Italian Boy Names And Meanings

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Cool Italian Male Names : Some Italian baby boy names have become popular with American parents of all ethnic groups for their trendy ending letter ‘O.’ It has, therefore, gave rise to names such as Adriano, Emiliano, Dino, Mateo, and more.

If you’ve been considering giving your little Boy an Italian name and you are looking for unique Italian names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Italian baby Boy names, cute and cool Italian name your little baby boy, old fashioned Italian Boy name and short Italian Boy names with their meanings.

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With A

Abramo ― high father; father of a multitude

Acciai ― The occupational name for one who hold axe or who work with axe

Achille ― Old Greek – Pain; Lipless; Variant of Achilles

Adelmo ― A hard and preserving noble

Adriana ― From hadria

Adriano ― Latin – Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian

Agnello ― Lamb

Agustin ― Latin – August, dignified, holy; A variant of name Augustine

Agustino ― Italian form of Augustinus

Agusto ― Venerated; majestic; dignified

Aldo ― Something old, archaic

Alessandro ― Old Greek – Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

Alessio ― Protector of mankind

Alexius ― Old Greek – Defender; A variant of name Alexis

Alf ― Gothic – Noble and Ready; English – Inspired Advice; Old Peace Derived from the element Alfr which means Elf; A variant of name Alfonso and Alfie

Alfons ― Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

Alfonso ― Ready, prepared, organized

Alfonsus ― Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

Alfonzo ― Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

Alford ― English – old river crossing orford; Old English – inspired advice, Old Peace; A variant of name Alfred

Alfredo ― Alfredo is Elf Peace

Alfric ― Elf King; A Variant of name Aelfric

Alfrid ― Wise Counselor; Old English : Elf Counsel ; A variant of name Alfred

Alonso ― Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

Alonzo ― An inspirational dashing noble with sophisticated charm

Alphonso ― A noble prompt person ready for struggle and war

Alphonsus ― Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

Alvar ― Old English – Elf Army, Supernatural Army; Gothic – Guard for all; A variant of name Alvaro

Alvino ― A white and fair noble friend who is attracted to the mysteries of the nature

Amadeo ― Love of God; A variant of name Amadeu which is derived from Latin Amare “to love” and Deus “God”.

Amando ― The one who is loved by God and is well liked by others

Amanta ― It means to express, they are versatile and creative

Amara ― Immortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or Bitter

Amato ― The one who is beloved of all and the dearest

Ambrogio ― Old Greek – Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name Ambrose

Ambrosi ― Georgian form of Ambrosios, meaning he who is immortal

Amedeo ― The one who is the lover of God

Amer ― Arabic – Ruler, Prince, Emir, Commander; It is a variation of name Amerigo and Amir

Americo ― Ruler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name Amerigo

Amerigo ― German – Work; Ruler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name Emmerich

Amintore ― Old Greek – Protector, Defender; Derived from element Amyntor

Anastasio ― Old Greek – Resurrection; A variant form of the name Anastasius

Anatolio ― A break; beautiful sunrise

Angelo ― They are the messengers as well as the angels of God

Anna ― Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God

Anselmo ― German – Protected by God; A variant of name Ansel

Anthonie ― Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Anthonius ― Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Antonello ― Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Antonino ― Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Antonio ― Saint Anthony; worthy of praise

Antonius ― Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Antuninu ― Sicilian form of Antoninus, meaning a highly praiseworthy man.

Aristide ― The perfect kind; one who is the best type

Arlo ― manly, strong

Arlotto ― Vagabond or tramp

Armando ― Great warrior and a happy army man

Armino ― Warrior; a teacher or a scholar

Arnoldo ― Eagle ruler

Aroldo ― army ruler

Arrigo ― Germanic – Army; Warrior; To rule; House owner; Variant of name Amerigo

Arsenio ― Greek – Virile; It is derived from the element ‘Arsenios’

Arsi ― Greek – Virile; A variation of Arsenius

Arturo ― Strong as bear; one who has a powerful personality

Attilio ― Italian form of a grand Roman style family

Aurelio ― Latin – Golden Haired; A variant of name Aurelius

Avellino ― A smart and strong individual

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With B

Baiardo ― A foolhardy; one who is reddish brown

Baldassare ― Italian form of Balthazar which means “Baal protect the king ”

Basilio ― Noble; Royal; Kingly; Rose

Batista ― Baptist; To Dip

Beffa ― A deceit

Bello ― Helper

Benedetto ― Blessed; Similar to Latin Benedict

Beniamino ― Right-hand Son; Similar to Benedict; Son of the Right Hand

Benito ― Latin – Blessed; Variant of name Benedict

Benvolio ― Benvolio is derived from the Italian word “benevolo” and means “goodwill” or “benevolent.”

Bera ― A Well; Declaring

Beri ― My Corn

Beto ― A blessed individual who loves experiences

Bettino ― A person who is blessed

Biaggio ― One who stammers

Biagio ― One who Stutters

Boh ― An expression in Italian meaning “I don’t know”

Bonavento ― A surname meaning welcome

Bonaventura ― To have good fortune in life

Bonaventure ― One of good fortune

Bonifacio ― A man who has goof faith

Bosco ― A name of Italian Saint

Brando ― Sword; a weapon used at the time of wars

Bruno ― Germanic – Brown One; Derived from element Brun

Bucca ― A talkative person. Means mouth

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With C

Cabrini ― An Italian surname, meaning one who sails

Caelian ― A man from heaven

Caerda ― An Italian surname from Venice

Calogero ― A beautiful elderly man

Calvino ― A man who is bald

Camillo ― A noble-born person

Camora ― An Italian Mafia-type syndicate, a secret society

Campa ― He is a soothing man

Capulet ― An Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and Juliet

Cario ― A caring man

Carlino ― Little man who is very mainly

Carlo ― A strong mainly man

Carmelo ― An orchard that is fruitful

Carmine ― A man who is like a song

Carrados ― A brave counselor

Casanova ― A surname, meaning a new house, a new home

Caspari ― Variant spelling of Italian Gaspari. It means treasure bearer.

Cassio ― A man who is empty because of his vanity

Casso ― One who lives in the manor house

Catarino ― A genuine man

Cecilio ― He is a blind one

Celestina ― A heavenly or a celestial individual

Celso ― Variant of Celsus; active and majestic

Ceron ― A beekeeper

Cesare ― The one who has long hair

Cesario ― A hairy individual

Chellis ― A country dweller

Christian ― Follower of Jesus Christ

Ciolla ― He is layered like an onion

Cipriano ― One who hails from Cyprus, a place located at the left of Syria

Ciriaco ― Spanish name for Cyriacus; meaning God

Ciro ― Majestically; lordly; God-like; royally

Cirocco ― The wind from Ancient Egypt; a warm wind from Egypt

Claudio ― Crippled; one who cannot walk; lame

Clemente ― Merciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet tempered

Cleto ― To call a spirit while praying; usually done by a Pope

Colombo ― Dove, the symbol of peace and happiness

Columbo ― Derived from an Italian word meaning Dove, a white bird that is used as the symbol of peace

Concetto ― Mother Mary’s Immaculate Conception in Her mother’s womb

Corrado ― Fearless, bold, not afraid, valiant

Cosimo ― Meaning in Greek is “order, pattern or sequence”. Meaning in Italian is “Famous bearers of the Medici family”

Cosma ― Italian form of “cosmas”, meaning order, pattern, decency or decree

Cristian ― Romanian form of “Christianity”; Disciple of Christ

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With D

Damiano ― One who tames

Dangela ― An Angel

Dangelo ― Divine messenger

Daniel ― A Prophet

Dante ― Divine comedy

Danti ― The divine comedy

Dario ― Rich and healthy person

Daunte ― The one who is everlasting

Davide ― A humanitarian and broadminded person

Deangelo ― They are born bold and beautiful; angel

Demonte ― One who is coming from heaven; mountain

Diego ― Mexian version of name James; passionate

Dino ― A little sword; part of God

Dodinc ― Boys who born on Sundays ,Saints

Domani ― Tomorrow; one who does advance planning

Domenico ― It means the Almighty Lord

Donat ― They are the ones who are like gifts and are stranger

Donatello ― It’s a Gift of God ,To Give

Donato ― Given by God; one who is of the Lord

Dontay ― Lasting, enduring; one who has spiritual leadership

Donte ― They are contemporary and enduring people

Duran ― A firm and enduring human being

Durant ― An unbending person; enduring one

Durante ― One who is inaccessible

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With E

Edgardo ― A wealthy man who is known for riches

Edmondo ― A highly successful and productive being

Edoardo ― Rich guardian; they are responsible and efficient

Eduardo ― The holder of rich property

Edwaldo ― A loving and prosperous guardian

Egidio ― A shield bearer; name of a brave kid

Eligio ― A very private yet interesting person

Elio ― One who has the power of Sun

Eliodoro ― They are the gift sent from Sun

Eliseo ― They are kind and peace loving

Elmo ― One who acts like helmet and provides protection

Elpidio ― A refined and peace loving person

Emanuele ― this name is used to describe that god is with us.

Emberto ― someone who is a bright warrior.

Emidio ― this is a name in the honour of Saint Emegdius a patron against earthquake who lived during 3rd century and was a bishop.

Emiliano ― this name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard.

Emilio ― someone who tries to emulate or a rival.

Ennio ― the Italian form of the word Ennius; a famous poet during Roman civilization.

Enric ― it means head of the household.

Enrico ― one who rules the home.

Enrique ― ruler of an estate.

Enriquez ― a person who owns large estates and rules them.

Enzio ― a ruler at home.

Enzo ― it means someone who rules a estate or a house.

Erasto ― an Italian word meaning beloved or highly loving.

Ercole ― it means gift.

Ermanno ― it means a mighty defender.

Erminio ― associated with Greek god for speed and good luck.

Este ― an Italian word meaning someone from the east.

Ettore ― someone steadfast.

Eugenio ― a Spanish name for nobility or high born.

Euilaun ― an Italian name for someone who has been born into the nobility.

Eustachio ― a very famous saint.

Ezio ― One who is like an eagle

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With F

Fabian ― He who farms beans

Fabiano ― A man who grows beans

Fabio ― He who owns a bean farm

Fabricio ― A man who is very crafty

Fabrizio ― A man who is a craftsman

Fantino ― A form of Fantinus, meaning baby boy.

Faustino ― A little lucky man

Fausto ― A man of luck

Favio ― A man of wisdom and understanding

Fedele ― A faithful man

Federico ― A ruler who rules in peace

Federigo ― One whose ruling brings peace

Feliciano ― A young man who is lucky

Felicio ― He who is lucky in life

Felix ― A man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and success

Ferdinandus ― A daring traveler

Ferrari ― An occupational name, meaning a blacksmith

Ferruccio ― One with the iron sword

Fico ― A person who is like a fig

Fidelio ― He who is truthful and faithful

Fiero ― Proud

Figaro ― A daring and cunning man

Filberte ― A brilliant, well-learned individual

Filiberto ― An extremely bright person

Filippo ― A person who passionately loves horses

Filippos ― A person who is friendly with horses

Fiore ― A flower (Italian version of fiora)

Firdose ― The Paradise City of the Gods

Flaminio ― The keeper of the flames; i.e. A priest (in Spanish)

Flora ― Derived from the Latin word Flo,it means a flower; Roman goddess of Spring

Francescantonio ― Made up of Italian word Frances and Latin Antonio, it refers to a Frenchman worthy of praise

Francesco ― Italian version of the name ‘Francis’ it means a Frenchman or free man

Franco ― Obtained from German word ‘Frank’ it refers to a man of French origin

Frederico ― A Portuguese version of the name ‘Frederick’, it refers to a peaceful ruler

Fredo ― Italian diminutive of ‘Frederick’ meaning a peace ‘keeping ruler

Fynn ― African – River Ofinn; Old Norse – Finn; Celtic – White, Fair; A variant of name Finn

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With G

Gabriel ― God is my strength

Gabriela ― God is my strength

Gabriele ― God has given me great power.

Gabriella ― God is my strength

Gaetan ― The one who is from Gaeta, Italy.

Gaetano ― Gaeta is my home town.

Gaincarlo ― Italian – God’s Gracious Gift; Free man; Man; Name is combination of Gianni and Carlo

Galileo ― The person who is from Galilee.

Gaspare ― Italian pronunciation of Jasper (Wealthy person)

Gasparo ― One who is possessing abundant supply of money.

Gattani ― A surname from Milan, Italy

Gavino ― Derived from Gabinus, means Gabium, one of the olden cities in Italy.

Genaro ― Refers to the first month of the year, January.

Gennarino ― Diminutive of Gennaro (God Janus)

Gennaro ― One who belongs to God Janus (God of Romans)

Geno ― God is love.

Genoah ― One of the joints in human body, knee.

Gentile ― One who is easy going, mild and smooth.

Georgio ― Refers to Crofter or agriculturalist

Gerardo ― Strength

Geremia ― God is dwelling in high above the heavens.

Germano ― A male with same parents as someone else, brother.

Gerodi ― Refers to mountain or champion.

Gerome ― A form of Jerome

Geronimo ― Refers to a holy name, name of a saint.

Giacomino ― A God’s replacement

Giacomo ― Italian name meaning to replace

Giambattista ― God is gracious

Giampaolo ― A small gift from God

Gian ― Hebrew name meaning God’s gift

Giancarlo ― God’s manly gift

Gianfranco ― God is gracious and free

Gianluca ― Gianluca is an Italian male name. It is a combination of names Gian and Luca and means A Gift of God Born Under the Sunrise.

Gianluigi ― It means God is Gracious, Famous Warrior. It is a combination of the names Gian and Luigi. Represented in Christian religion.

Gianmarco ― Gianmarco is an Italian, Christian male name. It means God is Gracious and Warlike.

Giannes ― Giannes is a male name of Hebrew origin and means The Gift of God. This version of the name is mostly used in Italy.

Gianni ― Gianni means God is Gracious, God is Merciful. It is an Italian male name of Hebrew origin.

Giannino ― The name Giannino means God is Gracious. It is an Italian male name that originates from a Hebrew name Yochanan.

Giannis ― Giannis is an Italian male name, a variation of the name Gianni. It means God is Gracious and has Hebrew origins.

Gianpaolo ― The name Gianpaolo is an Italian male name, a combination of names Gian and the name Paolo. The meaning of the name is God is Gracious, Humble and God’s Precious Gift.

Gianpiero ― Italian male name. Combination of names Gian which means God is Gracious and Piero which means Rock.

Gianrico ― Italian male Christian name of Hebrew origin. It means God is Gracious.

Giasone ― Giasone is an Italian male name and means To Heal, Healer. It has Latin and Greek origins.

Gideone ― Gideone is an Italian male name of Hebrew origin. It means Destroyer, or He that Bruises.

Gilberto ― Gilberto is a male name, an Italian verzion of the name Gilbert and means Bright Pledge or Shining Pledge.

Gildo ― Gildo is an Italian male name and means Servant, Disciple. It is represented in Christian religion.

Gio ― The meaning of Gio is Farmer, or The Lord is Gracious.

Gioacchino ― Giacchino is an Italian name and means Raised by Yahweh.

Gioachino ― The name Gioachino means Established by Yahweh.

Gioele ― Italian version of the name Yoele and means God is Good.

Giona ― The male name Giona means Dove.

Giordano ― The name Giordano meaned to Flow, To Descend.

Giorgino ― Giorgino is an Italian name and means Earth Worker

Giorgio ― Italian name and means Earth Worker, Farmer.

Giorgios ― The meaning of Giorgios is the Farmer of the Earth.

Giovani ― Giovani means Gift from God

Giovanni ― Giovanni is an Italian name, means A Gift from God

Giovanny ― Giovanny means God is Gracious, God has shown a Favor.

Giovonni ― Italian male name that means God is Gracious

Girolamo ― Girolamo means Holy, Sacred Name

Gitano ― Gitano means Gypsy, the Wanderer

Giuliano ― Giuliano means Young, Youthful

Giulio ― Giulio is an Italian name and means Young

Giuseppe ― The meaning of the name is God will Add, God will Give

Giusto ― The name Giusto means Unbais, Upright

Goffredo ― God’s Peace, The one who will live in peace and give peace to others, who will love and give love to all others.

Gorla ― Name of place in Italy; Derived from the latin word gulula, meaning little cleft

Graziano ― They are very gentle, sensitive and have big soft heart. They love to admire and want to be prominent all the time.

Greco ― They are very clever, deep mind and sensitive. They are very kind and great to others.

Gregorio ― They have ability to lead, organize and manage. They love music, art and drama.

Gualtiero ― Germanic – To Rule; Army; People of Power; Army of Power; Strong Warrior; Italian form of Walter

Guglielmo ― Guglielmo is materialistic and self-serving, he doesn’t waver to grab the open doors that life presents him with.

Guido ― Guido means life. The person with this name is full of life and knows how to live this life.

Guilio ― Youthful strong person who is full of life.

Guiseppe ― Italian type of JOSEPH. In Biblical the significance of the name Joseph is: Increase; expansion.

Guntero ― Germanic – Army; Fight; Warrior; A variant of Gunther

Gynni ― From the John tribe

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With H

Herberto ― Bright Fighter

Heriberto ― Army Bright; Shining Fighter, Warrior

Hieronomo ― Italian – Holy Name; A variant form of Hieronymos

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With I

Ivano ― A form of John, meaning God is gracious.

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With J

Jacopo ― Hebrew – Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A variant of name Jacob

Januario ― Devoted to Janus, a variation of January.

Julio ― people with this name try their best to please everyone. They show interest in making friends.

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With K

Kajetan ― Kajetan means From the Town Gaetano

Kalanidhi ― Kalanidhi name means Respectable of the Moon Crescent

Kara ― Italian – Beloved; Dear; Derived from name Cara or Carus

Kason ― Kason means House, a Home

Kona ― Sanskrit – Angular; Italian – Lady;

Krystallo ― Krystallo means Christ’s Follower

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With L

Lamberto ― A person who comes from the Bright Lands

Lando ― Someone who is famous throughout the land; Bright Sun

Lanz ― Territory of one’s Home Land

Lauris ― Variant of Lawrence. It means from Laurentum.

Lauro ― A Boy who comes from the place where Laurel trees grow

Lazaro ― Italian form of Lazarus, biblical name

Lazzaro ― Italian version of the name Lazarus

Leandro ― Lion. Latin name describing Lionlike person

Leofede ― Faith of a lion, or a lion’s faith

Leoluca ― The name is a combination of Leo or Leone with Luca.

Leonardo ― Bold Lion

Leone ― Latin name representing lion

Leopoldo ― He who has the bravery of the people

Lino ― A flax plant, used to make linen

Lodovico ― Italian name meaning famous warrior

Lorence ― A person who comes from the place of lime trees

Lorents ― Comes from ancient Italian city, Laurentum

Lorenzo ― He who lived in Italian city Laurentum

Loreto ― A place name, ancient city of Laurentum

Loretto ― A Boy from ancient Italian city Laurentum

Lotario ― Italian name for soldier of the people

Luca ― Place name, a region in southern Italy

Lucan ― One who comes from the city of Luca in Toscany

Lucca ― He who illuminates

Luce ― Light giver

Luciano ― Variation of name Lucian, meaning light, enlightened

Lucio ― The one that brings light

Ludo ― Derived from Latin name Louis, meaning light

Ludovic ― Famous warrior

Ludovico ― An illustrious fighter

Luduvico ― Variation of Ludwig, mighty warrior

Luigi ― Italian name for renowned fighter

Luigino ― A beloved warrior

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With M

Macario ― Spanish name meaning happy

Maceo ― Spanish name, Gift of God

Manfredo ― Powerful peace; Peaceful Strength; A variant of Manfred

Mano ― Hebrew – God is with us; a contraction of the name Manuel; Hawaiian – Shark; Passionate Lover

Manuel ― God is among us

Manzi ― Occupational name for one who raised steers. Mostly used as a surname

Marcell ― A person whose strength is compared to the hammer

Marcello ― A warrior who is of young age

Marcelo ― One who has the strength of the hammer

Marciano ― Italian name meaning hammer

Marcio ― He who is of Mars

Marco ― He who is at war

Mariano ― A hostile warlike man

Marino ― A lad of the sea

Mario ― A sad, bitter person

Marquise ― A hereditary title below duka

Martelli ― Ocupation name, one who is a Hammersmith

Marzio ― He who is war-like

Massa ― A Burden; Prophecy; An Italian habitational Place name

Massimiliano ― The greatest one

Massimo ― He who is the greatest

Mateo ― He was the gift of God

Matta ― Gift of Yahweh; Gift of God; Gift of the Lord; A variant of Mata

Matteo ― He who is a gift from the Lord

Mattia ― Italian name for a gift of Lord

Maurizio ― He who has dark skin

Mauro ― A moor

Maximo ― The greatest of men

Mazota ― An individual who is compassionate and loving

Miano ― Short form of the personal name Damiano; Habitational name

Michelangelo ― the Archangel of the almighty God.

Michele ― The Angel who carry messages of God

Monaco ― A monk, or someone who is serving a monastery

Monte ― A steep mountain

Mossimo ― The largest or the greatest of all

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With M

Napoleone ― Resembles as fairy or dwarf.

Narciso ― The sea, anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume

Nario ― A cheerful person, always cheering

Natale ― Who was born on Jesus Christ’s birthday.

Natanaele ― Provided by God.

Nazaire ― An Italian Martyr, or a place where Christ spend his childhood

Nazario ― Who belongs to Nazareth

Nello ― Priceless or un-expected worth

Nero ― The person who is demanding or tough in dealing things.

Nestore ― An explorer or a tourist

Nevio ― A mole or a birth-mark

Newall ― The black color birth mark.

Niccolo ― The multitude of winning.

Nico ― Deity of success or triumph.

Nicolas ― The victor of the multitude.

Nino ― Darling one to Amun.

Nuncio ― The one who brings good news and messages.

Nunzio ― The person who brings messages to various destinations.

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With O

Odoacer ― The goddess person.

Oliviero ― The usage from Oliver.

Olivina ― A reminder of olive

Onofre ― The one who fights for peace or harmony.

Onofredo ― The cadre who fights for the harmony of nation.

Onofrio ― Protector of harmony.

Orazio ― The person who is steadfast in prayers.

Oreste ― A huge rugged one

Orfeo ― The one who has come for a determination.

Orlando ― The accomplishment of the multitude.

Orsino ― The person who likes the bear.

Ottavio ― Born on Eighth; has a grasping personality

Ovidio ― An individual who is like a Sheep

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With P

Palmiro ― One who is like the Palm tree; pilgrim place

Paolo ― A small person; tiny individual

Papa ― A name given to the father or pope

Pascal ― A person with idealistic and sensitive nature

Pasqual ― Catalan form of Spanish name Pascual; A Venetian variant of Italian name Pasquale; A name relating to Easter; Born on Passover day

Pasquale ― Variant of French name Pascal; Derived from the Latin Paschalis meaning relating to Easter; Born on Passover Day

Pasqualino ― One who has Saint like personality

Patrizio ― A kind hearted, sorted and noble being

Paulu ― Sicilian variant of Paul, meaning small or humble.

Pellegrino ― A name for the pilgrim; holy man

Pepe ― Spanish form of Joseph; Joseph means Yahweh will add (another son); He shall increase;

Peppino ― Joseph; one who can add

Petro ― They are impressive and clear sighted individual

Piccolo ― One who is small; sweet flute

Pierluigi ― It means Peter Louis

Piero ― Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Pietro; A form of Peter

Pietro ― The one who is solid like a rock

Pino ― Yahweh will add another son

Pio ― A dutiful person

Placido ― A man who is calm and quiet

Plinio ― A skillful person

Plucca ― From the name Lucca, means one who is full of light

Primo ― Latin – First; First Born; A variant of the name Primus

Proinsias ― Italian – Frenchman; Free One; Proinsias is a form of the English Francis

Prospero ― Latin – Prosperous; Lucky; Wealthy; According to ones wishes; Derived from Latin word Prosper

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With R

Rafaello ― Italian version of the name Rafael, means healed by God

Raimondo ― A mighty protector

Raul ― The counsel of the wolves

Remigio ― A person who is a rower

Remo ― One who is a rower, an oarsman

Renato ― Latin – Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name Rene

Renz ― A Laurel, an award

Renzo ― The third son in the family

Ric ― A mighty, powerful and strong ruler of men

Ricardo ― A King known for his might and strength

Riccardo ― Germanic – Powerful ruler; Strong Ruler; Mighty Ruler

Rin ― A cold, severe and dignified person

Rinaldo ― One whose power is in his wisdom

Rino ― A short of all the names that end with Rino

Rizzo ― One with curly hair

Roberto ― Germanic – Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of Robert

Rocco ― One who rests

Rocko ― One who enjoys inactivity

Rocky ― One who is stony, rocky

Roco ― To be resting

Rolando ― He who is the most famous and legendary of all men

Roma ― Latin – Man from Rome; Roman;

Romano ― A man who was born in Rome

Romare ― A person who is from Rome

Romario ― One who is a pilgrim ro Rome

Rome ― An Italian city, an ancient city of Rome

Romeao ― One who comes from the ancient city of Rome

Romeo ― A settler, a wayfarer to Rome

Romolo ― One who founded Rome

Romon ― A Boy whose home is Rome

Romy ― A person from Rome, or can also mean Rosemary

Roque ― One firm as a rock is

Roreto ― An Italian place name for Boys

Rosario ― A young man of the rosary

Rossano ― A man who brings the dawn’s light

Rudolpho ― One who is known as a famous wolf

Rufino ― A man who is of red hair

Ruggero ― A warrior with a famous spear

Ruggiero ― A famous fighter with a spear

Russo ― A traditional Sicilian surname, means a red one

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With S

Sal ― One who is a savior

Salomone ― Italian name meaning peacekeeper

Salvatore ― He is salvation. A man who is a hero, a liberator

Samuel ― It was told by the God

Samuele ― The God has heard your words

Samuell ― You were heard by the God

Sandrino ― Defender of the people

Sandro ― Human race protector

Sansone ― A son of the Sun

Santino ― Sacred

Santo ― A holy one

Santonio ― Italian name meaning priceless

Saverio ― A new home

Savino ― One of the Sabines

Sekla ― Occupational name for a mender of saddles; saddler

Sergio ― An attendant, a servant

Severiano ― He who is stern

Severino ― He who is rigid

Severo ― The severe one

Sienna ― Reddish brown

Sigismondo ― One who is a victorious defender

Silvano ― He who lives in the woods

Silvestro ― A person of the woods

Silvia ― Wooded, forest

Silvino ― He is a man from the forest

Silvio ― He who loves the woods

Simone ― One who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in Italy

Socca ― A food name, a kind of a pancake

Stefano ― Crown

Stephano ― He wears a crown

Sylvain ― He who is a man of the forest

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T

Taddeo ― Italian of thaddeus; A gift of God

Taivan ― Foreigner, one who stays in someone else’s country or land

Tasha ― Christ’s birthday

Tatuini ― One who is corrupted

Teodosio ― Given by God

Terenzio ― One who instigates

Terzo ― Italian variation of the name Tertius, means third

Tessa ― Harvester

Thomaso ― He who has a twin

Tino ― A little one or a junior

Tito ― In Latin it means one who is saved. In Italian it means of the giant

Tiziano ― The honoured one

Tolliver ― A fierce fighter or one who cut metals

Toma ― Romanian form of Tomas, meaning twin.

Tomaso ― The twin baby, one of twin

Tomasso ― Twin child, one of the twin born

Tommaso ― An apostle who doubted the resurrection of Christ

Tonino ― One whose price is never estimated

Toppa ― A keyhole or a patch

Toti ― The Gifts from the God

Totie ― The blessings from the God

Tulliu ― A form of Tullius. It was the name of a famous king.

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With U

Uberto ― Bright mind; Intelligent; Italian form of Hubert; Bright Spirit;

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With V

Valentino ― Brave or strong.

Vicenzu ― A variant of Vincentius. It means to conquer.

Vincentius ― To conquer

Vincenzo ― Variation of Vincent which means Conquering

Vito ― Croatian form of Vitus, meaning life.

Italian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With W

Wojciech ― He who is happy in battle

Italian Boy Names And Meanings