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Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With A

Aaden ― Aaden means fire and flame; warmth of the home

Achill ― An uncertain person

Adam ― Man, earth

Adeen ― Little fire shining brightly

Aed ― A fire, flame, burning fire

Aedbald ― A bold or brave fire, a friendly fire

Aeddi ― One who is made of fire, fire powers

Aedh ― From Scottish word Aodh, that means fire

Aeker ― Meadow Of Oak Trees; means division of land in English; a variant of Ackerley

Aengus ― Celtic – One Choice; A variant of name Angus

Affleck ― A field of stone, a habitational name to someone who belongs to the field of stone.

Agwisance ― A name of Irish origins that lost its meaning over the time

Ahearn ― Lord of the horses

Aibhne ― Interchanged, or transmitted, imparted

Aidan ― Little and Fiery

Aiden ― Little fire.

Aidenn ― Aidenn is a variant of the name Aidan

Ailbhe ― Bright

Ailise ― Noble.

Ailmer ― Famous

Alaois ― Famous in war; enjoys perks of life

Allen ― Allen is Little Rock

Alphonsus ― Gothic – Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name Alfonso

Aodh ― Celtic – Fire, Brightness, Splendour; Derived from the element “Aed” which means Fire

Aonghus ― Celtic – One Choice; A variant of name is Angus

Art ― American – Rock; Irish – Noble Bear; Short form of Arthur

Augustine ― Latin – August; Dignifies; Holy; Derived from the element ‘Augustus’ which means to increase

Awnan ― A little Adam; fun loving person

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With B

Banagher ― Pointed Hill

Bannon ― White

Banny ― Petite and good-looking

Barry ― Celtic – Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune German – Brave; A variant of name Bernard

Bary ― Celtic – Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune German – Brave; A variant of name Bernard

Baudkin ― Tribes of Galway

Baylor ― horse trainer

Berihert ― He who comes from the south, the son of the south

Bolan ― He who is a little poet

Bourke ― Fortified Hill or a Fortified Settlement

Bourn ― a small river.

Bourne ― a small seasonal river

Boyden ― messenger

Bracken ― descendant of Breacán

Braddon ― Broad hillside; has practical nature

Bradford ― A person who hails from a broad ford

Bradfurd ― An alternate spelling for “Bradford”; from the broad ford

Bradi ― It is used as a surname. The descendants of the family Bradach use this name.

Bradie ― An alternate spelling for “Bradi”; spirited being

Bradig ― The name literally mean a person who hails from a broad valley; it’s used as a surname.

Bradon ― From a broad grassland; hailing from a broad meadow

Brady ― Free spirited and broad minded person

Braedan ― A hillside that is broad and spacy

Braeden ― A broad and spacy hillside

Braedon ― Broad, spacy, wide, large and big

Brandon ― One who is a brave, vigilant person

Brangian ― refers to tiny gobble.

Brannon ― A raven; a bird that resembles a crow

Brayden ― A hillside that is broad and wide

Braydon ― A wide hillside

Breck ― Person having a spotted skin or a freckled skin

Breckan ― One who has a spotty face; face filled with freckles

Brecken ― Freckled or Speckled

Breckin ― Freckled face; spotted face

Breen ― To be upset or sad about something

Brendan ― Prince; the son of a king

Brendann ― The prince of the kingdom

Brendin ― Prince; the heir of the king

Brendon ― The king’s heir; Prince

Brendyn ― The prince of a kingdom

Brenn ― A prince; the successor of a kingdom

Brennan ― Moisture; liquid condensed on a surface

Breslin ― Refers to family name or surname.

Brexton ― A fracklke-faced Boy

Breyson ― A son of the powerful woman

Briac ― One with force and strength

Brian ― A noble man from the hills

Brien ― A high noble man

Brinsley ― A high man from the field

Brion ― A brave man of many virtues

Brisan ― A man with valor and strength

Brison ― A person of valor and bravery

Broderic ― A brotherly person

Broderik ― One who is a brother

Brodrik ― A brotherly one

Brogan ― One with small shoes

Brone ― A person full of sorrow

Bronich ― A sorrow man

Bruis ― One who lives in a mansion

Brumant ― An Irish Boy name with lost meaning

Bry ― A man of great strength and power

Bryan ― A courageous and virtuous man

Bryant ― He who ascends to heights

Brychan ― A spotted one

Brye ― A man who is strong and full of force

Bryon ― A virtuous person full of bravery

Buchanan ― Irish Gaelic – House of the canon

Byrne ― The raven’s son

Byrnhorn ― One who is a descendant of the raven

Byrnwold ― The raven ruler

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With C

Cace ― A man who is observant and alert

Cadal ― He is a warrior at heart

Cadee ― The rhythmic flow of the sounds

Cadhla ― A handsome and good-looking man

Cael ― A slender person

Caelan ― A warrior of power

Caelci ― A powerful soldier

Caelen ― He is a strong soldier

Cahal ― A man who is a strong warrior in battle

Cahill ― A son of the battle ruler

Cailan ― A thin and slender man

Cailen ― A young child

Caine ― A fighter’s son

Cainon ― He is a fighter’s son

Calhoun ― A man from the narrow forest

Calin ― A powerful fighter in the war

Callahan ― One with a light head

Callan ― To fight in the battle with rocks

Callaway ― One from a plebbly place

Calldwr ― He is brom the cold brook

Callum ― He looks like a dove

Camri ― Crooked nosed man

Camrin ― He has a very crooked nose

Camron ― One who has a crooked nose

Camryn ― A man with a very crooked nore

Camyron ― His nose is very crooked

Canice ― A Boy who looks very good

Cantiori ― An Irish name

Cantiorix ― An old Irish name

Caolan ― A slender Boy

Caomh ― A very lovable person

Caradoc ― A dearly loved one

Caradog ― He is a deeply loved one

Carey ― He lives in the fortress

Cargan ― A little one who is like a rock

Carlie ― A little champion

Carlile ― One who comes from the wall of the God Lugus. A surname

Carlin ― He is a little champion

Carling ― A Boy who is a small champion

Carloto ― Peasant settlement

Carlow ― One who comes from the four-parted lake

Carne ― One who comes from the lands where the memorial piled up stones are

Carney ― A victorious champion

Carolan ― A Boy-champion

Carolann ― A Boy who is a little champion

Carrick ― One who came from the rocky landscape

Carrigan ― A very pointed spear

Carrol ― A man who is a champion

Carrole ― He is a champion

Carsen ― One who comes from the coastal rocks

Carthage ― He is very loving

Cary ― A man of the fortress

Case ― He who brings peace to men

Casen ― A son of the vigilant one

Cashel ― A man from Cashel, Ireland

Cathal ― A mighty great warrior

Cavan ― A good-looking lad

Cavin ― A very handsome Boy

Cayce ― A vigorous and observant man

Caylon ― He is powerful in the battlefield

Caysee ― A courageous young man

Cayson ― A brave and vigilant Boy

Ceallach ― To be in a war, strife

Ceallachan ― One who is in a war

Cearney ― He is a victorious champion

Cedric ― One with a bounty

Cedrick ― One who gifts people

Cedrych ― A loved kind person

Ceegan ― The one born out of fire

Cein ― They are the ancient one and old fashioned

Ceirin ― The little black one

Ceol ― A swelling; The one of the ship

Channing ― Member of the Church

Ciabhan ― A mortal in the Irish legend who fell in love with a beautiful goddess, Cliodhna, who was swept away into the sea by a great wave

Cian ― The name of the mythical ancestor of the Cianachta of the Irish legend

Cianan ― Derived from the name of a 5th century Irish saint

Ciar ― Black; the darkest colour that absorbs light completely

Ciaran ― One who is dark in complexion

Cillian ― One who is associated with the Church and its Ministry

Clancey ― A warrior who is healthy red coloured; a soldier’s son

Clancy ― A soldier’s son; a warrior; one who fights at the battlefield

Clooney ― Hailing from the meadows; a land filled with grass

Codey ― A helpful person; one who helps others in need

Coe ― A hill consisting of a valley

Coleman ― A small and stocky bird, that resembles a pigeon

Colm ― Dove; the bird used for the symbol of peace; a short white bird

Colman ― A small, little, tiny dove

Colum ― Dove, a small bird that is a symbol for peace and harmony

Conall ― A mighty, great and hound-like warrior, who is respected by all

Conan ― Wise and high; filled with wisdom and respected by all

Conant ― Elevated and wise; high, mighty and filled with wisdom

Conary ― A wise person; a man who is filled with knowledge

Conley ― Hero; strong willed, wise and idiolized by all

Conn ― A high, mighty and wise person, who is also a brave advisor

Connacht ― Brave; one who can tackle stressful and harmful situations

Connar ― One who has a strong will power, and is wise

Conner ― Filled with desires and longings

Connery ― A child of the gaunting-dog’s keeper

Connley ― Hero; the idol of men, who is courageous and bold

Connolly ― A wise person who is also brave

Connor ― A strong willed person, who is also wise

Connors ― A wise man who is not only brave, but is also strong willed

Conny ― A hero; one who is brave, courageous and is admired by men

Conoc ― He loves dogs and wolves

Conor ― One who is strong willed and has high desires for himself

Conran ― Descendant of a famous king named Conaran

Cony ― A hollow in a hill; derived from word “Corey”

Coree ― A steep, deep gorge that has very steep sides

Corin ― Coming from a hollow in a mountain

Corley ― A hollow or an empty space in a hill

Cormac ― The son of the one who drives the chariot; the son of the charioteer

Cormack ― One who rides the chariot; a charioteer

Corran ― One who bears a spear; a weapon used at the times of war

Corridon ― Wielder or bearer of spear, a war weapon

Corrigan ― Wielder of a little spear, a war weapon

Corrin ― Bearer or wielder of a spear, a war weapon

Cory ― A pool that is foaming, fizzy or seething

Courey ― A dweller near the hallow

Crevan ― Fox, Cunning, Smart individual

Crighton ― Derived from “Creighton” meaning lives at a rocky place, near a border

Crosson ― Son of cross

Cuchulainn ― A warrior hero

Cunignos ― A little Wolf

Curry ― A sharp dagger

Cuyler ― A Chapel

Cvnotami ― He is the son of Cunotamus

Cyngen ― Son of a Chief

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With D

Daci ― Possibility; providing hope

Daghan ― Good hearted person

Dahi ― Quick one

Dailey ― Collect together

Dal ― The blind one

Dalan ― Blind one

Dallan ― Blind individual

Dallen ― Blind one

Dalles ― One from the meadow

Dallin ― Belonging to the meadow

Dallon ― The blind man

Daly ― Together forever

Daman ― One who can be tamed

Damana ― To be tamed

Damanjit ― Tame; loyal

Dametta ― A Saint

Daniel ― A Prophet

Daragh ― An Oak

Daray ― Dark skinned

Darragh ― Rascal; fertile

Darrah ― Wealthy and Black

Darry ― Red haired, rich

Dawayne ― The one who is dark haired

Daylann ― A steady and strong individual; blind

Deaglan ― Name of a Saint who is filled with goodness

Decklan ― A majestic and caring Saint

Declan ― One who prays and full of goodness

Deklan ― A Date tree; tall one

Delaney ― One who performs dark challenges

Delany ― One who comes from a river

Dempsey ― A proud and creative individual

Devin ― Poet

Diarmaid ― Irish King; they are without envy

Diarmid ― They do not have any envy; a warrior

Diarmuid ― A great warrior who are without envy

Diedre ― A beautiful melancholy of a broken heart

Dierdra ― One who has a raging attitude

Dillan ― A loyal person; one who has calmness and patience

Dillen ― One who is like a Lion; mighty

Dillon ― A faithful and loyal friend of lightening

Dilynn ― A loyal individual; embodiment of mercy

Dodo ― It means precious Gift of God; his uncle

Dolan ― Unlucky , Unfortunate; a black haired person

Donagh ― Brown Haired warrior

Donal ― Stranger ,Great Chief

Donavan ― Dark Brown haired Chieftainn

Donavon ― Descendent of Donndubhan

Donley ― Ruler of the World

Donnacha ― The one who is a brown haired warrior

Donnagan ― A brown haired man who is also a chief

Donnan ― Brown one; they are majestic being

Donnelly ― They have great valour and are born chief

Donner ― Dark Warrior; one who is strong as thunder

Donovan ― Strong Fighter; one who is dark brown natured

Dooley ― Hero with dark skin; a dark haired person

Doolin ― Black blade or sword; majestic and confident

Doon ― One who is from Doon; are excellent people

Dorane ― One who is on exile; a wanderer

Dorrin ― The one who is dark browned colored

Dover ― A shaking Bog or an island

Doyle ― One who is a black stranger; famous person

Driscoll ― One who is a descendent of a messenger

Druce ― Son of Drew ,Wise man

Dunn ― One who has dark complexion

Dunne ― One with brown complexion

Dunnere ― Dark brown colored; shadow

Dwyer ― Black one who lives by the tradition

Dyllon ― A loyal one from the sea

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With E

Eadbhard ― It means rich protector.

Eagan ― it means ‘Son of Fire’ in Irish.

Eames ― One who is a prosperous protector

Eamon ― It is derived from Irish form Edmund which means ” Guardian”

Eamonn ― Protection; one who saves

Eason ― In Irish the name Eason means ‘Protector’.

Eegan ― Mighty and powerful person

Eibhear ― Granite(stone)

Eideann ― One who has little fire inside their soul

Eilish ― Convenant with God; a pledge

Emmery ― a leader of the household.

Enda ― bird or bird like.

Eneas ― it means praise.

Eoghan ― born of yew or youthful.

Eohric ― a very powerful ruler.

Eonan ― oath or little seal.

Eoppa ― a royal prince.

Eormenraed ― an Irish word meaning a public oath.

Erin ― Gaelic word meaning peace; also a poetic way of referring to Ireland.

Erinn ― poets use it to describe Ireland or peace.

Euan ― born of the Yew tree.

Evin ― The God’s goodness

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With F

Fagan ― One who is a very eager child

Fal ― A descendant of a leader

Falon ― A man in charge

Fannig ― A Surname in Irish

Farol ― A heroic and a superior man

Farrel ― A brave and victorious man

Feargal ― A brave and courageous person

Fearghus ― To have great man-strength

Feegan ― A child who is eager

Felim ― One who is forever-good

Feoras ― He is like a rock

Fergal ― A brave young Boy

Fergie ― He who is like a rock. Also means a man who made a choice

Fergus ― He is a rock, a stone

Ferguson ― The son of the rock

Fiachra ― A saint-like man

Fiadh ― Man dark as raven

Finbar ― Fair-headed one; one who adds

Finbarr ― Fair-headed one (variant of finbar)

Findley ― A fair and courageous person

Finlo ― A fair Lugh( sun-God of Ireland & Mann), i.e. warrior

Fiona ― White or fair (latinised version of fionna)

Fionan ― A fair offspring

Fiontan ― “White-fire” or “white-bull”; only one to endure the Great Flood

Firdaus ― The Heavenly City of the Gods; Divine Garden (similar to that of Eden)

Firdausi ― Paradisical; Heaven-like

Firdaws ― The Heavens or the Paradise

Firdoos ― The Heavens or the Paradise

Firdous ― The Realm of Paradise

Firuzeh ― Refers to the greenish-blue colored gemstone, Turquoise

Fleur ― An old French word for ‘flower’

Fleurette ― A floret (i.e. a little flower); Comes from French fleur

Flyn ― It refers to someone with red hair

Flynn ― It essentially means descendant of the red-haired ones

Foley ― It refers to a ‘disrupter or plunderer’

Foy ― Alternant of ‘Fee’ which means ‘faith and hope’

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With G

Gainor ― Born son of a person who is very fair in complexion.

Ganan ― Irish Gaelic – Fair Skinned, Fair-haired; A form of the English name Gannon

Ganin ― The Boy who is fair in complexion and light colored hair.

Garan ― Refers to castrating or spaying.

Garon ― Neutering or sterilizing.

Garret ― Power of spear.

Garrey ― A hard or a bold spear

Garron ― One of the categories of horse.

Garrott ― The one who is good in handling spear.

Garvan ― Anglicized form of Garbhan (tiny rough one)

Gearoid ― Person who is courageous in using the spear.

Gilby ― Old Norse – Pledge; Irish – Blond Boy; A variant name is Gilbey

Gilibeirt ― The name Gilibeirt is a male name of Irish origin. Gilibeirt means Pledge.

Gilla ― The Fellow; The Youth; Serving-man

Grifin ― In welsh grifin means the strong faith in God. In Irish and Americans this name is used as the surname.

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With H

Hanlon ― Irish meaning is Surname

Harkan ― Dark Red

Harken ― Irish – Dark red; A variant of Harkin

Harkyn ― Irish – Dark red; A variant of Harkin

Harmon ― variant spelling of Harman (Irish) Soldier (German)

Harry ― House ruler, Prince Harry

Hasson ― Strong, Fortress

Hearne ― Horse Lord

Hennessy ― Irish – Descendant of Angus; Variation of Henessey and Hennesse

Hogan ― Irish Gaelic – Youthful One; A variant is Hagan

Huddy ― From a pet form of the medieval personal name Hudde

Hurley ― To be like a sea tide

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With J

Jack ― One who thinks that the God is gracious

James ― One who undermines

Jarlath ― A lord of tribute

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With K

Kacen ― Kacen means Descendant from the Vigilant One

Kaedyn ― A fighter, a companion fighter

Kagan ― Kagan means Thinker, Fiery

Kagen ― Kagen means Fiery

Kahlen ― Kahlen name means From John’s Farm

Kahnyr ― Kahnyr means Wisdom, Councel, Strength

Kaiden ― Kaiden means Companion

Kaidyn ― Kaidyn name means Friend, Companion

Kalford ― A strong crossing of river, river crossing

Kasey ― An observation and alert individual

Kaven ― Handsome; Appealing; Attractive; Charming

Kavon ― The name means Handsome Man, Good-looking

Kaysie ― Kaysie name means Watchful and Brave

Keagan ― Keagan means The Descendant of the Fiery One

Kean ― Kean means Ancient and Enduring

Keane ― Keane means Very Old

Keannen ― The name means He is Very Old

Keara ― Keara means The name of a Saint

Kearney ― The name means Darkness, The Fighter

Keating ― Keating means Urbane, mostly used as an Irish surname

Keegan ― Keegan name means A thinker, Small Fire

Keelan ― Keelan means Slender and Fir

Keen ― Keen means a Sharp One

Keenan ― Keenan means Ancient, The Descendant of the Brave one

Keene ― Keene means He who is Tall, Handsome and Sharp

Keenen ― Keenen means Ancient Gavin

Keeria ― Keeria means Boy With Dark Hair

Keion ― Keion means He is Noble-Born

Keirnan ― Keirnan means Little and Black-Haired

Keiryn ― The meaning of the name is Black

Kelan ― Kelan means Slender, Thin

Kellagh ― Kellagh means War

Kellan ― Kellan means Swamp

Kelland ― The name means Strife

Kenny ― Kenny means Beautiful, Handsome, Fair

Keoni ― Keone means Young Warrior

Kerian ― Keri means Descendants of Ciar

Kern ― Kermit means Son Of Dermot

Kerri ― The descendants of Ciar. name of a county of Ireland

Kerria ― Kerri means Descendent of Ciar

Kerrim ― The name means Dark

Key ― Key name means He is made of Fire

Kian ― Kian means Archaic, Ancient

Kier ― Kier means Boy of Dark Skin and Hair

Kieran ― The name means Dark Man

Kieren ― Kieren means He who has Black hair

Kierian ― The name means He has Dark and Black Hair

Kiernan ― Keirnan means Lord’s Son

Kieron ― Keiron means Darkness

Kiley ― Kiley means Graceful

Kilian ― The name means Strife or Battle

Killian ― Killian means Fierce

Kiralescense ― The name means Baby born with dark complexion

Kirbey ― Kirbey means Surname

Klancy ― Klancy means Red Warrior

Kullen ― Kullen means Handsome

Kyrin ― Kyrin means Dark-haired Male

Kyrus ― Kyrus means The Sovereign Power

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With L

Lachlan ― The name means The Norwegian

Lakyle ― Name has Irish origins and means Half-Wood

Lalor ― An Irish name that means Leper, a Pariah

Laughlin ― Servant; dweller at the fjord land

Lauren ― Fierce person

Leary ― Occupational name, cattle keeper

Leeam ― A strong willed warrior, a warrior who is willfully a warrior

Leerie ― The one who keeps cattle

Lennon ― The one who is very dear

Liam ― A warrior of strong will

Liir ― A strong-willed, resolute protector

Linch ― Seamen, man who travels the seas

Lliam ― Variation of Liam which means Resolute Protection Or Irish short form of William

Loman ― A bare and empty place

Lorcan ― A little but fierce warrior

Luke ― A bright glowing light

Lyam ― A determined protector

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With M

Macarthur ― Gaelic – Son of Arthur;

Maccha ― A variant of Macha; Hebrew – One who raises (brings up); Irish – Plain

Mackinley ― Irish – Son of the learned king; Son of the learned ruler; A variant of Mackinnley

Madden ― Puppies, small dogs

Maddex ― A son of a fortunate one

Maddison ― A son of Madoc – a fortunate one

Maddix ― A good and generous person

Maddoc ― A beneficent, charitable one

Maddock ― An altruistic and big-hearted person

Maddox ― A son of a big-hearted person

Maddux ― A person whose father was a beneficial person

Madigan ― A dog, mastiff

Madyn ― A small dog

Madyson ― A warrior’s son

Magee ― Son of Hugh; Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Aodha ; An Irish Surname

Mago ― An admirable, great person

Maguire ― A person who is the son of the baige one

Mahon ― One who has the strength of a Bear

Mahoney ― He who is as strong as a Bear

Makinley ― The son of a fair haired Viking

Makynzie ― A son of a fair one

Malone ― One who is devoted to St. John

Maloney ― Gaelic – Devoted to God; One who serves St. John; St. John’s follower

Malvin ― One who likes to be in charge, a chief

Malvyn ― An individual who is always in charge

Mamannan ― A name of the God of the Sea

Mannix ― Irish name for monk

Manus ― He who is the greatest

Maqitreni ― An Irish male name

Marcas ― He who is like the God Mars

Mawr ― A large person

Mays ― A nature loving person

Mccoy ― Irish name meaning fire

Mcintyre ― Son of a carpenter

Mckinney ― The one that obeys

Mckinnley ― One that follows orders

Mckinzy ― A son of a handsome man

Melbin ― A chief of a clan or a leader

Mellan ― A minor, lovely one, tiny pleasurable one.

Michael ― One of the seven archangels of the God

Mickal ― the God is supreme.

Mirren ― A person with patience, a calm person

Monroe ― From the mouth of the Roe river of Ireland

Moran ― Something huge or of large size

Morey ― A noble person who is a reason for pride

Morolt ― Name from Legends; Brother of Yseulte; Derived from Morogh which means Sea Protector

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With N

Nealon ― Devotee, cup holder, conqueror, warrior.

Neil ― Bank of cloud, adoring, defender.

Neille ― The one who always wins the title winner.

Nelvin ― The one who is most sacred and divine.

Nigellus ― Winning person, overcomer, conqueror.

Ninion ― The one who is in need of water.

Nivaan ― A holy soul, saint

Njal ― The one who wins the contest.

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Nolan ― well known, celebrity or legendary.

Noland ― Remarkable, eminent, prominent.

Noodan ― A romantic and beloved person

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With O

Odran ― The person who is willing to use his properties jointly or in common, contribution, involvement

Oisin ― A Basque name that mean sorrows.

Omont ― Who belongs to the lands of mountains

Oneal ― Victor, winner, over comer.

Osred ― A red-haired warrior; divine being

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With P

Padraic ― One who belongs to patrician class

Padriac ― A noble and high born person; regal

Pagent ― A beautiful and wonderful pageant

Paraic ― One who is of the patrician class

Patraic ― Aristocrat; name given to a saint

Patri ― Name of a noble patrician

Patric ― Name of a patron of Ireland

Peadar ― One who is like a rock or stone

Peerce ― One who is Piers; lucky an talented

Pharris ― Irish – A heroic man; A variation of Pharis

Phinean ― Irish – Fair; Light-skinned; White

Pierce ― Meaning a rock; variant of Peter

Puspabhusan ― A flower made ornament

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With Q

Quigley ― One with unruly hair

Quill ― A cub

Quillan ― Cub

Quillen ― An offspring

Quillian ― Irish name meaning cub

Quin ― One who is intelligent and wise

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With R

Radmund ― A wise protector

Rafer ― Irish Gaelic – Rich and Prosperous; A pet form of Rafferty

Rafferty ― Irish Gaelic – Rich and Prosperous; A variant name is Rafer

Rayland ― One who is from the Island meadow

Reagan ― A descendant of the impulsive person

Reagen ― From the name Regan, meaning the little king

Rearden ― A little king who is a poet

Reghan ― A regal baby Boy

Reilan ― A person who is from the Island field

Reiley ― A brave, courageous being

Reilley ― A valiant, courageous male

Reilly ― A rey as in an edible grain

Reily ― A valiant man

Rhyland ― One who comes warm the field of rye

Riaan ― A young King

Riain ― One who is a young, little king

Rian ― A King, a Ruler, a royal one

Riddick ― One who comes from the clear, smooth fields

Rigware ― An Irish baby Boy name

Rion ― A name of the pagan giant

Riordan ― One who is a bard of royal

Roark ― He who is famous as a leader and ruler

Robers ― A renown and glowing man

Roewyn ― A red-haired Boy

Rogan ― A reddish-haired man

Ronan ― To make a promising oath

Rooney ― A Boy with red, ginger hair

Rorey ― A Red King of men

Rori ― He who is a red king

Rourke ― A name of an ancient Irish clan, mostly used as a surname

Rowyn ― One whose hair is a colour red

Rowynn ― One of ruby red hair

Ruaidhri ― The Red King of the Irish people

Ruari ― An Irish red-haired ruler

Ruaridh ― A ruler of red hair

Ruathy ― A woman of red hair who is a ruler of people

Rumon ― He who is like a little seal

Ryan ― Little king

Ryland ― An island meadow

Ryne ― Variation of Ryan which means Little king

Ryons ― He is Kingly

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With S

Saeran ― He who is noble

Safrah ― The feeling of God’s peace

Sagragni ― One who is a ruler of people, a chief

Saligidvni ― A person who loves freedom and likes to travel

Scully ― A town crier

Se ― Irish name for Boys

Seabern ― Born of the sea

Seain ― God is gracious

Seamas ― Irish variation of James, a supplanter

Sean ― Jehovah has been gracious

Seanan ― One who is old and wise

Seath ― Wolfish

Seireadan ― He who is untamed

Senan ― Old and wise man

Setanta ― Mythical son of Sualtam

Shan ― An old an wise man

Shanley ― A hero’s child

Shannessy ― A famous Irish surname, one who lives next to a channel

Shashaw ― He is the one who defends

Shaughn ― The God is gracious

Shavaughn ― The Lord’s mercy and grace

Shaylan ― A gift from God

Shepleigh ― One from the sheep meadow

Sheridon ― He who is untamed

Sherrod ― A wild man

Shields ― One who is protected

Shillelagh ― A name of the walking stick and club, means the thonged willow

Shoneah ― Irish name meaning God is gracious

Shoney ― The God’s graciousness

Shonn ― The kindness of God

Shovon ― The Lord graciousness and kindness

Sionn ― He who is cunning like a fox

Slone ― To be a warrior

Sonnagh ― One who is like the Rampart’s mound

Sorley ― He is a summer sailor

Stiabhna ― He holds the crown

Sweeney ― He who is a little hero

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T

Tag ― Son of a priest

Taggart ― A prelate’s son

Taggert ― A prelate’s son

Taige ― Child of the sun

Taigue ― One who likes to seek theories

Taisce ― Keep carefully a valuable item

Taren ― Variation of Tara or Taryn which means Rocky Hill

Tarlock ― An instigator

Tarmon ― Land that belongs to Church

Tavin ― A hill slide

Tawnya ― A green field

Teagan ― Little poet or Fair

Teague ― A handsome poet

Teobaldo ― Prince of the people

Thornleigh ― A meadow with thorns

Thurl ― A mighty fort

Tiergan ― One who is a willingly strong person

Tiernan ― A royal person, a regal, little Lord

Tigernach ― The Lord, or the supreme power

Tigernaci ― Name of an Irish Lord

Tiwesdaeg ― A black haired prince or princess

Torian ― The chief, or the head, leader

Torin ― A chief from the craggy hills

Toryn ― The chief or head or a leader

Tullis ― A group of people or multitude who are very powerful.

Tuuli ― The mighty or strong people

Irish Boy Names And Meanings Starting With W

Willie ― Variation of William which Resolute Protection Or Irish short form of William

Irish Boy Names And Meanings