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Beautiful Italian Baby Girl Names: Finding the perfect name for your new baby Girl is one of the most important decisions you’ll haveAs traditions have it, Italian babies are named based on the names of their grandparents, choosing names from the father’s side family first and then from the mother’s side. In olden times, names were either a saint’s name or had other strong religious belief. If you know the Italian equivalent, you can tweak the name even after keeping the tradition alive. There are many such beautiful names with meanings in the list below.

Find Italian Girl Baby Names, Italian women’s Names, Most Popular Girl Names in Italian, Italian Female Name, Girl Names in Italian, and Popular Girl Names in Italian from our name collections. Your baby girl deserves these beautiful names even if you are not from an Italian origin!

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With A

Aberesh ― Derived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communities

Abriana ― Female variant of Abraham that means father of multitude

Adalgisa ― Noble hostage

Adele ― A short form of Adelaide

Adelina ― A form of Adeline

Adriana ― From Hadria

Adrina ― A short form of Adriana

Aelda ― A warrior, one who fights war

Agata ― One who is good at heart and mind, pure, kind, gentle and a nature lover.

Agnella ― Chaste

Agnesina ― A pure and virginal woman

Agostino ― Venerated

Aida ― Something of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means return

Alcina ― A sorceress who rules over a magical, strong willed

Aldina ― Old friend who deserves best in life

Alessandra ― Form Of Alexandra

Alessia ― Greek – Defender; Defender of Men; Protector of Mankind; A form of Alexandra

Alice ― Truth, gracious, reality

Allegra ― Joy, delight, joyfulness

Allegro ― Brisk, sprightly; has a great sense of humour

Alonza ― Prompt and practical leadership qualities in personal and professional dealings.

Amadea ― Female form of Amadeus, they are the one who is god’s beloved

Amalia ― A fertile, hard working female who is defender of mankind

Amanta ― It means to express, they are versatile and creative

Amaranta ― A flower which is everlasting and unfading

Amata ― The one meant for love and is immortal just like state of nirvana experienced by Buddha

Ambra ― Arabic – Amber; A precious Jewel; A Jewel quality fossilized Resin; Ruler Of The Jewels

Amidala ― Created by George Lucas for Star Wars meaning a very beautiful flower

Analia ― A combination of name Ana and Lia; A variant transcription is Analiyah

Andrea ― Feminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strong

Anete ― Old Greek – Pure, Chaste; Holy; Pious; Kind; Good; A variation of Agnes; Celtic – Hunger; Lamb; One

Angela ― An angel sent from heaven to spread peace and love

Angelica ― They are the messengers of God sent from heaven

Angelina ― The holy angels of God sent from heaven

Angelita ― Angels of God

Aninata ― Graceful young girl

Anji ― They are happy, sensitive and are like angels

Annabella ― An elegant one who is very valuable and lovable

Antonella ― Priceless; Invaluable; Praiseworthy; Inestimable; A variant form of name Antonia; Female Version of Anthony;

Anzia ― Begin at; One Armed

Areanna ― The one who is holy and pure

Aria ― The one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or Melody

Ariana ― The pure and holy one

Arianna ― Latin – Women from Hadria; Dark One; Old Greek – Very Holy Woman; A derivative of Adriana

Armani ― Faith; Persian – Desire; A variant form of name Arman

Armina ― Noble, warrior maiden

Aryana ― Utterly pure; noble and pure individual

Aryanna ― Most holy; the one who is very pure

Asia ― Daughter of Oceanus and Tethys

Assisi ― An Italian hill town

Assunda ― Italain version of Susan

Audenzia ― Feminine version of Audenzio, meaning one who dares or one is who is fearless.

Aurora ― A Roman Goddess; wonderful dawn and breezy

Avena ― Oatmeal; the one who grows grains

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With B

Bambina ― Italian – Little Girl; Baby Girl

Beatrice ― Bringer Of Joy

Belinda ― Bright Serpent

Belisencia ― The sense of purity, whiteness

Bella ― Beautiful, handsome, attractive

Belladonna ― beautiful woman

Bellarosa ― A beautiful rose

Bellefleur ― A beautiful flower

Berenice ― Victorious

Betina ― A woman who finds God in her promise

Betony ― A Victorian botanical name; the betony plant is also known as “woundwort”

Bianca ― Light; White; Shining; A Shakespearean baby name meaning Tragedy of Othello’ Mistress of Cassio

Bice ― Diminutive form of Beatrice

Bina ― Melodious; name for a classic musical instrument

Bivatigirni ― A woman who is a true and honest beauty

Blaca ― A white and shining woman

Bobina ― A little flame that burns brightly

Bobine ― She who is like a bright flame

Boh ― An expression in Italian meaning “I don’t know”

Bona ― A woman who acts in a good manner

Brandi ― A fiery light set up as a warning

Bria ― One who is from the hill

Brigida ― A strong, firm, healthy woman

Bruna ― A brown-haired woman

Byna ― A name means sabine

Byni ― A Roman cognomen meaning Sabine

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With C

Cadenza ― A rhythmic woman

Caelia ― One who is Heavenly

Caerda ― An Italian surname from Venice

Calcedonia ― Feminine form of Calcedonio, meaning from Chaldedon.

Callisto ― She is the most beautiful one

Calogera ― A beautiful elderly woman

Camellia ― She is like a Camelia flower

Cameo ― A jewel that is sculptured

Camila ― She attends ceremonials

Camilla ― A woman of unblemished character

Cammie ― She is a flower

Candia ― She glows white

Canta ― A beautiful song

Cantara ― One who comes from the small bridge

Capri ― A place in Italy

Capriana ― A woman from place Capri

Caprice ― A fanciful, capricious person

Capricia ― An erratic, capricious woman

Capulet ― An Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and Juliet

Cara ― A dear one, a dear lady

Carana ― A beloved dear one

Cariana ― A little darling one

Carina ― She who is dear

Carissima ― The most dear woman

Carita ― A beloved, dear, deeply cared for woman

Carlla ― She is a very dear girl

Carlotta ― She has a man’s strength

Carmela ― A golden woman

Caro ― A female who is manly strong

Carola ― She is strong like a Boy

Carolina ― A song of joy and happiness

Carolinne ― A woman who is like a happy song

Carra ― A dear, beloved lady

Carrabelle ― A dear and beloved beauty

Carrianna ― A dear noble wife

Carrina ― A little darling

Catalda ― A variant of Catalda, meaning old.

Catarina ― Unsullied and genuine woman

Catena ― It’s derived from Italian word catena, meaning chain.

Caterina ― A woman who is pure and genuine

Caterine ― She is an unsullied and innocent woman

Catrice ― She is the one that is pure and chaste

Cattia ― One pure and chaste girl

Cecca ― She was born a free person

Celestina ― A heavenly or a celestial individual

Cellina ― A heavenly body

Cena ― Mud; also a follower of Neith

Cerelia ― The fertile one

Cesarina ― The head of hair

Cesca ― A blind one; a talented musician

Cettina ― Short form of the name Concettina. It means conception.

Chezarina ― Another name of name Cesar

Chiara ― As clear as light

Chiarina ― A famous personality

Ciandra ― Something that is surrounded by light

Cianna ― Praise of the Lord; God is gracious

Cielo ― Heaven; the abode of God

Cienna ― One who is from the land of Siena

Cinzia ― A mythological goddess, Cynthia, who was born on Mount Cynthus

Cira ― The sun; the source of energy for mankind

Clarice ― Something that is bright and attractive

Clarina ― A thing that is bright and clear

Claudina ― Something that is feeble; lame

Clementina ― Feminine derivative of ‘Clement’, meaning gentle, soft and pleasant

Clorinda ― In Greek, the meaning of this name is greenery; or a place filled with vegetation and plants

Concetta ― A reference to Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary in her mother’s womb

Consolata ― The act of consolation; to give solace to a person who is passing through a hard time

Constantia ― Something that never changes; constant and persistent

Constantina ― Continuous, abiding, and constant; does not change

Contessa ― Royalty; hailing from a royal bloodline

Coppa ― A golden coup, a reward

Corda ― One who makes strings and chords; a regular wearer of ribbons and ties

Cosetta ― Derived from Corsett which means A Little thing

Cristina ― Diminutive of “Christine”; Follower and believer of Christ

Crocifissa ― Implies “Crucifix” in Italian; Represents that of Jesus Christ crucifixion

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With D

Dahna ― Respectful lady

Daniele ― God is a judge

Daniella ― God has ruled a decision

Daralice ― Very noble

Debora ― From the Old testament; A Bee

Delfina ― Name of a Saint; one from Delphi

Demetra ― Mythological Goddess of harvest

Dianora ― A divine person; they are advanced

Doda ― A person who is reserved, dignified and well loved

Domani ― Tomorrow; one who does advance planning

Domenica ― One who belongs to God

Dominica ― One who is very close to Lord

Donata ― Given by God

Donatas ― One who is being given a hand; helping nature

Donatella ― Beautiful Gift of God

Donelle ― In Italian it means lady.

Donielle ― A lady who is very respectful and honoured

Donita ― World Mighty

Donna ― It means a respectful title given to a lady.

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With E

Ealda ― They are majestic creatures who rule

Eama ― One who comprises of the whole universe

Edda ― One with clear vision; great grandmother inheritance

Editta ― A rich gift; a very efficient present

Edmonda ― The clean one who is like a guardian

Edvige ― Contention and strife

Eidita ― Wealthy; joyous and responsible person

Elara ― A cheerful and happy individual

Elda ― One who is born warrior

Eleanora ― Light which is shining and bright

Elena ― Greek name Helen; bright one

Elenore ― One who is filled with light and bright

Eleonora ― Shining bright light coming from above

Elettra ― A healer who really likes to cure people

Eleua ― The one who is intelligent and is majestic

Elia ― They have a feeling good feeling about the lord

Elisa ― One who is consecrated to god

Elisabetha ― A bountiful God figure on Earth

Elisabetta ― God is bountiful and helpful

Eloisa ― Another form of Louise; healthy and wide individual

Elvera ― this name means white or truth.

Emerlinda ― this name means the whole universe is soft or tender.

Emilia ― this name means to rival or emulate or excel.

Emiliana ― this name means someone who wants to excel or be excellent.

Emily ― a name that often signifies a hardwroking, diligent and an industrious person.

Emma ― the meaning of this name is universal whole.

Enrica ― a ruler of her house.

Ermelinda ― soft, tender, whole and universal.

Ermelinde ― a word which means something which is soft and tender and also whole or universal.

Ersilia ― a character in Roman mythology.

Esta ― someone from the east.

Eufemia ― to speak or to declare or words of good omen.

Eufemme ― a Spanish word meaning good omen.

Eufemmia ― good omen.

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With F

Fabia ― A woman who is bean farmer

Fabiana ― A little woman who farms beans

Fabrizia ― A woman with crafty hands

Farfalla ― She is like a butterfly

Fausta ― A lucky one

Faustine ― A fortunate woman

Faviola ― A woman of wisdom and bravery

Fedella ― A woman who is faithful and true

Federica ― A Queen who rules peacefully

Felice ― A fortunate and happy lady

Feliciana ― A fortunate lady

Felicita ― A lady with good luck

Felicitas ― A happy and lucky lady

Felicite ― A feeling of happiness and good luck

Felicitti ― A little luck

Felixa ― A woman who is blessed either good fortune and luck

Fenisia ― A color, a purplish red

Fernanda ― An adventurous girl traveler

Ferrari ― An occupational name, meaning a blacksmith

Fia ― One who makes a dark peace. Also, means daughter in Italian

Fiamma ― A little fiery woman

Fiammetta ― She is a little but fiery woman

Fidelina ― A little faithful woman

Filomena ― Lover of mankind; beloved

Fiorella ― A tiny blooming flower (derived from Latin fiora)

Fiorello ― A flower which is young (derived from Latin fiora)

Fiorenza ― A flower (derived from Latin fiora)

Flavio ― A blonde or golden-haired person

Floriano ― Italian variation of the name “Florian’ meaning ‘to flower or blossom’

Franca ― Refers to a won who is of French origin

France ― It means a French woman or a free-woman

Francesca ― Derived from Latin word ‘Franciscus’ it refers to a female belonging to France

Francheska ― Variation of the word ‘Franceska’, this name refers to a woman of French roots

Fulvia ― Resembles yellow color.

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With G

Gabrianna ― God gives me strength.

Gabriel ― God is my strength

Gabriela ― God is my strength

Gabriella ― God is my strength

Gaetana ― The person who originally comes from Gaeta, Italy.

Gaetane ― Gaeta is the native place.

Gaia ― Refers to the planet where human being can be lived.

Galilea ― Sloping hills

Garbo ― Gentle and soft hearted person.

Geena ― A well-born woman

Gelsomina ― A kind of shrub with white color sweet smelling flowers.

Gem ― The one who is precious as a gem stone.

Gema ― Girl who is treasurable as a precious stone.

Gemette ― A treasurable or precious person

Gemma ― Jewel; Precious Stone; Gem

Genevra ― The person who is fair minded and charming.

Genoveffa ― Italian accent of Genevieve (snowy wave)

Genoveva ― Spanish and Portuguese form of Genevieve (White color wave)

Geonna ― God has chosen me.

Geovana ― God has bestowed his favours upon me.

Geovanni ― God has shown his courtesy upon me.

Gerardo ― Strength

Gessica ― Variation of Jessica (Rich and God beholds).

Ghita ― Greek name for a pearl

Gia ― Italian name meaning God is gracious

Giachetta ― Holder of the heel

Giacinta ― Italian name meaning hyacinth

Giacoma ― Italian name for a replacement, surrogate

Giacomina ― One that is protected by God

Giada ― Jade, a stone of the side

Giana ― God is gracious

Gianandrea ― Combination of names Giana and Andrea, means God is good

Gianella ― Italian name meaning God is gracious

Gianetta ― God’s generous gift

Gianina ― Gianina is an Italian female name and means God is gracious. It is a diminutive of Giovanna, a variant of the name is Gian and the nickname is Nina.

Gianna ― Gianna is an Italian female name. The meaning of the name is The Lord is Gracious.

Giannetta ― Giannetta is an Italian female name and means Yahweh is Gracious.

Giannina ― Giannina is an Italian female name of Hebrew origins. The meaning of the name Giannina is God is Gracious.

Giavanna ― Giavanna is an Italian female name. It means God is Gracious, God is God and originates from Hebrew.

Gimma ― Italian name Gimma means Precious Stone

Gina ― Gina comes from a Greek word and means Well Born.

Ginata ― The Girl name Ginata means Flower.

Ginevra ― Ginevra means Fair and Yielding.

Gioa ― Gioa means means Joy in Italian.

Gioacchina ― The name Gioacchina means Established by Yahweh.

Gioconda ― Giocomnda means Lighthearted Woman, a Delight.

Gioia ― Italian Girl name that means Joy.

Giolla ― The name Giolla means Servant.

Gionata ― The meaning of the name Gionata is A Gift From God

Giordana ― Giordana means To Flow Down, To Descend.

Giorgia ― The meaning of Giorgia comes from Greek word and means The Farmer.

Giorgina ― Italian name that means Farmer.

Giosepa ― A cognate of Giuseppa, meaning he will add.

Giovanna ― Giovanna is an Italian name that means The Gift from God.

Giuditta ― Giuditta means Praised

Giulia ― The meaning of the name Giulia is Youthful

Giuliana ― Giulianna means Young

Giulianna ― The meaning of the name is Youth.

Giulietta ― The name Giulietta means The Young One

Giuseppa ― Giuseppa means God Will Add

Giuseppina ― Giuseppina means God Will Give or God Will Add

Giustina ― The name Giustina means Just, Fair

Glada ― The name Glada is an Italian name and means Jade

Grazia ― They are very competent, practical and powerful. The have very strong business mind and achieve all goal.

Graziana ― They are very inspiring, graceful and kind. They are self-made and very powerful in their circle.

Graziella ― They are very energetic, determined and independent. They are very capable and adaptable all these qualities make them wonderful.

Grazina ― They are very inspiring, graceful and kind. They are self-made and very powerful in their circle.

Grear ― They are very independent and always ready to solve issues. They make decision very strongly.

Greta ― They are very stable, family loving and love to work together.

Guendalina ― They are separate and alone and self-centerd. They are very active person.

Guida ― The one who loves adventure and independence. Guide, lead and direct others to help them.

Gulielma ― A determined protector who will be strong always.

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With H

Hagne ― Ancient Greek form of Agnes. It means chaste.

Honora ― Latin – Honored; Honorable; Derived from the name Honor; Variant of Honoria

Honorata ― Latin – Honored; Honorable; Derived from the name Honor; Variant of Honoria

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With I

Idalia ― Behold the sun

Ignazia ― Feminine form of Ignazio. It means fire.

Ignazio ― Italian form of Ignatius. It means fire.

Ilaria ― Ilaria is a variation of Hillary and means cheerful.

Ilina ― My God is Yahweh

Irene ― Peace

Isabella ― God is perfection, or God is my oath

Izabella ― Pledged to God

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With J

Jacobella ― Feminine form of Jacob, meaning supplanter.

Jaquetta ― A replacement

Jemma ― A form of Gema

Jenah ― Little or tiny beautiful bird.

Jolanda ― deep inner desire to lead, organize, supervise, and to achieve status.

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With K

Kaira ― Kaira means Peaceful and Unique

Kairah ― The name means Beloved Friend

Karah ― Karah means Dear, Beloved

Karalea ― Karalea means Sweet melody

Karaleah ― The name means Love, Dear

Kareen ― Kareen means Cherised, Admired

Karrisa ― The name Karrisa means Embrace,Caress

Keraja ― Kera means Beloved

Kricia ― Kricia means Profit and Wealth

Krizia ― Krizia means Richnes, Wealth

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With L

Ladonna ― Ladonna means The Lady

Lanza ― A Noble and Eager Woman

Laura ― Person crowned with laurels

Lauretta ― Sweet bay tree

Laverne ― Goddes of thieves in Italian lore

Leeonna ― A lioness, one who is like a lioness

Lelia ― She who speaks well

Lencha ― The blossom and innocence, virginity

Leoluchina ― Feminine diminutive of Leoluca.

Leonora ― The light of a compassion

Leonore ― Light, brightness of the Sun rays

Leontine ― One who is as strong as a Lioness

Letizia ― One who brings happiness and joy to others

Lia ― A weary mistress or ruler

Liboria ― To be a free woman

Liliana ― Name of the flower lily, pure and innocent person

Lilla ― Short form of Elizabeth, meaning God is satisfaction

Linda ― Beautiful woman; Serpent

Liona ― Italian name meaning lioness

Livia ― An envious person; color blue

Liviana ― A jealous and resentful woman

Livianna ― A woman who evies others or a color blue

Lizz ― A woman hallowed by the Oath made to God

Loredana ― Created name by George Sand, based on a Venetian surname Loredan

Lorenza ― A female who came from Italian city Laurentum

Loreta ― A town in ancient Itali, Laurentum

Loretta ― A Girl who was born in ancient Laurentum

Lorette ― A Girl whose origins are from ancient Laurentum

Lorrella ― Girl crowned with laurel tree

Lovota ― A fast Wolf; good natured

Lucelly ― One who is illuminated by the light

Lucetta ― A light that is full grace

Lucette ― The one who shines with graceful light

Lucia ― white, bright light

Luciana ― Light, illumination

Lucinda ― The one who shines with graceful light

Lucrezia ― Italian name meaning profit

Ludovica ― Famous in war and battle

Luigia ― Italian name for mighty warrior

Luisa ― A famous battle maid

Luna ― Moon, one of the name of the Moon Goddes

Lupica ― A name given for a Bird; practical

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With M

Mabilia ― Adorable, lovable one

Madalene ― A woman from Magdala

Maddalena ― Woman who comes from the tower

Maddalina ― One from the tower

Maddalyn ― Girl from a tower

Maddelena ― A person from Madala, a town whose name means tower

Madonna ― My lady, a way respectful way to address a woman

Mafalda ― A powerful warrior

Magenta ― A deep pink colour

Manzi ― Occupational name for one who raised steers. Mostly used as a surname

Marcella ― A woman with the character of the warrior

Marcellina ― A woman dedicated to Mars

Margherita ― Old Greek – Pearl; A variation of the name Margaret

Maria ― Variation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for child

Mariabella ― A beautiful Mary

Mariangela ― An angel of the sea of sorrow

Marianna ― A glorious sea of sorrow

Mariella ― one who shines bright like a star above the sea of sorrow

Marieta ― A puddle of sorrow

Marilena ― A bright star of the sea

Marilene ― A star that shines in the sea

Marina ― A woman of the sea

Mariola ― A bitter dame

Marisa ― A child that was wished for

Marquesa ― One who works with a hammer.

Marseille ― A woman sweet as wine

Marsia ― A young woman dedicated to the god of war

Marsillia ― A woma who dedicated herself to Mars

Marta ― Latin – Dedicated to Mars; Warlike; Female Version of Marc; A variant of the name Martha

Martina ― Warring, warlike woman

Marutta ― A sea of bitterness or sorrow

Marzia ― A virtuous one who is devoted to God

Massima ― The gratest one of them all

Mataya ― She is a God’s gift

Matilde ― Germanic – Mighty in battle; Mighty Battle Maiden; A variant form of Matilda

Mattea ― Lord’s gift

Mea ― She who belongs to me

Melissa ― Germanic – Hard Worker; Greek – Honey; Bee; Strong Work; Industrious; Highborn Power; Variant of Melissa

Melita ― The sugary person, who is sweeter than the honey.

Mia ― The person who is dearly to everyone.

Miabella ― A tiny falcon, a baby falcon. A person with the qualities of a falcon

Micaela ― Hebrew – Who is like God; A variation of Michaela

Michele ― The Angel who carry messages of God

Miciela ― A blessed gift from God

Milana ― Slavic – Union; Favor; Grace; People

Mirabella ― A wonderful girl, elegant beauty

Mirele ― The person who is admired the most

Mirella ― Hebrew – God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of Mira

Miriam ― Hebrew – Sea of Bitternes; Rebelliousness; Wished for child; To swell; A variant form of Mary

Mirielis ― The beautiful, one who is admired

Mistico ― A mystical girl

Miuccia ― The woman who wished for a child, a virgin

Modesto ― Mehuli derived from a sanskrit word that means a very small rainy cloud.

Monalisa ― Art; Mona Lisa is a famous portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci

Morena ― One with the brown colored hair

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With N

Natala ― The one who came to this world on Christmas day.

Neroli ― The flower which is orange in color.

Neve ― The ice crystals which are falling from the clouds.

Nicholina ― One who always wins

Nicola ― The defender of the people.

Nicole ― The winning people.

Nicolien ― The people who are a champion

Nicolina ― The winning people.

Nicolo ― The winner among all

Nilda ― The one who is prepared for clash.

Noemi ― Agreeable nature or enjoyableness.

Norah ― The person who is possessing the quality of honourable.

Nunzia ― The one who carries good messages.

Nunziatina ― The one who brings announcements.

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With O

Ombretta ― A shadow, or a dusky resemblance

Oraina ― Derived from the Latin word “gold”, the most precious and valuable girl child.

Oria ― Who is humble in spirit or manner.

Oriana ― The valuable and the precious one.

Ornella ― The brightness, the nimble, the sunlit

Orsa ― The woman bear of feminine bear.

Orsina ― A bear like person.

Orsola ― Little young girl bear like person.

Ortensia ― Plants or trees or vegetables or flowers cultivating place.

Ottavia ― A person who is born on the Eighth; guardian

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With P

Paetta ― Bread; one who is the provider; to nourish

Palla ― A ball; a habitational name; a straw

Palmiera ― A place of pilgrim; holy place

Palmina ― One who is like a little Palm tree

Palmira ― Latin – Palm Tree; From the City of Palms; Habitational name for someone from Parma in Italy

Pamina ― Honey; Sweet; All sweetness; Made from honey; Variant spelling of “Pamela.”

Paola ― Latin – Small; Little; Humble; A derivative from the name Paula

Paolina ― A small and passionate individual

Pasqualina ― A saint born on Easter

Pata ― A name given to a spectrogram

Patrina ― Latin – Noble Women; Of noble birth; A variant form of Patricia

Patrizia ― A noble and kind hearted being

Pazienza ― Latin – One who endures with courage; Patient; A variant of the name Patience

Perla ― English – Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of Pearl

Pertessa ― Of the Countess

Pervinca ― Name of a plant called periwinkle; Name of a character in Italian book Fairy Oak

Petronilla ― Latin – Country bumpkin; Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of Petra

Phebe ― Shining; Pure; Brilliant; Sparkling; A variant of Phoebe

Phia ― A creative and self-reliant person

Pica ― A habitational name which means a pointed object

Piera ― A small stone or a piece of rock

Pierina ― Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra

Pieta ― Religious paintings or sculpture; A variant of Pity

Pietra ― One who is rock solid

Piia ― Another form of Pia; a lover or a sweetheart

Pila ― A pillar, a column of the buildig

Pippa ― She who loves horses

Placida ― A quiet and calm woman

Po ― A river in Italy, river Po

Poesia ― Like a piece of poetry

Poesy ― Like a piece of poetry

Polissena ― Italian form of Polyxena, a Greek name meaning daughter of Priam

Primavera ― Spanish – Springtime; Latin – Born at the beginning of Spring

Priscila ― An ancient woman

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With R

Rachele ― Italian version of the name Rachel, means ewe

Rafaele ― Heald by the God

Raffaele ― God has healed

Raffaella ― Hebrew – God has healed; A variant form of name Raphaela

Ravenna ― A big, black bird, a raven

Ravinia ― A place name of the Italian city

Rebecca ― One who makes traps

Rella ― Hebrew – Angel; Messenger; God Spoke; A variant form of Ella

Renatta ― A woman who was born again

Riccarda ― A woman who rules stronglz and powerfuly

Riga ― Italian – Variant of Greek Rigas

Rin ― A cold, severe and dignified person

Rina ― Greens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolved

Riviera ― The bank of the river

Rizzo ― One with curly hair

Rocca ― Feminine form of Rocco. It means rest.

Rome ― An Italian city, an ancient city of Rome

Romeeka ― A girl who is from an ancient city of Rome

Romula ― One who is a Roman woman

Romy ― A person from Rome, or can also mean Rosemary

Rosa ― A woman who is like a dew

Rosabella ― Beautiful as a rose

Rosabelle ― A woman who is a beautiful rose

Rosaelia ― The rose of a God

Rosalba ― She who is like a white rose

Rosaleah ― A Roman citizens

Rosana ― A woman graceful as a rose

Rosangela ― A woman who is like an angel rose

Rosangelica ― An angelic rose

Rosaria ― A lady of the rosary

Rosene ― A rosy looking young girl

Rosetta ― A small, little, but beautiful rose

Rosette ― A petitte woman who is like a little rose

Rosi ― She looks exactlly like a rose

Rosia ― To resamble a rose

Rosina ― Woman who is like a little rose

Rossana ― She who brings the brightness of a dawn

Rufina ― A woman who is of red hair

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With S

Salvatrice ― A woman who aids in the times of difficulty

Samanta ― The name of God, or The God has heard your prayer

Samuella ― A woman whose prayer has been heard by God

Sancia ― Connected with God

Santa ― One who is a saint

Sara ― Princess

Sarita ― River

Secca ― One who is shallow

Selini ― The Moon

Serafina ― From seraphim meaning fiery ones

Serena ― Serene and tranquil one

Sergio ― An attendant, a servant

Serra ― Italian name meaning ridge

Sicily ― A place name, an island in Italy

Sidonia ― A woman who comes from the acient city of Sidon

Siella ― She who is high as a mountain

Siena ― Place’s name in Italy

Sienna ― Reddish brown

Silvana ― A woman of the woods

Silvestra ― A woman of the forest

Silvia ― Wooded, forest

Simona ― A woman who listens

Simone ― One who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in Italy

Sistine ― A name of the Vatican chapel with Michelangelo’s frescoed cealing

Socca ― A food name, a kind of a pancake

Sofia ― Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman

Sofonisba ― The God Ba’al has sheltered her

Sorella ― A sisterly woman

Speranza ― A woman who brings hope to men

Stefania ― She who wears the crown

Stellabella ― She is as beautiful as the most brilliant star on the sky

Stellina ― A little shining star

Susi ― Short from Susanna, meaning a woman who is like a rose or a lily flower

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With T

Taide ― Derived from ancient greek, thais. A famous greek hetaera who lived during the time of Alexander the Great

Tasha ― Christ’s birthday

Teodora ― God’s gift

Teresa ― Harvester

Tessa ― Harvester

Toltse ― Sweet

Tosca ― A habitational name for one who is from Tuscany

Toscana ― The regional capital of Florence, Italy

Trota ― A philosophical and self sufficient being

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With V

Valentina ― Strong, vigourous, healthy

Venette ― Woman of Venice

Vianca ― Canadian variant of Bianca, meaning white.

Viviana ― One who is full of life.

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With X

Xiomara ― Variation of Xiamara which means Joyful deer

Italian Girl Names And Meanings Starting With Y

Ysabelle ― Consecrated to God

Italian Girl Names And Meanings