Funny Fog Jokes

Funny Fog Jokes

Best Fog Questions And Answers Jokes: Are you looking for fog jokes and puns? Then you’ve come to the right place. When winter comes, it comes with so many foggy days. On foggy days, we don’t feel much productive. We want our time to spend on our cozy bed with a cup of tea and a book or Netflix. But we humans are different. Few people want to go outside just to enjoy the foggy weather. If you belong to these few people then post these on your social media with funny fog puns.

Funny Fog Q&A Jokes

Q: What cloud is so lazy because it will not get up?
A: Fog.

Q: So I was trying to come up with a fog joke today
A: My mind was sadly clouded

Q: It was really foggy on my way home today
A: Looked quite misterious

Q: What’s worse for traffic than when it’s foggy?
When it’s hailing taxis.

Q: A comedian once tried to make fog laugh.
A: It was mist tickle.

Q: Where does fog go to the bathroom?
A: Anywhere it wants.

Q: How can you wrap fog?
A: With a rainbow.

Q: What is fogs favorite drink?
A: Mountain Dew

Q: Who is fog’s favourite relative?
A: His anticyclone.

Q: What did fog say to the meadow?
A: I mist you.

Q: I wasn’t able to catch my train…
A: The air was so foggy that I mist it.

Q: Why is it foggy at cemeteries?
A: Because the people there are mist

Q: What happens when the fog lifts over Los Angeles?

Q: What happened when fog was late?

A: It mist an appointment.

Q: Why was fog kicked off the football team?
A: He mist a field goal.

Q: What did fog do to make the captain angry?
A: He mist the boat.

Q: What do you call an English rock band playing in the mist?
A: Foghat.

Funniest Fog Pun

  • I connected my new phone to the cloud, then I had mist calls.
  • I tried to catch some fog earlier. I mist.
  • I heard there were fog patches on the motorway. I guess that means it’s trying to give up Fog.
  • I was out in the fog yesterday and I kept bumping into falling coins. I guess that’s what they mean by some change in the weather.
  • Sad to see the end of my boiling water. It will be mist.
  • I saw a motorway sign saying “Fog Ahead”. Couldn’t spot it though, it was far too misty.
  • Spoke to some scientists who were studying the odder aspects of fog. They were mystified.
  • I was confused about where to keep my Fog, then I bought a cloud storage plan.
  • I kept bumping into ducks and chickens in the fog yesterday. Fowl weather.
  • I used some magic to make some fog laugh. It was mist tickle.
Funny Fog Jokes