Indian Baby Names For Twin Girls and Meaning

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Latest Indian Names For Twin Girls: Select Indian names that go well together for your cute bundle of baby girls.

Best Indian Names For Twin Girls With Meanings

Aadhira — Moon
Ava — A voice, or a call from beyond

Aaradhana — Adoration, Worship
Aarti — Singing praises to God, A form of Worship

Aarushi — The first rays of the sun
Ahaana — The first rays of the morning

Aarya — It is the name of Goddess Parvati; ‘Honorable, ‘noble and ‘wise
Shaurya — ‘Power’ or ‘heroism.’

Aasha — ‘Wish or ‘desire
Shaurya — ‘One who wishes.’

Aashi — Happiness
Rashi — A collection; sign

Abhinay — Acting, or expression
Abhinya — An actor, or ‘the expressive one.’

Aboli — A flower
Kusum — A flower, fire, the blossom

Aditi — Freedom, Mother of god, creativity, abundance
Smriti — A memory, rememberence, wisdom

Ahaana — First ray of the Sun
Aarushi — Dawn, rays of the sun, flame, bright

Aiden — Powerful
Usha — The word for the first light of the morning

Aleina — Light
Leena — Another name for Goddess Lakshmi; also means ‘splendour.’

Alekhya — A beautiful picture or a fine painting
Lekhya — Earth, or the entire world

Amala — It is another name for Goddess Lakshmi; ‘the pure one’
Kamala — ‘The one born of a lotus’, or the ‘Beautiful one.’

Amani — Used to denote the coming of Spring season
Pavani — A name of Lord Hanuman; sacred, true

Ambar — Sky
Divya — Divine

Amuda — ‘Divine nectar, which gives eternal life
Kumuda — The Sanskrit word for ‘Waterlily’ or ‘lotus.’

Amira — A princess, One who commands
Swara — A sweet musical tone, Self shining

Amisha — Beautiful, without decept, Pure, Truthful, innocent and without deception
Ananya — Beautiful, Goddess Parvati, Matchless, unique, different from others, charming

Anita — A person who loves to be joyful
Sunita — One with wisdom or great guidance

Anjali — Respectful, or the divine one
Gitanjali — A devotional song, sung in praise of Gods

Anjana — The name of Lord Hanuman’s mother
Aparna — Another name of Goddess Parvati

Ansha — Portion
Isha — A person who is the best at everything she does

Anupama — ‘Unique’ in Sanskrit
Nirupama — Another word for ‘unique’, or ‘fearless.’

Anvika — Powerful, Someone who is complete
Anshika — Minute particle, beautiful

Aparna — A name of Goddess Durga or Goddes Parvati
Suvarna — Lustrous, or similar to gold

Archana — A homage to the Gods
Aparna — The name of Goddess Durga

Arianna — Very Holy
Brianna — strong, virtuous, honourable

Asha — ‘Hope’ or ‘wish’ in Sanskrit
Jisha — The conscientious one, with great empathy

Asita — A name of River Yamuna
Asmita — A word for ‘nature’; also means ‘pride.’

Asmita — Self-respect, or pride
Sushmita — A woman with a dazzling smile

Astha — Beautiful
Sita — The wife of Lord Rama

Bindu — A drop or a point
Sindu — A large water body, like a river

Chandana — The Auspicious one; The one who smells like sandalwood
Vandana — A bright star in the night, or ‘Worship.’

Charu — Someone who is pretty, plesant, beautiful,cherished, Loved one
Charvi — A beautiful girl

Daiwika — Little Goddess, Someone who is related to God
Diyara — A gift from the god,

Devina — Blessing, Eyes of God
Devika — A minor diety, A river of the Himalayas

Dipanjali — A homage to the Gods using lamps
Navanjali — Graceful

Divya — A person with a divine aura
Navya — ‘Young’, or ‘one who deserves praise.’

Ganga — The river Ganga, which has aided the life of many
Gauri —  ‘Mother Earth.’

Girija — A daughter of the Himalayan mountains
Vanaja — A daughter of forests and nature

Gita — The Bhagavad Gita, a Holy Book
Gitika — A small verse or song from the Gita

Gouri — Another name of Goddess Parvati
Sowri — A bright star in the night sky

Haarika — An extension of Lord Venkatesha
Vihaarika — The one who embodies positivity

Haripriya — Beloved of Lord Vishnu
Jayapriya — One who is fond of victory

Harita — Nature, or greenery
Haarika — Another name of Goddess Parvati

Hasini — The one who is always laughing or joyful
Suhasini — One who is constantly smiling

Hemakshi — With golden eyes
Hema — Golden

Himanshi — Part of the snow, ice
Ekanshi — Of one part

Indrani — Associated with Lord Indra
Chandrani — Moon-like or associated with the Moon

Iswarya — A blessed one
Soundarya — The one who embodies beauty

Jalaja — One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi, it also means ‘lotus’

— A daughter of the forest

Jaya — The victorious one; a name of Goddess Durga
Vijaya — One who is never defeated

Jayda — A prized possession
Jayden — A variation of the name of the God of victories

Jyoti — An ever-shining light, or flame
Jyotika — One who is borne of a flame, or a light

Kalyan — The wealthy one; also means joyful
Karthika — A variant of the name of Lord Murugan

Kamala — One who is perfect in every way
Vimala — ‘White’ or ‘pure’ in Sanskrit

Kanya — ‘Daughter’ in Sanskrit
Karthika — The courageous one

Kavana — Poem
Kavya — The person who embodies beautiful poetry

Keertana — A song is sung in praise of the Lords
Sankeertana — A part of every devotional song

Keerti — One with a great reputation, or grand fame
Samkeerti — One who is always famous

Ketaki — A flower
Juhi — A flower, Jasmine, light

Kirti — A variation of Keerti
Bharati — Mother India; and another name for Goddess Saraswati

Kriti — A beautiful work of art
Krishi — ‘Farming’ in Sanskrit

Kyra — The Sun
Myra — A fragrant resin obtained from a tree, sweet, admirable

Lakshmi — Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of fortunes
Parvathi — Goddess Parvathi is the wife of Lord Shiva

Lasya — Graceful dance performed by Goddess Parvati
Bhavya — Another name for Goddess Parvati; ‘brilliance’ or ‘splendour.’

Lavanya — The Graceful One
Karunya — One who is kind or compassionate to everyone

Leelavathi — Another name for Goddess Durga
Kalavathi — Another name for Goddess Parvati

Lekha — A ‘line’, or the border of the crescent moon
Sulekha — The Fortunate one, or ‘distinguished.’

Madhubala — A sweet girl
Mansi — A beautiful woman

Maya — ‘Illusion’ or ‘unreal’ in Sanskrit
Chhaya — ‘Shadow’ in Sanskrit

Mayawati — A person who is full of illusions
Leelawati — ‘Graceful’ or ‘charming’ in Sanskrit

Meena — A jewel, or a rare stone
Veena — A musical instrument wielded by Goddess Saraswati

Meenakshi — A person with wonderful eyes
Kamakshi — A name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi

Meghana — Cloud, River Gangas

— Cloud

Mohini — Enchantress, charming, fascinatin, Jasmine, An Angel
Menaka — Beautiful, Celestial dancer, an angel,  Shakuntala’s mother

Mukti — ‘Salvation’ in Sanskrit
Yukti — One with a strategic mind

Mulya — Something of great value
Amulya — A priceless object

Navya — Someone who is deserving of praise
Ramya — ‘Captivating’ or ‘delightful.’

Nayana — A person with beautiful eyes
Sunayana — A person with beautiful eyes

Neela — A person who is enchanting like the moon
Leela — A worthy creation of God himself

Nikhila — A complete person
Nirmala — One who is pure beyond doubt

Nikhita — River Ganga; also translates to ‘flowing’
Nishita — A person who is extremely dedicated to the task at hand

Nilambari — Blue like the sky
Kadambari — ‘Goddess’ in Sanskrit

Nisha — ‘Night’ in Sanskrit
Lisha — A woman with great nobility

Padma — The colour of a lotus
Sadma — A stroke of fortune

Pallavi — ‘Youth’, or the shoot of a plant
Anupallavi — Verses in devotional songs

Pavitra — The Pure One
Sumitra — One who is friendly towards everyone

Poojita — One who is fit to be worshipped
Premita — A woman with love for everyone

Poorna — The Complete One
Sampoorna — ‘Full’ or ‘complete.’

Preeti — ‘Affection’ or ‘love’
Swati — The Goddess of Learning- Saraswati

Radha — ‘Wealth’ or ‘lightning’ in Sanskrit
Anuradha — A bright star in the night sky

Radhika — Another variant of Radha
Renuka — The mother of Lord Vishnu

Rajani — ‘Night’ in Sanskrit
Sujani — Pleasant, or easy-going

Rajeswari — ‘Princess’, or the ‘Goddess of Kings’
Kameshwari — The Goddess of desires- another name of Goddess Parvathi

Ramya — ‘Captivating’, or ‘delightful’ in Sanskrit
Gamya — The beautiful One

Rani — ‘Queen’ in Sanskrit
Vani — An eloquent speech

Rekha — ‘Line’ in Sanskrit
Surekha — A person who is beautifully created

Reshma — ‘Silken’ in Sanskrit
Karishma — A miracle, or a gift from God

Riddhi — Fortunate, prosperity, wealth, success, superiority
Siddhi — Perfection, achievement

Riti — Memory, well-being
Akriti — Shape, form

Roopali — ‘Shapely’ or beautiful
Sonali — Made of Gold; the Golden One

Sagari — One who is borne out of the ocean
Sagarika — A wave in the sea; of the ocean

Saila — Another name for Goddess Parvati
Sailaja — A child of the mountains; Also a name of Goddess Parvati

Sajitha — ‘Fortified’ or ‘ornamented’
Saritha — Another word for a flowing water body

Sampati — Wealth, fortune, success
Sampada — Wealth, blessing, achievement, destiny

Sanchita — A collection of verses
Sangita — A person with great talent in music

Savitri — A form of Goddess Lakshmi
Gayatri — A sacred verse, and another word for ‘Goddess.’

Sobha — One who is beautiful beyond measure
Sobhana — ‘Splendid’ or ‘lustrous’ in Sanskrit

Srimati — Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Charumati — A person with a beautiful mind

Sruthi — The ‘taal’ of a song sung with precision
Preeti — To Love, or be affectionate to everyone

Sushma — A woman who is extremely beautiful
Sushmita — A person with an amazing smile

Tanya — Fairy Queen, Belonging to the family
Vanya — God’s gift, The Forest Goddess,

Tara — ‘Fragrance’ or ‘star’ in Sanskrit
Mira — ‘Boundary’; Lord Krishna’s devotee

Udaya — The Dawn in the morning
Hrudaya — ‘Heart’ in Sanskrit

Urmila — Humble, Enchantress
Ujwala — Bright and lustrous

Usha — The first rays of the morning
Uma — A name of Goddess Parvati- translates to ‘fame’, ‘splendour’ or ‘light.’

Vanajakshi — The queen of the forest
Indrakshi — A woman with beautiful eyes

Yashasvini — One who is successful beyond measure
Tejasvini — A woman with a lustrous, shining aura

Indian Baby Names For Twin Girls and Meaning