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List of Germanic Names For Girls And Their Meanings: Looking for Germanic names for your baby girl? Check out here to get the Vintage Germanic baby girl names, old fashioned Germanic girl name and short Germanic girl names with their meanings.

Beautiful Germanic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Aide ― Honourable, Nobel, helpful

Ailish ― variant of Alice

Ainhoa ― Refers to the Virgin Mary.

Ainslee ― Variant of AINSLEY

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Bercta ― An illustrious woman who shines brightly

Billa ― French – Beautiful; Germanic – Will; Desire; A variant of name Billie

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Gen ― The lady of the congregation.

Geneva ― Juniper shrub, small tree with berry cones.

Geneve ― Woman who is engaging in running.

Genovefa ― The one who is mild, gentle and pleasant.

Ginette ― The name Ginette means The Race of Woman.

Gisela ― The German meaning of the name is Pladge, Turkish meaning is Beautiful.

Gisele ― Gisele means Pladge or Hostage.

Gisella ― The name means Pladge.

Gisselle ― Gisselle originates from old German and means Pledge.

Guthild ― Guthild is a name of English and Germanic origins. It is a female name and comes from the old Germanic word and means Woman Warrior.

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Halli ― Army, worrier, hqay clearing

Harlon ― From the army land

Heda ― Battle; female warrior

Hedya ― The voice or echo of god

Henrika ― home ruler

Hermance ― Combatant

Hermine ― German feminine form of HERMAN

Hertha ― Of the earth, A Germanic Goddess

Hrotsvitha ― One who has might, power and famous.

Huboor ― Happiness

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Joceleyn ― Joceleyn means member of the Gauts Tribe

Jocelyn ― Jocelyn name means Someone who is a member of a Gauts Tribe

Jocelyne ― The name means A Person who belongs to a Gauts Tribe

Jocelynn ― Jocelyn means Member of a Germanic Tribe, Gauts Tribe

Joclyn ― The name Joclyn means Replacement, Supplanter

Josalina ― Josalina name means a woman who is a Member of a Gauts tribe

Josalind ― The meaning of the name is One from the Gauts Tribe

Josalyn ― The name means Member of the Tribe of Gauts

Josalynn ― Josalynn means member of a Tribe

Joscelin ― Jocelin name comes from a Gauts tribe, means the Member

Josceline ― The meaning of the name is she who belongs to Gauts tribe

Joscelyn ― Jocelyn is a name that refers to the Member of Gauts tribe

Joscelyne ― Means Member of the Gauts tribe, English version means Playful

Joslin ― Josilin means a member of the Gauts tribe

Josline ― The name means One who is a member of the Gauts tribe

Joslyn ― Meaning of the name is One who belongs to the Gauts tribe

Josseline ― The name refers to someone who is a member of the Gauts tribe

Josselyn ― Josselyn means a member of the Gauts tribe

Josslyn ― The name means a member of the Gauts tribe

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With K

Kalissa ― Kalissa name means Noble One

Karla ― Karla means Womanly Strength

Karlee ― The name Karlee means Strength of a Woman

Karleigh ― Karleigh means Woman with Great Strength

Karlene ― The name means Strong Woman

Karley ― The name Karley means Woman Strength

Karli ― Karli means Little and Womanly

Karliah ― Karliah means Covered in Snow

Karlie ― Karlie means Free Woman

Karlyn ― Karlyn means Strong Woman

Karlyssa ― Karlyssa means Strong

Kass ― Kass means Like a Raven, a Black Bird

Katchen ― Katchen means Clean, Pure

Katrice ― Katrice is a German name and means Pure

Katrinka ― the name means Pure, Plain, Clear

Kiffen ― Kiffen means To Smoke Marihuana

Krise ― Krise means The One With Curly Hair

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Lamberta ― Female version of Lambert, meaning Bright Land

Lanah ― Alternate form of Alana, precious; awakening

Larelie ― The one who destroys, a big destruction

Larinda ― A weak and gentle person, who is kind by nature

Lavon ― German word for yew trees

Lavonda ― Various pieces of few trees and shrubs

Lavonne ― Jew trees and shrubs

Leece ― Noble one, of noble origin

Lenda ― Woman who is soft, gentle

Leoda ― The one who belongs to the people

Leonarda ― Woman brave like a lion

Leonila ― A woman who is as brave as a Lion

Leopolda ― A woman who is brave and bold

Leopoldine ― The bravery of the people

Lesa ― A place of eternal peace

Lesha ― One of a noble kind, a definite person

Lesia ― A person who is of noble kind, a distinguished one

Leue ― A Bohemian surname that means Lion

Leued ― From a Bohemian surname, means like a lion

Licha ― A honorable person who is noble

Lichah ― Dignified and honorable persona

Lidewei ― People who are considered holy and sacred

Lidi ― A person of honorable character, one who is noble

Liduvina ― A person who is a friend of the village

Lidwina ― One who is a friend of all people

Lioba ― Germanic word describing beloved, loved one

Liselotte ― She who is pledged to God

Lisett ― She who is pledged to God

Livina ― A Friend who is deeply loved and admired

Loise ― Famous for her battles

Loleta ― Germanic name for free woman

Loletta ― Variation of name Charlotte; free woman, maiden

Loti ― Free woman

Louanna ― Gracious warrior, brave woman

Louisane ― Origin of the name is German, meaning famous warrior

Louise ― Name describing renowned fighter

Lowena ― A loud and famous warrior

Lu ― A light that shines upon a famous warrior

Luane ― A graceful woman in the battle

Ludovika ― Old German name referring to great warrior

Luetta ― Fame of a fighter

Lulita ― She achieved Fame in the War

Lura ― A Germanic Siren who lives in the river Rhone

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Marhaus ― One who is from a famous estate

Matel ― She is mighty and powerful in battle

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Norberta ― The superwoman from the northern part of the land.

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Olimpias ― The one who shines at the battle field.

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Raene ― One who advices

Renilde ― A bearer of the wise strength

Ricca ― One who is peaceful Queen

Rike ― One who is a ruler by heritage and power

Robeena ― A glowing and famous woman

Robinetta ― She who burns with fame

Robinette ― She is glowing from power

Rozalynn ― A very gentle horse

Germanic Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Shannia ― Beautiful

Germanic Female Names With Meanings