Gothic Girl Names And Their Meanings

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We have compiled a list of Modern Gothic Baby Names only for you. Choose the best name for your little one from the following list of Cute Gothic Names for Baby Girls with Meanings, Cool Gothic Girls Names and Gothic Names for Baby Girls with Meaning Starting from A to Z.

List of Gothic Names for Baby Girls with Meaning

Althaia ― A medicinal herb

Alvara ― An army of warrior elves who protect the universe like a guardian

Alvera ― Dearly Loved; Gothic – True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name Elvira

Alvira ― Dearly Loved; Gothic – True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name Elvira

Ammar ― A strong man who is a builder

Anastasia ― Resurrection; coming again

Anda ― Spanish – Going; Gothic – Peace through bravery; Bold Protector; Bold Journey; A variant of Alexandra

Annabel ― A loving human being

Artemia ― The moon goddess

Bellatrix ― Bellatrix is Warlike

Bernia ― The angel in armor.

Caera ― Caera is a variant form of Cara and means beloved or friend.

Ceiridwen ― A fair woman

Celosia ― The burning flame.

Claudia ― As mentioned in the New Testament, it is the feminine form of ‘Claudius’, a 7th century saint

Desdemona ― Misery or unlucky. Name of Shakespeare’s heroine.

Draconia ― Dire

Druilla ― Elfin vision

Drusilla ― Fruitful; they are blessed

Eirisse ― A variant of Iris, meaning rainbow

Ellamae ― A combination name; one who is true to all

Elsinore ― Name of Hamlet’s castle

Emeraude ― French word for emerald.

Emmeranne ― Raven

Ennata ― Goddess

Eranthe ― Spring flower

Evangeline ― a good news or a good gospel.

Eventide ― The time of evening, evening

Feronia ― Goddess of the forests.

Fleurdelice ― Lily flower

Galsuenda ― Strong singing

Galswinthe ― Strong singing

Gehenna ― New Testament version of hell

Grimoire ― Name of the book of incantations, summoning spirits and making medicines.

Hecate ― Name of a Greek sorceress. It means far off.

Hellebore ― Name of a flower that blooms in the middle of winter.

Hesperia ― The evening star

Ianira ― Enchantress

Indigo ― The color dark blue

Iolana ― Soaring like a hawk.

Ione ― Violet flower

Isolabella ― The beautiful lonely one.

Izora ― Dawn

Jevera ― Life

Joliette ― Pretty

Kolfinna ― A white lady

Lechsinska ― Woodland spirit

Lovecraft ― One who is skilled, strength

Lucretia ― Latin word for wealth

Magena ― The coming moon.

Maleficent ― She who is productive of harm or evil.

Musette ― Child of the muses.

Myvanwy ― The rare one

Nightshade ― A poisonous purple flower

Nocturne ― Music evoking night.

Ordelia ― Elf’s spear

Pagan ― One who is a follower of polytheistic religion

Qadira ― Powerful

Quintella ― Female derivative of Quintus, meaning fifth.

Raelinn ― A variant of Rachel, meaning beautiful lamb.

Rhodanthe ― Rose

Samhain ― Halloween

Sanctity ― Holiness

Sapphira ― Sapphire gemstone

Sardonyx ― The gemstone onyx, a red version.

Seiran ― Sparkling

Semyazza ― The name of a fallen Christian angel.

Seraphine ― Burning fire, flame

Shabriri ― Jewish demon of blindness.

Sullen ― One who is bad tempered or sulky.

Tempesta ― Female form of Tempest, meaning storm.

Tierney ― Descendant of Tighearnach.

Tizane ― A gypsy

Tourmaline ― Colored crystals

Trista ― Sorrow

Turaya ― Star

Ulva ― She wolf

Urania ― Heaven or heavenly

Ursulette ― Female bear cub

Vanity ― Inflated in pride

Vasilisa ― Queen

Velika ― The falling one

Venette ― Woman of Venice

Vesper ― Evening star or evening prayer

Vespera ― The evening star. A variant of Vesper.

Wanette ― The pale one

Wren ― A bird

Xanthe ― The shade gold.

Xaverie ― Female version of Xavier, meaning the new house.

Xena ― Welcoming and hospitable

Xylia ― From the woods

Yolanthe ― Strong

Ysabelle ― Consecrated to God

Zakira ― Remembrance

Zella ― Shadow

Zephirah ― Dawn

Zetta ― Seven

Gothic Girl Names And Their Meanings