Jamaican Boy Names And Meanings

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Jamaican Baby Boy Names And Meanings

Adio ― The name inspires one to be righteous and walk on the correct path.

Agwe ― Spirit of the sea

Ajani ― African : One who fights for possession; Sanskrit: Noble Birth; A variant of name Ajahni

Akoni ― Someone who is a brave warrior and has excellent leadership qualities.

Aldane ― Some who is a wise protector of the realm or land he is living in.

Apce ― Someone who is swift or fast in whatever he does.

Azacca ― Azacca is the name of the spirit guide of agriculture.

Badrick ― One who is mighty and powerful in the battle.

Barkley ― From the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches Grow

Bartt ― Son of Talmai or the farmer

Bembe ― Bembe is a Spanish name, but it’s highly popular in Jamaica. The name means ‘a prophet’.

Brantly ― Proud and gratified in whatever he does. It also means firebrand.

Dajuan ― God is gracious and merciful.

Damerae ― A boy of joy, someone who brings joy and happiness wherever he goes.

Daniel ― A Prophet

Devan ― Divine, divinity or like a god

Edgerin ― Wealthy spear or owner of many spears.

Eggbert ― Sword or as sharp as sword.

Fayard ― A popular and strong magician.

Gerain ― Old

Glenmore ― Glenmore is a place name extremely popular in Jamaica.

Ife ― Love, someone who is born with an innate desire to love and be loved.

Jaden ― Hebrew – Thankful; Spanish – Jade is Green Gemstone; A variant of Jade

Javel ― Clear and transparent like water

Jayden ― Variation of Jaden which means God has heard

Jevaun ― Jevaun is the Jamaican form of Evan and means young warrior.

Joshua ― Joshua means God is Salvation

Judean ― A person loyal to the king of Judea, someone who serves the king of Judea.

Justin ― The name Justin means Upright,Lawful

Keyair ― Dusky or the one who has dark hair

Khenan ― The rising sun

Kimona ― Listening, or good at listening

Libano ― White, pristine as white

Llanzo ― Llanzo is the Jamaican form of Lance and means servant or God like.

Omario ― Omario is the Jamaican version of Omar and means eloquent and articulate

Roje ― A person who is a guard, a sentinel

Sanka ― Soulful, one who puts heart and soul in everything.

Shamar ― One who is ready for the battle

Tarone ― It means the courageous advisor of the king.

Usain ― Small, beautiful or humble. It could also be a variation of Hussain.

Zidane ― Abundance or growth. The one who progresses and helps people progress

Ziggy ― Victory protection. It’s also a diminutive of Sigmund or Siegfried.

Jamaican Boy Names And Meanings