Jamaican Girl Names And Meanings

Baby-Girl-Names-A to Z and their meanings

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Jamaican Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Abigay ― Abigay is the Jamaican version of Abigail. It means ‘the joy or happiness of Yahweh’ or father of rejoicing.

Alvita ― One who is vivacious and lively, or the one who spreads vivacity .

Alvita ― Anointed

Amancia ― Lover, someone who loves unconditionally

Amelia ― The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile

Amoy ― Beautiful goddess

Brianna ― A strong ascending woman

Cedella ― She is a beautiful princess

Chandice ― One who is extremely smart and talented

Delyse ― Delightful, a girl with a delightful disposition.

Deshane ― God is merciful or Yahweh is gracious.

Durene ― Someone with an enduring and everlasting personality.

Dymond ― Another name for Diamond. Precious stone or gem.

Eralia ― A woman who is well spoken.

Gabrielle ― God is my strength

Ini ― Time

Ionie ― Ionie is the name of a violet colored stone.

Irie ― Cool, or the one who believes in spreading peace or harmony.

Iriye ― Cool, or the one who believes in spreading peace or harmony.

Jada ― She was a God’s gift

Jaqweshia ― Half part of a queen

Jayden ― Variation of Jaden which means God has heard

Kaleisha ― A woman who is strong willed, full of energy, or beautiful

Kalisa ― Purely concentrated to the Almighty, the one who has given herself to God.

Karalana ― A girl with a pure and peaceful personality.

Kenise ― Beautiful, gorgeous

Kimona ― Resting

Kiyana ― Light or deity

Ladonya ― Lady or woman

Lakresha ― Profit or profitable

Latoria ― Victorious one

Martisha ― Martial or warlike

Peta-gay ― Blessing from heaven

Raeni ― Queen, like a queen

Requiem ― Rest

Ronica ― True image or strong counsel

Sabryna ― Sabryna is the Jamaican version of Sabrina and means princess.

Shanise ― God of wine or Mountain of Zeus

Sharisha ― Cherry

Shenice ― God is gracious and merciful

Straleen ― Star

Tamila ― Dearest to the heart

Taniyah ― A joyful, beautiful woman

Tashelle ― Born in Christmas day, nativity or likeness to God

Tianna ― From Christiana, which means Follower of Jesus Christ

Tiyanna ― Tiyanna is possibly the Jamaican variation of Tiana. It means joy or happiness

Trinika ― Trinika means pure, triad, a trio or as in the Holy Trinity

Tyonna ― Princess

Vea ― Chief or seen

Vegas ― Meadows

Vinisha ― Goddess or love or humble

Virtudes ― Blessed spirit

Xaviera ― Feminine version of Xavier, meaning ‘bright or splendid’.

Zekia ― Pure

Zhade ― Princess of the African violet

Jamaican Girl Names And Meanings