Irish Girl Names And Meanings

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Irish Girl Names That Starts With A

Aed ― A fire, flame, burning fire

Aedh ― From Scottish word Aodh, that means fire

Aelinn ― Handsome or beautiful

Aerinn ― An exalted or strong woman

Aidan ― Little and Fiery

Aideen ― Little fire.

Aiden ― Little fire.

Aifric ― Pleasant.

Aileen ― Light

Aileene ― Variant of Evelyn.

Ailey ― Light.

Aili ― Irish – Light; Germanic – Of a noble kind; Bright one

Ailia ― Irish – Light; Germanic – Of a noble kind; Bright one; A variant of Aili

Ailis ― God is my oath

Aine ― “splendor, radiance, brilliance

Airlie ― a variant of the name Airleas

Aislin ― Variant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or vision.

Aisling ― Dream or Vision and referring to an aisling,

Aislinn ― Variant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or vision

Aislyn ― A variant of Aisling (Irish, Gaelic) and the meaning is “dream, vision

Akayla ― An Irish surname, means a slender, slim woman

Akayna ― One who is a very beautiful and dear child

Alana ― Little rock, or Harmony, Concord

Alanna ― Form of Alana; filled with beauty and serenity

Allene ― Attractive, Peaceful

Amelia ― The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile

Aoife ― The one filled with love, radiance and kindness

Arleen ― Noble and a manly individual who is powerful

Ashling ― A beautiful vision or a dream

Assumpta ― It is the Latinate form of Asuncion

Asthore ― A loved child

Attracta ― Irish – A virtuous woman; Name of a Saint; Athracht and Athrachta are variant form of names

Ava ― A bird; a living organism of the ecosystem

Avalbane ― A beautiful white orchard; filled with flowers

Aveleen ― She is a Goddess of war and wisdom

Irish Girl Names That Starts With B

Bannon ― White

Beryan ― Name of an Irish princess renowned for her healing abilities.

Bevin ― Bevin is Fair Lady; beautiful and emotional

Biddie ― A little exalted one

Birgith ― Estonian variant of Brigid, meaning noble.

Birgitte ― Comes from old Norse “bjart” meaning bright one or radiant. This is a variant of the Swedish Birgitta and the English Bridget.

Bradi ― It is used as a surname. The descendants of the family Bradach use this name.

Bradie ― An alternate spelling for “Bradi”; spirited being

Braila ― Irish surname, meaning a slender woman

Branna ― Hair as beautiful as a raven’s hair

Breca ― One who has a freckled skin; spots on skin

Breda ― Bride; the female on her wedding day

Brenna ― Hill containg beacon; a flashing light on the hill

Brey ― One who has power and force

Bria ― One who is from the hill

Briah ― A woman of huge strenght

Briahna ― A strong and high woman

Briahnna ― A strong noble lady

Briana ― A noble woman who lives in the hills

Brianagh ― She is a noble from the hills

Brianda ― A lady of great strenght

Briann ― An ascending one

Brianna ― A strong ascending woman

Briannah ― She is strong and noble

Brianne ― She is ascending

Briannika ― She has great strenght

Briannon ― She is on her way up

Briauna ― One who is high-born, a noble woman

Bridd ― A woman with protective nature

Bridie ― A high one

Briegh ― A woman with great force and strenght

Brienna ― Noble-born lady of great strenght

Brietta ― One who is a strong female

Brigette ― She is a strong woman

Brighid ― A firm and strong woman

Brigit ― A woman who is exalted

Brigita ― A woman who is ascending

Brigitt ― An woman who is ascneding in life

Brigitta ― A fiery, poetic, exalted woman

Brigitte ― A solid, firm, strong woman

Brina ― He who is a defender of people

Brinn ― She is high and noble

Briona ― A woman of many virtues

Britanee ― She is from Britain

Bronagh ― A sorrow woman

Bryah ― A woman of great strenght and force

Bryanna ― A strong woman who only goes up

Bryanne ― She is a strong and ascending woman

Bryoni ― A brave and virtuous woman

Bryony ― To be full of virtue

Irish Girl Names That Starts With C

Cael ― A slender person

Caela ― A woman who is slender

Cailee ― A slender woman

Caileigh ― A slender forest woman

Cailley ― A slender lady

Cailyn ― A young girl

Cait ― A pure woman

Caitee ― Woman of purity

Caitlan ― A girl who is pure

Caitland ― A pure lady

Caitlann ― A lady of purity

Caitlen ― Woman who is of pure nation

Caitley ― One who is pure

Caitlind ― Pure natured woman

Caitly ― Short for Caitlyn, meaning a pure woman

Caitlyn ― She is a woman known for her purity

Caitlynd ― She who is pure in heart

Caitlynn ― A fair and pure girl

Caitria ― A fair lady

Caitrian ― A fair and pure lady

Caitrin ― A genouine woman

Caitriona ― Genuine person

Caitryn ― A genuine, pure lady

Caitya ― A woman who is genuine

Calybrid ― Saint Bridget’s servant

Calycrist ― She is like a star-flower

Campbell ― She has a crooked mouth

Caoilainn ― A slender and fair woman

Caoimhe ― A precious and gentle lady

Caragh ― To love someone

Carah ― A beloved girl

Caraleen ― A very beloved woman

Caraleena ― She is deeply loved

Caraline ― She is loved and cared for

Caralyn ― A beloved free woman

Caralyne ― She is free and loved

Caralynn ― She is loved and free

Carenza ― A loving and affectionate girl

Carlina ― She is a woman with freedom

Carline ― A woman of free spirits

Carlys ― A little champion of freedom

Carrigan ― A very pointed spear

Carrolin ― A full grown champion

Casendana ― She brings peace by day

Casidhe ― A clever woman

Casidi ― A brainy, smart girl

Casie ― She who is very smart

Casse ― An alert woman

Cassidy ― A smart and clever girl

Cathalina ― A woman who is considered a mighty warrior

Catreena ― She is a pure one among women

Catriona ― One that is pure

Catryn ― She is the innocent one

Cayla ― A very slender female

Caylee ― A thin, slim one

Caylie ― A thin and slender woman

Caylin ― A girl, a maiden, a lady, female

Caytlan ― The pure or the unpolluted

Ceara ― One who is good with a spear

Cedrica ― A feminine of Cedric. A woman with a bounty

Cedrina ― She is a bounty one

Ceegan ― The one born out of fire

Ceire ― The little one; a Saint

Cessair ― The one filled with sorrow

Chailyn ― The pure one who is filled with life and laughter

Chanin ― The wise one

Charidan ― Name of grandson of Siridean; peaceful being

Chevonne ― Gracious God

Chloe ― Fresh blooming, ripe green shoot

Chrissa ― Abbreviation of Christine, or someone who is annointed

Christi ― Follower of Jesus Christ

Ciara ― Dark; something that is not fair in complexion

Cliodhna ― An Irish goddess who had a beautiful shape, who fell in love with a mortal

Cliona ― One who is shapely; refers to a shapely Irish goddess who fell in love with a human

Clodagh ― A place where lots of rivers flow, and these rivers are places of prayers

Collice ― Girl, female, lady, a relatively young woman

Conary ― A wise person; a man who is filled with knowledge

Concepta ― Refers to the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary

Coriann ― A seething, boiling, turbulent pool

Corianne ― From a turbulent, boiling, seething pool

Corie ― A pool that is bubbling, boiling and turbulent

Corisa ― From a ravine; a boiling, frothing pool

Corissia ― A young, beautiful woman; a maiden

Corri ― A frothing, bubbly pool from a round hill

Corrianna ― A bubbly, frothy seething pool from the round hills

Corrianne ― From the bubbly, frothy seething pools

Corrie ― A ravine, seething pool or frothing water

Corry ― A bubbly, frothy pool or ravine

Cortie ― From a seething, frothing pool or ravine

Crissie ― Diminutive of “Christine”; Follower of Christ

Crissy ― Abbreviation of “Christine”; Disciple of Christ

Cristin ― Short for “Christine”; Servant of Christ

Cristina ― Diminutive of “Christine”; Follower and believer of Christ

Cyleigh ― A beautiful, darling daughter

Irish Girl Names That Starts With D

Daire ― Fertile land

Daley ― An assembly

Dalles ― One from the meadow

Dallin ― Belonging to the meadow

Daragh ― An Oak

Daray ― Dark skinned

Darci ― A stubborn , dark person

Dealla ― An early invader; protector

Dearbhail ― Fal’s daughter; an ancient name

Dearbhla ― Talented daughter of a poet

Dedra ― A steady, raging and versatile being

Dee ― Dark and sacred Goddess

Deedra ― Beautiful melancholy of a broken heart

Deidre ― An individual who died of broken heart

Deirbhile ― Beautiful daughter of the poet

Deirdra ― Melancholy of the broken heart

Deirdre ― One who has a broken heart

Devin ― Poet

Dodo ― It means precious Gift of God; his uncle

Dolan ― Unlucky , Unfortunate; a black haired person

Dominca ― A Famous Saint; one who belongs to the Lord

Doreen ― A beautiful yet moody person

Irish Girl Names That Starts With E

Eabha ― The hebrew meaning of the name eabha means ‘To Live’.

Eadoin ― A modern form of name; they are majestic

Eavan ― It means ‘Beauty’

Eaven ― In irish it means Beautiful.

Edalene ― A noble queen like woman

Edaline ― A noble leader; king; one who has ability to act

Edana ― Fire ; a tiny little flame

Egan ― Fire;young fighter

Eibhlin ― Shining Brilliant

Eile ― A famous mythological irish queen; practical one

Eilean ― One who is filled with light; Hazelnut tree

Eileen ― Shining bright light; Strong as Hazelnut

Eileene ― Light source which is bright and shining

Eilene ― Hazelnut; a very strong guard

Eiley ― Juniper tree; Hazelnut which is free detailed

Eilin ― A Hazelnut tree; a sweet singing bird

Eilis ― God is my Oath; one who is a devoted person

Eilish ― Convenat with God; a pledge

Eilley ― Shinning, bright light

Eily ― Juniper tree; filled with light

Eimen ― A protector; wealthy one with confidence

Eimile ― One who is practical natured and free detailed

Eithne ― A seed; graceful; ardent ruler; A kernel or grain

Elivina ― A beautiful friend of the Elves

Elly ― The one who is born to spread light

Elva ― this name basically means a elfin

Elveva ― the meaning of this name is elfin or elf leader.

Elvia ― this name means noble and faithful or elf.

Elvie ― this name means good noble friend or elfin or good elf.

Emika ― in Slavik this name means charming.

Emily ― a name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.

Emma ― the meaning of this name is universal whole.

Emogen ― this name has the meaning maiden.

Emogene ― a maiden is signified by this name.

Eneida ― this name means a life or a soul of a person.

Engla ― Swedish feminine form of the word angel.

Ensley ― derived from a British palace in Nottinghamshire by the name of Annesley or Ann’s meadow.

Enya ― it means fire.

Erina ― a feminized form of erin; meaning peace and a poetic way of referring to Ireland.

Erine ― Variation of Erin which means From the island to the west

Erinna ― means Ireland.

Erinne ― a word which means Ireland.

Ernia ― an Irish word meaning serios and earnest.

Ernie ― a feminized Irish name which means earnestly serious and determined.

Errin ― it means Ireland in poetic form or peace.

Eryn ― a poetic form of referring to Ireland.

Erynn ― a word which is used in poetry for referring to Ireland.

Erynne ― a feminized word used in poetry for referring to Ireland.

Eslanda ― an Irish word for truth.

Ethna ― it means graceful.

Etna ― the name of a 5th century Irish saint.

Irish Girl Names That Starts With F

Feena ― A small and little fawn

Fenella ― One with fair, white shoulders

Fiana ― A huntress warrior

Fianna ― A vine plant

Fidelma ― A faithful lady

Fina ― One who shall add

Findabair ― Daughter of Queen Medb (Irish Mythology)

Finella ― A person wit fair shoulders

Firdaus ― The Heavenly City of the Gods; Divine Garden (similar to that of Eden)

Firdausi ― Paradisical; Heaven-like

Firdaws ― The Heavens or the Paradise

Firdoos ― The Heavens or the Paradise

Firdous ― The Realm of Paradise

Flyn ― It refers to someone with red hair

Flynn ― It essentially means descendant of the red-haired ones

Foy ― Alternant of ‘Fee’ which means ‘faith and hope’

Irish Girl Names That Starts With G

Gael ― Refers to an unknown person or visitor.

Gale ― The one who is delighted and happy.

Gaynor ― One who is open minded and easy-going.

Gilly ― The name Gilly means flower, Gillyflower. It is of German, Gaelic and Irish origin and a female name.

Glenna ― Glenna means From the Glen or From the Valley

Glennie ― Glennie means The One who is From the Valley

Gough ― A girl with red hair. red hair is a symbol of beauty. A beauty which is out of the world.

Goughe ― A girl with red hair. red hair is a symbol of beauty. A beauty which is out of the world.

Grace ― Grace, which means decency with a special beauty.

Granuaile ― The name Granuaile is of Irish beginning. The importance of Granuaile is “beauty omalley”.

Granville ― The name Granuaile is of Irish beginning. The importance of Granuaile is “beauty omalley”.

Gricelda ― In german, Griselda means the gray battle or Christianity battle, In latin it means Gray haired or in easy word an intelligent person.

Gricia ― Gracie name is derived from the word grace, which means decency with a special beauty.

Gricie ― Gracie name is derived from the word grace, which means decency with a special beauty.

Irish Girl Names That Starts With H

Hannah ― Grace, Favour

Holiston ― A name of the irish girl

Irish Girl Names That Starts With I

Ibernia ― A woman belonging to Ireland.

Immaculata ― One who is perfect and immaculate.

Irish Girl Names That Starts With J

Jakayla ― She who is from the monastery

Jileen ― genuine, altruistic, splendid and frequently innovative, loaded with high motivations

Irish Girl Names That Starts With K

Kaedin ― The name means Pure Sound

Kahlan ― Kahlan name means Strong Leader

Kahlen ― Kahlen name means From John’s Farm

Kailie ― Kaille means Slender

Kait ― The name Kait means Pure

Kaitlen ― Kaitlen means A Woman that is Pure

Kaitlin ― Kaitlin name means a Pure Woman

Kaitline ― The name Kaitline means Fair, Pure

Kaitlinn ― Kaitlinn name means Fair

Kaitlyn ― The meaning of the name is Unadulterater, Pure

Kaitlynn ― Kaitlynn name means The Fair and Pure One

Kaitlynne ― The name means the One that is Fair and Pure

Kaitrin ― Kaitrin name means Unsullied, Pure One

Kaity ― Kaity name means Unsullied Woman

Kallen ― Kallen means Mighty in Battle, Warrior

Kasie ― Kasie name means Alert

Kassady ― Kassady means The One with a Curly Hair

Kaylin ― The name means Rejoicer, Waterfall

Kayloni ― Kayloni means Summer Forest

Kaysie ― Kaysie name means Watchful and Brave

Keagan ― Keagan means The Descendant of the Fiery One

Keaira ― Keaira means The Little adn Dark One

Keana ― Keana means She is Acient

Keanna ― Keanna means Very Old

Keelan ― Keelan means Slender and Fir

Keelin ― Keelin means Delicate

Keelty ― Keelty means She is from the Woods

Keely ― Keely means Beautiful and Falir

Keelyn ― Keelyn means She is Lively

Keena ― Keena means a Brave Girl or Woman

Keeva ― The name means a Gentle Beauty

Keiani ― Keiani means She is Ancient

Keilee ― Kailee means She is a Warrior and a Fighter

Keir ― Keir name means Dark-haired and Dark-skinned Girl

Keira ― Keira means Little Dark-haired Woman

Keiran ― Keiran means The one that is Little and Dark

Keli ― The name Keli means War, Strife

Kella ― Kella means Warrior

Kellee ― Kellee means War, Strike

Kelleigh ― Name means Aggressive

Kellyn ― the name means Descendent of the Brightheaded One

Kelsee ― Kelsee means the Brave One

Kelsi ― Kelsi means Couregeous

Keridwen ― Kerianne means Dusky, Dark

Kerrell ― Kerra means Dusky, Dark

Kerri ― The descendants of Ciar. name of a county of Ireland

Kerrick ― Kerriann means Dusky

Kerrie ― Irish – Descendants of Ciar; A variant spelling is Kerry

Keva ― Keva name means Precious, Gentle

Kiandra ― Kiandra means Archaic

Kiandre ― Kiandre means Ancient, Old

Kianna ― Kianna means Something very Old

Kianne ― Kianne means Centuries Old, Ancient

Kiara ― Kiara means a Woman With Raven-Black, Dark Hair

Kiena ― Kiena means She is Very Old

Kiera ― Kiera means Black Woman

Kierah ― Means Black-Haired Woman

Kierra ― Keirra means Dark, or Lord

Kierslei ― The name means A Girl of Raven hair

Kierslyn ― The name means Black Haired Girl

Kiley ― Kiley means Graceful

Kinnia ― Kinnia means An old and Acient One

Kinvara ― Kinvara is a place name, a name of the Irish Town in County Clare

Kinzie ― Kinzie means The Fair and Beautiful Maiden

Koree ― The name means Near a Hollow

Krichia ― Krichia means She is of Noble Born

Irish Girl Names That Starts With L

Lana ― Variation of Alan, which means Little rock, Harmony, or Concord

Laoise ― A Luminous and Bright person

Leena ― Irish word describing wet meadow

Leiann ― Derived from Helen, means woman of beuty

Leianna ― A brigh and beautiful woman

Leianne ― A woman of immense beauty and light

Lennon ― The one who is very dear

Lincy ― Indian name

Linzy ― A generous and humble individual

Loman ― A bare and empty place

Lucy ― English variation of Lucia, meaning light

Lyndsee ― A settlement near the lake

Lyndsei ― A colony by the lake

Lynley ― A beautiful church

Lynna ― A house or a church

Lynne ― A place by the lake

Irish Girl Names That Starts With M

Mab ― A girl of high spirits, a happy person

Macha ― Irish name describing a plain

Machele ― She who comes from the plains

Madailein ― Magnificent one

Madden ― Puppies, small dogs

Maddie ― A woman with great strength in the battle

Maddyn ― One whose mother was a brave warrior

Madigan ― A dog, mastiff

Maebh ― The cause of a great happiness and joy

Maelis ― Prince

Maeve ― She who is intoxicatingly beautiful

Mailys ― A form of Maelis, meaning prince

Mairia ― Irish name describing someone who is bitter

Mairin ― A star of the sea

Maitilde ― Irish name for maiden who is strong in a battle

Majella ― Irish name of a saint

Makenzi ― Daughter of a wise ruler who is born in fire

Makenzie ― A person born from fire

Makinzi ― Daughter of the handsome one

Maraed ― Woman who is pretty as a pearl

Maurya ― A girl who is bitter

Mave ― One who brings joy to people

Mays ― A nature loving person

Meabh ― She who is intoxicatingly joyous

Mealla ― She who is as sweet as honey

Meara ― Irish word for sea

Mearna ― A woman of tender character

Meave ― A joyful person. This was the name of queen of Connaught

Medb ― One who causes a great joy

Medbh ― A woman who causes joy

Melva ― A kind woman, compassionate female.

Meral ― A large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the day light.

Meriel ― A shining and sparkling sea.

Merna ― Irish – Affectionate; Beloved Woman

Merrigan ― Related to the Ocean.

Mia ― The person who is dearly to everyone.

Mide ― the one who is in need of water.

Miral ― A large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the day light.

Miren ― A white sea, or a fair sea, clear sea

Moirin ― Gentle wind blows in the warmest season of the year.

Monroe ― From the mouth of the Roe river of Ireland

Moreen ― A person with great personality

Morgant ― One who belongs to the shore of the seas

Morrigan ― A Great emperor queen. The Goddess of death and war

Moya ― The bitter taste of the sea

Irish Girl Names That Starts With

Neile ― Protector, guardian, fighter, warrior.

Neill ― A person who is always wins

Nelda ― The grain of the fenugreek shrub.

Nemain ― A spirited women or a Goddess in Irish mythology

Nerisha ― That can reveal hidden treasure

Nerissa ― One who can tell hidden treasures

Niamh ― The cleverness or positiveness.

Nieve ― Bight light or shining nimble.

Niya ― The aim or desire of something

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Noirin ― Respectful or honest or decent.

Noorin ― A short form of “Moder” which means mother.

Noreen ― The person who is uprightness and sunlit.

Noreena ― The person who is graceful and decency.

Nuala ― The one who has fair or pure shoulders.

Irish Girl Names That Starts With O

Omie ― Outstanding or splendid or wonderful girl.

Omont ― Who belongs to the lands of mountains

Orania ― The one who can be seen as Gold.

Orla ― The person who takes the very first step to perform anything.

Orlaith ― The person with special knowledge.

Orna ― Bright of the domain, Spark of the world.

Ownah ― A person who unifies everyone

Irish Girl Names That Starts With P

Pagent ― A beautiful and wonderful pageant

Pearla ― A precious and loving being

Peighton ― Latin – Noble Women; Of noble birth; A variant form of Patricia;

Peytin ― A variant of Peyton which means Regal; Noble; A variant of Patrician

Phallon ― Irish – Grandchild of the ruler;

Phiala ― Name of a heavenly saint

Puca ― A spirit or a ghost

Raiana ― A king or a ruler

Reiley ― A brave, courageous being

Rhienne ― A little Queen, a baby Queen

Rhylan ― Irish – Island Meadow; A variant spelling of Rylan

Riana ― An Queen who is compared to a Goddess

Riann ― A Queenly one

Rianne ― An excellent, skillful Queen, a Goddess

Riannon ― A skillful, great Queen

Rianorix ― A great Queen of all Kings

Richael ― A saint’s name

Riegan ― Little Ruler; Regal; Descendant of Riagan;

Rilea ― A brave and valiant woman

Rilee ― A courageous and brave woman

Rilei ― A gallant and brave woman

Rileigh ― A gallant, noble and valiant girl

Rioghnach ― A woman who is a ruler, a royal, a Queen

Riona ― Celtic – Queen; A variation of name Reina

Roberta ― A woman who is acclaimed and glowing

Roisin ― A beautiful and little rose

Ruari ― An Irish red-haired ruler

Ryan ― Little king

Ryla ― A little king

Irish Girl Names That Starts With S

Sadb ― A sweet and goodly person

Sadbh ― A good and sweet woman

Sadhbh ― A sweet and lovely young woman

Saibh ― A sweet girl

Saoirse ― Irish name meaning liberty

Saorla ― A princess

Saraid ― One who is excellent

Saraide ― She who is the best

Scathach ― One who is in the shadow

Seath ― Wolfish

Seersha ― One who is free

Shadyn ― He who is supplanting

Shaena ― A gorgeous, beautiful woman

Shaexon ― A pretty, noble one

Shalene ― A woman who comes from that magical fairy place

Shanan ― One old and wise like a river

Shanie ― She who believes that the God is gracious

Shanley ― A hero’s child

Shannan ― One who has many years

Shannessy ― A famous Irish surname, one who lives next to a channel

Shannit ― A hawk-like woman

Shannondoeh ― The daughter of a wise river

Shayleen ― A girl who is from a fairy land. a magical place

Shayleigh ― She is full of majesty

Shaylie ― An admirable woman

Shealyn ― Palace where the fairs are

Shealynn ― One from the fairy palace

Sheelagh ― A Roman clan name

Sheigh ― One who is seizing by the heel

Sheilagh ― A blind woman

Sheilah ― A Roman clan name

Shela ― She who is blind

Shenae ― God is gracious

Shey ― She who is courteous

Shiela ― Irish name meaning heaven

Shon ― The God is gracious

Shoneah ― Irish name meaning God is gracious

Shoney ― The God’s graciousness

Shontae ― The kindness and graciousness of God

Shontal ― She is like a rock

Shuanna ― She is a present of the God

Sibeal ― One who is a Prophetess

Sile ― She who is full of youth

Sine ― One who has felt the God’s graciousness

Sinead ― She who felt the grace of God

Siofra ― One who is like an elf

Siomha ― One who is like a good peace

Slane ― She has good health

Slany ― To be in good health

Sonnagh ― One who is like the Rampart’s mound

Sophie ― She is wise and clever

Sorsha ― She is a woman who shines brightly

Sosanna ― She is like a Lily flower

Swonild ― A responsible and clever minded person

Irish Girl Names That Starts With T

Taisce ― Keep carefully a valuable item

Taisie ― Princess of ratlin island who have been entitled the most beautiful girl in the world

Talula ― An abundant woman

Talulah ― A woman of abundance

Talulla ― She who is a lady of abundance

Tarai ― Celtic name meaning the hill

Tarrah ― Variation of the name Tara meaning the hill

Tarynn ― High hill

Tawnee ― A form of tawny

Tawney ― A form of tawny

Teagan ― Little poet or Fair

Teertah ― A holy place

Tenille ― She who brings light

Teranika ― Victory of the Earth

Terin ― Variant of Erin, means Ireland

Tierney ― Descendant of Tighearnach.

Tieve ― A hillside, who belongs to the hillside

Tipper ― A well or water

Tiwesdaeg ― A black haired prince or princess

Tracy ― From the Irish word ‘treasach’, meaning fighter, higher, more powerful or superior

Treasa ― Strength or the strength of a person

Trichani ― The three gifts from the God

Tullia ― Feminine form of tullius (Name of an ancient king)

Tuuli ― The mighty or strong people

Irish Girl Names That Starts With

Willie ― Variation of William which Resolute Protection Or Irish short form of William

Irish Girl Names And Meanings