Germanic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Germanic Boy Names Starting With A

Achard ― Medieval Norman form of Ekkehard. It means brave and hardy.

Aimeric ― Hard working

Aimory ― Brilliant

Aindhadi ― Famous star

Archambault ― Precious or true and bold

Ashman ― Old English – Seaman, Pirate, One who travelled in Ash Wood Boat; German – Boatman

Aymeric ― Germanic – King of work; A variant of the name Aimery

Germanic Boy Names Starting With B

Beorhthere ― An army of light

Beorhtirc ― He who is the ruler of light

Beorhtmaer ― One who is famous for his brightness

Beorhtmund ― He is a protector of light

Beorhtnoth ― One who has the courage of the light

Beorhtric ― He who is the King of the light

Beorhtsige ― The victory of light over the darkness

Beorhtstan ― The light of the stone

Beorhtwig ― The battle of the light

Beorhtwine ― He is a friend of the light

Beorhtwulf ― To have the light and brightness of the wolf

Beorhtwynn ― The joy the light bringd

Beorna ― A woman who is as strong as a bear

Beornfred ― One who is the protector of the bears

Beornfrith ― A man who is protective like a bear

Beornhelm ― One who lives near the place inhabited by bears

Beornmod ― He who guards and protects like a bear

Beornmund ― He who is protective like a bear

Beornnoth ― To have the courgae of the bear

Beornoth ― To be brave like a bear

Beornred ― He who is like a red bear

Beornric ― One who is the Bear King

Beornstan ― He who comes from the Bear stone

Beornwald ― He is powerful like a bear

Beornward ― He who guards like a bear

Beornwynn ― One who is the firend of bears

Beorthelm ― He who is a Bear protevtor

Beorthmaer ― He sho is a Famous Bear

Beorthwulf ― One who is like a bear and llike the wolf

Beorward ― He who has the Bear’s Power

Berad ― He who is bright

Beran ― He who has the strenght and bravery of the Bear

Berat ― One who is bright

Berchthild ― The war of the bright men

Bercthun ― A man who shines brightly

Berenwald ― He who has the power of a bear

Berhtric ― He who is the King of the Light

Berhtwald ― To have the power of the light

Berhtwulf ― He is the wolf of the light

Bermund ― He who has the bear’s protectivness

Bernulf ― He who is like a wolf and a bear

Bernwini ― He who is friend of a bear

Berthelm ― Ho have a bright power

Berthguin ― A shinging one

Berthun ― A person who is bright

Bertilak ― The playful dance of the light

Bertred ― A light of red color

Bertulf ― To be like a wolf and bear

Bertwald ― One who is a powerful bear

Bodo ― One who is messenger and a leader

Germanic Boy Names Starting With E

Emerico ― The power of work.

Germanic Boy Names Starting With F

Faramundo ― The one who travels with protection and shelter.

Frideriki ― A friend who is very honest in relationship.

Germanic Boy Names Starting With G

Garreck ― A very long ponted rod used as a tool or weapon, spear.

Garrik ― The one who is expert in javelin throw.

Garvyn ― Close mate who is in the midst of problems and difficulties.

Gatien ― Refers to greeting or receiving.

Gaulterio ― The head of the military.

Gearalt ― The one who gives order by using the spear.

Gebhard ― Gift of bold or valiant, powerful.

Gedel ― A good God

Geiger ― The one who plays violin very well.

Gildardo ― The meaning of the name Gildardo is God. It is a male name of Germanic origin, but is also used in Spanish speaking countries.

Gilen ― Gilen is a male name of Germanic French origin. The name Gilen means Hostage, Vow.

Gipe ― Gipe means Dirt of Grime, comes from old Germanic

Girard ― Girard means Brave with the Spear.

Girardus ― Girardus means Firm Spear and comes from Old German.

Giraud ― Giraurd means The Spear Ruler, Spear Brave.

Girauld ― The meaning of the name Girauld is Commands with a Spear.

Gistin ― The name Gistin means Just.

Godeheard ― A person who gets power and solidness from God as a gift.

Godoired ― Godoired is a variant of the name Godfrey and means God’s peaceful ruler.

Godyf ― Gods peace

Gofried ― Peace of God from the Germanic words god which means god and the word frid which means peace.

Grey ― Grey is the short form of name Greysen. Grayson means the son of steward, guardian or wardun.

Gualtier ― Germanic – To Rule; Army; Powerful Warrior; Form of Walter; Army General

Gualtiero ― Germanic – To Rule; Army; People of Power; Army of Power; Strong Warrior; Italian form of Walter

Guillame ― Germanic – Resolute Fighter; French equivalent of William;

Guinn ― Guinn means a person who is reliable for friendship. In simple words or a literal meaning of guinn is “Friend”

Gundulf ― Wolf of War, from words “grund” meaning war and “vulfus” which means wolf.

Gunter ― The name Gunter comes from the Germanic name Gundahar and means War, Army and Warrior. This was the name of a semi-legendary 5th-century Burgundian king.

Guntero ― Germanic – Army; Fight; Warrior; A variant of Gunther

Gunthar ― Gunthar is a variation of the Germanic name Gundahar. It is composed of two words: gund (war) and hari (army, warrior), hence the meaning The Warrior of the War.

Gurdilic ― Gurdilic is a male name of Germanic origins and means Warrior. In this form, the name is mostly used in English language

Gurguistil ― Gurguistil is a male name of Germanic origin and means Battle and War

Gye ― Forest, wide wood

Germanic Boy Names Starting With H

Haiden ― Germanic – Heathen; A derivative of name Hayden

Hajo ― variation of Hagen

Hal ― Germanic – Home or House Ruler; A nickname for Henry rules his household

Halli ― Army, worrier, hqay clearing

Hamund ― Home Protection, (GER) The Lean (NORSE)

Han ― Gift from God (GER), Jehovah’s gift

Hann ― Gift from God

Hanner ― German – From a pet form of Hann; A short form of Johann

Harailt ― Germanic – Army; Warrior; To Rule; Leader; A variant of Harald

Harden ― Brave, hardy, a place name in West Yorkshire

Hardtman ― Strong, physically powerful, masculine

Hariman ― Protective,

Harimann ― Caring, Protective

Harmond ― army, plus “man”, man

Harold ― Germanic – Army; Warrior; To Rule; Leader; A variant of Harald

Harriman ― An English medieval surname; Derived from name Henri which means Home Rule

Harriot ― home leader

Harto ― Treasure; A variant of name Harald

Hartwin ― Germanic – Brave Friend; Derived from Germanic elements Hard meaning Brave and Win meaning Friend

Havelock ― Germanic – Elf Warrior; Olive Tree

Hawken ― A variant of surname Hawkins which means House Owner

Hawkins ― Germanic – House Owner; Lord of the Manor; A variant of the name Hawk

Hazen ― Hedged area; Derived from Hasan meaning smooth and beautiful

Heald ― Raise

Hebert ― Glorious soldier

Helmer ― Fighting Fury; Warrior’s Wrath; A surname of Germanic Origin

Hendrix ― Germanic – Ruler of the household; Son of Hendrik

Hengest ― Stallion

Henning ― Germanic – House Owner; Lord of the Manor;

Henric ― House owner, House proprietor

Henrick ― Ruler of an area

Henrik ― house owner, lord of the manor

Henrique ― home leader

Henryk ― lord of the house

Heriberto ― Army Bright; Shining Fighter, Warrior

Hermann ― Army man; Soldier; A variant of Herman

Hermin ― Army man

Herminio ― Army man; Soldier; A variant of Herman

Hertz ― My Strife

Hewe ― Bright in Mind and Spirit

Heyne ― Ruler of the house, German classical scholar

Heyward ― watchman of the grounds, game preserve

Hibald ― genuine and bold

Hilbert ― Germanic – Bright Battle; A Variant of HILDEBERT

Hobart ― Intelligent; Bright spirit; High; Inspiration

Hobert ― Intelligent; Bright spirit; High; Inspiration

Hodge ― Germanic – Famous warrior; Famous spear; A variant of Rogger

Hodges ― Germanic – Famous warrior; Famous spear; A variant of Rogger

Hoover ― Germanic – Large farm

Hube ― man who owns a hube

Hubie ― Bright; Shining Intellect

Hubnuqat ― Flute

Hubur ― Joy

Hudde ― A form of Hugh, meaning heart, mind, spirit.

Hughes ― Germanic – Heart; Mind; Spirit; A variant of name Hugh

Hughie ― Germanic – Heart; Mind; Spirit; A diminutive of name Hugh

Hugues ― Germanic – Heart; Mind; Spirit; A variant of name Hugh

Hurbert ― Germanic – Bright Army; A variant of Herbert

Huw ― Germanic – Heart, Mind, Spirit; A variant of Hugh

Germanic Boy Names Starting With J

Jaecar ― German – Hunter; A variant og Jaegar

Jaegar ― German – Hunter; A variant og Jaecar

Jeffroi ― Germanic – Peaceful Ruler; A derivative of the English Jeffrey

Jeraldo ― Germanic – Spear ruler; Rules by the Spear; Variant of Gerald

Jerry ― Germanic – Brave with Spear; Spear Ruler; A pet form of Gerald

Joss ― Joss means One og the Goths

Germanic Boy Names Starting With K

Kaarel ― Estonian form of Charles. It means man.

Kaarli ― Estonian form of Charlie. It means man.

Kahl ― Kahl name means Bald

Kahn ― Kahn name means Small Boat

Karasten ― Karasten means A Christian

Karcher ― Karcher name means Beautiful Boy with Blonde Hair

Karian ― Karian means Man, Male

Karl ― Karl means Man, Manly

Karlan ― Karlan means Free Man

Karle ― Karle means Man with Freedom

Karlik ― Name Karlik means Man, Free Man

Karlitis ― Karlitis means Strong Man

Karlos ― Karlos means Man with Freedom

Karolos ― Karolos means Full-Grown

Karshar ― Beautiful Blonde-Haired Man

Kass ― Kass means Like a Raven, a Black Bird

Keert ― Estonian form of Gerald, meaning bold ruler.

Keil ― Keil means He is Clumsy

Keiler ― Keiler mens He Cuts Stones, CLumsy

Kemper ― Kemper means Champion, Winner

Ker ― Kepler means Hat Maker

Kiffen ― Kiffen means To Smoke Marihuana

Kilby ― Kilby means farm by the Spring

Kimmel ― Kimmel means Seed Farmer

Kohl ― Kohl means Cabbage

Kohler ― Kohler means Charcoal burner

Kolbe ― Kolbe means Mace

Kolby ― Kolby means Dark, Dark-haired

Koltin ― The name means Coal Town

Kolton ― Kolton means The Town that Has Coal

Konni ― Konni means Honest advisor

Konrad ― The name means Brave Adviser

Korb ― Korb means Basket

Krischan ― The name means Follower of Jesus

Kulbart ― Kulbart means Bright and Calm

Kuno ― Kuno means Family asn Clarity

Germanic Boy Names Starting With L

Lali ― Germanic name that means Holiness

Lambart ― Name composed from Germanic words Bright and Land, a Promised Land

Lambegus ― A Land that promises a Bright Future

Lambert ― Land filled with brightness, from Germanic words “lan” meaning lend and “beraght” meaning bright

Lambertus ― The Bright Shine of the Land

Lambirt ― Glowing, golden estate

Lambrecht ― A symbol of the new life and hope, the lights of the new lands

Lambret ― Germanic name that means Light of the Lands

Lambrett ― The lights that shines upon the land

Lampert ― Land of the famous; Lamb herd

Landmari ― Famous land, The one who comes from known land

Landrick ― Land ruler, he who rules the lands

Lang ― Surname describing tall people

Lanz ― Territory of one’s Home Land

Lanzo ― Lands and Field, a name of German origin

Lavon ― German word for yew trees

Ledger ― Surname derived from the German name Luitger and composed of people and spear.

Lenn ― Brave like a lion

Lennell ― Hardy like a lion

Lennie ― Nickname for Leonard meaning brave lion

Leofgeat ― dear member of Germanic Geat tribe

Leonard ― Lion-like brave man

Leonhard ― German name meaning Lion

Leopold ― Brave and bold people, a name popular among German Royalty

Leue ― A Bohemian surname that means Lion

Leupold ― Bold for his people

Lewie ― The Loud Fighter

Lewy ― German name for famous fighter in war

Lewys ― The one of fame in war

Lindberg ― One who comes from the hill where the linden tree grow

Liudolf ― A Famous Wolf, from the germanic word Hludwolf

Lodowick ― Man from town Laurentum

Lodwig ― Famous in battle

Loes ― Superior fighter

Lombard ― A long-bearded person

Lonnard ― A person of a character like a Lion

Loring ― German name for someone who is famous in battle

Loritz ― German variation of the name Laurel, laurel tree crown

Lorring ― He who is famous in battle

Lothar ― Renowed fighter, warrior

Lotharing ― Well know in battle for his victories

Lowden ― One from the Low Valley

Ludvig ― A respected warrior

Luki ― A fighter who found glory in the battle

Lutero ― A solrier, warrior in the army

Lutz ― He who found fame in the battle

Germanic Boy Names Starting With M

Malte ― A person protected by the helmet

Masili ― An ocupational name, one who is a stoneworker

Mederic ― A very powerful person

Milon ― Mill Worker,Variant of Miles; Derived from word Milan which means to Crush

Minze ― Germanic – Mint

Germanic Boy Names Starting With N

Neff ― The son of my siblings.

Neto ― Intense, solemn, serious, sincere.

Nikolaus ― The champion of the nation.

Nirendra ― The one who came from northern cliff.

Norbert ― The northern part and cheerfulness.

Norberto ― The popular man from the northern part.

Normand ― The one who came from northern cliff.

Germanic Boy Names Starting With O

Oidilwald ― A bravest man from the forest

Olli ― The sprite combatant or fairy fighter.

Olyver ― ELF cadre or the same as olive tree.

Germanic Boy Names Starting With P

Pippen ― A person who is fatherly or a father

Polk ― One who will achieve grat glory in life

Predrik ― A form of Frederick, meaning peaceful ruler.

Priidik ― Estonian form of Frederick. It means peaceful ruler.

Priit ― Short form of Priidik. It means peaceful ruler.

Germanic Boy Names Starting With R

Radbod ― A leader of the consel

Raemond ― A wise protector

Rayment ― One who counsels protection

Raymon ― One who gurads smartly

Raymond ― One who protects trough his good advices

Reimo ― A man who gives advices

Reinald ― A wise advisor of the king

Ricbert ― A bright, strong, powerful and mighty ruler

Riichi ― A ruler of big power

Robby ― One who is like a brigh flame

Robinet ― He whose fame is bright

Robinett ― His fame burns bright

Rotia ― Norman form of Roger, meaning famous spear.

Roul ― Famous wolf

Ruger ― Famous spear

Germanic Boy Names Starting With V

Valter ― Estonian form of Walter. It means ruler of the army.

Vast ― Stranger or guest

Villem ― Estonian form of William. It means helmet or protection.

Germanic Boy Names Starting With W

William ― Will or Desire to Protect

Germanic Baby Boy Names With Meanings