Gothic Unisex Names With Meanings

Unusual Baby Names for Girls and Boys  

Gender Neutral Gothic Baby Names for both Male and Female with Their Meanings: Finding the perfect name for your new born baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. If you are in search of a perfect unique Unisex Gothic Baby Name for your bundle joy, you are in the right place. Here’s a list of Gothic Baby Unisex Names with Meanings.

Gothic Unisex Baby Names for both Boy and Girl

Ammar ― A strong man who is a builder

Draconia ― Dire

Elsinore ― Name of Hamlet’s castle

Grimoire ― Name of the book of incantations, summoning spirits and making medicines.

Indigo ― The color dark blue

Lovecraft ― One who is skilled, strength

Nocturne ― Music evoking night.

Pagan ― One who is a follower of polytheistic religion

Samhain ― Halloween

Sullen ― One who is bad tempered or sulky.

Vesper ― Evening star or evening prayer

Gothic Unisex Names With Meanings