First Date Ideas For Teens And Adults

First Date Ideas For Teens And Adults

Good Fun Date Ideas For A First Date: First dates are all about building an initial connection and discovering what you have in common. But it can be hard to settle on what to do or where to go, especially if you’re nervous about making a good impression. To help keep you and your date engaged and entertained, here are some low-key first date ideas that aren’t awkward.

First Date Ideas for Teens

Take A Walk

“Walking around can help you to loosen up and encourage you both to share more vulnerably than when you’re sitting interview-style across from one another. Plus, you can get a sense of how someone interacts with their environment,” she says.

You could easily learn a thing or two about your date’s interests while exploring together — for example, if they’re eager to pop into a bookstore or stop to pet a dog.

Water Gun Fight

If you prefer something a little more tame you can opt for a water gun fight.

A water gun fight is the perfect teen date idea as it is super fun, lighthearted and won’t cost a fortune!

Get out the playstation or wii

For competitive dual the playstation or wii should be a go to.

Every now and then we pull out the wii to have a go at wii sports – so fun to have a bit of friendly competition.

It is the perfect date idea for teens as combined with some yummy snacks it is very low cost and fun!

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a perfect teen date idea as it is a fun and super inexpensive way to spend a date.

Play a few rounds of Frisbee golf and then cool off by buying an ice cream cone from the local ice cream truck.

Car Wash

When you talk of a way to make little money and have fun at the same time it’s washing of your parents cars or neighbours cars. If you both need a little extra money, ask your parents if you can both wash their car. A great first date idea for teenagers.

You’ll make a bit of cash, have heaps of fun doing it and you can use the money for an ice cream date later!

Sports Game

This is a super fun option because it’s a date where you can support your school, a favorite team, or maybe just go enjoy some time out together.

Find a sport or a team you’re both interested in, or just go enjoy some delicious arena food together!

My partner is a huge soccer fan and watching games with him has been a great way to experience something he loves.

Even if you aren’t super into sports, the energy at sports games is bound to be a good time.

Have Fun At A Gaming Arcade

Pick a gaming arcade where you can have a fun time with your date without talking too much.

Bowling Date

Bowling was our first date together when we were teenagers. One of the best middle school date ideas.

We had an amazing time and we’re still together so we would highly recommend it as an awesome date idea!

If you are a poor sport you might want to skip this one. Mike, who considers himself the much better bowler was left with a very salty taste in his mouth when I won!

Winners certainly are grinners! One of the best first date ideas for teens.

Board game or puzzle

This is a cute, simple and adorable date idea for a teens to do together. Definitely one of the best cheap date ideas for teenage couples.

Our favourite board games were and are Monopoly or Cluedo. Not exactly a board game but we recently came across these cool thought provoking conversation starters.

Prepare some yummy snacks in advance and get ready for some serious game action.

Are you guys too young to remember this old classic?

Balloon or Food Fight!

No matter your age there is nothing more fun than a balloon or food fight! A good date idea for teens.

A balloon or food fight is even more fun with friends, so invite a few more friends to join the party and let the fun begin!

Solve Puzzles Together

Look over at that dusty corner of your bedroom, and you’ll find your old puzzle games. It is time to bring those out for a good game night with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is fairly common to find that most people love to solve puzzles as they are an interesting activity.

Once you both start to fit the pieces together, you will end up in some harmless fights where you are fighting over one puzzle piece and where it will fit in the puzzle. There will also be times when you will help each other find the right piece and the right fit. It is a game of harmony, and once completed, you will get to know how good you two are as a team.

Enjoy A Bonfire

If you have a backyard, then arrange for a bonfire during a cold winter evening. Do not forget to carry some cozy blankets.

Go For Indoor Rock Climbing

If the idea of getting dirty in front of your date scares you, try indoor rock climbing, an adventure with no dirt involved.

Bounce Around In A Trampoline Park

It’s pretty hard to not have fun when jumping around in a room filled with trampolines. “These indoor parks are popping up everywhere,” Bennett says. “They add a little thrill and fun to your first date.” What’s more, you’ll see if your date is able to h ave a good time and not take themselves too seriously.

Library Study State

Chances are you are both studying so why not schedule a relaxed library study date?

You can mix study up with quiet chats and giggles.

If it is your first date together and you don’t want to plan anything crazy and super expensive then this is a great place to start!

Visit the zoo or safari

Personally, I still love visiting the zoo. There is something about zoos that never get old.

Looks at cute animals, feed them, buy ice cream, or a slushy to stay cool.

What is even more fun than a zoo is a drive in safari. If you have your license, look up if there are any driving zoos in your local area.

Seeing monkeys jump all over your car is always a blast! Don’t bring Mom or Dads new car or you might have some explaining to do if there’s any damage!

Go Kite Flying

This is a really cute and inexpensive date idea for teens to do.

This is an actual sport! It takes skill to keep that thing in the air.

After the hard, kite flying reward yourselves with an ice cream or something yummy

First Date Ideas for Adults

Head To A Winery

Now this one’s Instagrammable as heck. Not only can you day drink in a gorgeous locale, but you can also snag a spot on a tour of the vineyards and fermenting facilities. Bring a bottle home to remember the day… even if you end up not wanting to remember the date. Either way, you’ll have a delish souvenir.

See A Comedy Show

There’s nothing like a comedy show for a good laugh on your first date where all the attention will not be drawn to you or your date making it an awkward one.

Try Fishing Together

Get two comfy chairs and spend hours talking to each other while also trying to catch fish in a pond or river nearby.

Attend Sporting Event

Love sports and know your date does too? Head to a local game. “Both people can get to know each other and how they react at events like this,” explains relationship coach Susan Golicic, PhD. “It also has lots of things going on in case some awkward silences pop up at the beginning.” Don’t do this if your date isn’t into sports, however—they won’t enjoy you explaining every play to them.

Meet Up At Sunrise or Sunset

This is not only romantic, but also allows for conversation—sometimes really deep conversation—while taking in the beauty of something we often take for granted.”

Check Out The Museum

This one is strictly for a date who really enjoys observing different types of artifacts. Go together to a museum of their interest.

Try A Coffee Date

A simple coffee date is ideal for a first date as it is cool and comfortable. And when you run out of topics to talk on, you can nibble on your food or sip your coffee.

Super First Date Ideas For Teens And Adults

Mini Golf

Mini golfing is perfect for both teens and adults since it’s not centered on questions and answers date. It brings in fun in a first date; maybe it is all the obstacles that make it a super fun date idea!

Whether you get competitive or help each other make the holes, it is sure to be a date you won’t forget!

If it is raining on your date, mini golf is now an indoor sport to

Take Them To A Concert

One of the easiest ways to ask someone out on a date is by offering them tickets to the concert of their favorite artist.


Comfort zone? Don’t know her. Instead of asking, “What’s your go-to karaoke song?” on a first date, why not show it? Cohen says performing in front of other people can get your heart beating fast, an experience that will bring you closer to your date.

Attend An Art Class

Stay connected with your date by engaging in physical activity. Doing activity together like art work can increase production of oxytocin, a hormone that plays a role in bonding and building trust. Even though each partner created their own individual work of art

You don’t have to be a skilled artist to have fun at a painting, drawing, or pottery class. These activities offer the opportunity to showcase your creativity — and you won’t have to worry about awkward lulls in conversation because you’ll have a specific activity to focus on.

Go Fishing

Fishing is definitely a fun and cheap date idea for both teens and adults.

If you are in the country fishing and hunting is something you are probably quite experienced in already.

Take a boat out or stand on the shore and practice your fisherman skills together.

First Date Ideas For Teens And Adults