeko ― A serene child

Sai ― Japanese name meaning paint

Saiua ― A name which means a ripe fruit

Sajonara ― Farewell

Sakai ― To live in prosperity

Saki ― A blossom of new hope

Saku ― Remembrance of the Divine

Sakura ― A woman who is like a cherry blossom

Sakurako ― A child of the cherry blossom

Sana ― Brilliance; exceptional talent or intelligence towards things

Sanyu ― Japanese name meaning happiness

Saori ― Color of sand

Saory ― A nicely woven cloth

Sara ― Princess

Satoko ― Child of Sato

Satsuki ― Fifth month, May

Sayaka ― A clear one

Sayua ― One who is swift and fast like an arrow

Sayuri ― A flower

Seika ― Pure summer

Seiko ― A child that is sincere

Seina ― The innocent one

Seiren ― A refined star, a smelt star

Sen ― Name of Lotus flower

Shigeko ― A child that has everything it needs

Shika ― A gentle deer

Shiki ― The four seasons of the year

Shiko ― A woman made of stone

Shiniqua ― A woman who is a victor

Shino ― A woman who is like a stem of bamboo

Shinobu ― A person that is very enduring

Shinon ― Japanese name of a type of flower, Aster tataricus. The meaning of the flower is remembrance

Shion ― A person who remembers, one who does not forget

Shiori ― To be a guide

Shoko ― A little child who is auspicious

Shun ― A fast and talented person

Shynah ― She is a victor

Soma ― No

Sora (そら) ― She is like the sky

Star ― Star

Subaru ― One who is uniting. A term that identifies the Pleiaddes star cluster in the constellation Taurus

Sueko ― She who is the youngest child in the family

Suki ― A beloved woman

Sumiko ― She is a beautiful child of goodness

Sumire ― A lovely violet

Sunako ― The sand child or the dark side

Sushi ― A Japanese dish of specially prepared vineyard rice.

Suzuki ― A common surname in Japan, means bell of wood

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With T

Taka ― Tall, honorable peregrine

Takako ― Child who is an aristocrat

Takara ― A piece to cherish, a jewel

Takarra ― Precious item, precious one

Taki ― Plunging waterfall

Tamami ― A woman who is a beautiful gem or jewel

Tamashini ― A soul. One who is very soulful

Tami ― A form of tammy

Tamiko ― A child of great beauty

Tamiqua ― Japanese name meaning “People”

Tamura ― Japanese name meaning rice village

Taney ― Japanese name meaning valley

Taree ― A branch that is bending

Taru ― A vast and huge sea of water

Tatsuo ― A female dragon

Taura ― Many lakes or rivers

Tomo ― Intelligence or a knowledge of a person

Tomoe ― A blessing in the form of friend

Tomoko ― A friendly or a knowing child

Tonica ― To the people, something to the race

Tora ― In Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.

Toru ― A vast and huge sea of water

Toshiko ― An ancient or valued child

Tsubame ― Accept or believe.

Tsubasa ― Refers to section or extension.

Tsumugi (つむぎ) ― Pongee a soft cloth made from threads of silk, Spinning, Request, Beseech

Tsunade ― One who is like the young thunder; confident

Tsuru ― Stork greeting for a long last life.

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings That Starts With Y

Yama ― Mountain; Restrainer;

Yuka ― A bright Star

Yumi ― A beautiful archery bow

Yuna ― The archer

Japanese Girl Names And Meanings