Greenlandic Boy Names And Meanings

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List of Greenlandic Names For Boys And Their Meanings: If you’ve been considering giving your little Boy a Greenlandic name and you are looking for unique Greenlandic names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get the Vintage Greenlandic baby Boy names, old fashioned Greenlandic Boy name and short Greenlandic Boy names with their meanings.

Greenlandic Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Aputsiaq ― An exquisite snowflake

Hans ― Hebrew – Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name John

Inuk ― Human being, man

Inunnguaq ― Sweet little person or man

Malik ― He who is king

Minik ― A tough layer of fat, to seal the skin cuts. A title given to Denmark’s Prince Vincent.

Peter ― One who is a rock and a stone

Salik ― One who follows the spiritual path

Aaju ― Older sibling of the same gender

Aajunnguaq ― Dear older sibling

Aakkuluk ― Sweet little one

Aamannguaq ― Glow, glowing coal

Aanarsi ― Greenlandic form of Anders, meaning manly.

Agpa ― Thick-billed Murre

Agssile ― Greenlandic form of Aksel. It means the father is peace.

Akimiu ― The one who wanders by place under windows.

Alaappaat ― White

Alagsantere ― Greenlandic form of Alexander., meaning defending men.

Benjamini ― Greenlandic form of Benjamin, meaning son of the south.

Daavi ― Daavi is a form of David and means beloved.

Eeriuffi ― Greenlandic form of Herjulf. It means warrior wolf.

Eikili ― Greenlandic form of Eigil, meaning awe, terror.

Ejnare ― Greenlandic form of Ejnar, meaning lone warrior.

Eliaser ― Greenlandic form of Elieser. It means my God is help.

Erneeraq ― Son

Fare ― Ancient Germanic variant form of Faro. It means journey.

Gaaba ― Greenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning God is my strong man.

Hansinguaq ― Sweet dear.

Igaliko ― Abandoned hearth, fireplace

Iggiaq ― Throat

Iisaja ― Greenlandic variant of Îsaia. It means God is salvation

Ijaakaaq ― Moon

Ikila ― How sweet you are

Jenseraq ― Young animal

Juaannguaq ― Sweet, dear

Justuse ― Greenlandic form of Justus, meaning fair.

Pilu ― A great bilberry

Stene ― A man who is a stone

Greenlandic Boy Names And Meanings